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Person wearing swimwear from The Summer House
07 May
Person wearing swimwear from The Summer House

10 Clothing Brands From India Making Waves in Responsible Fashion

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India is known for its rich cultural history and artisanal textile traditions, and is host to fashion labels creating beautiful clothing that is more respectful of people, the planet, and animals. Here are our favourite more sustainable clothing brands from India.

Clothing rooted in artisanal craft

India’s fashion is known worldwide for its brilliant colours, intricate designs, and craftsmanship. And as one of the largest producers of textiles in the world—and one of the leading global sources of organic cotton, according to Textile Exchange’s Organic Cotton Market Report (2022)—it is also a prime example of an area where the expanding sustainable fashion movement can thrive.

However, owing to globalisation, legacies of colonialism, and outsourcing of cheap skilled labour, much of the clothing labelled as made in India that is sold by the most profitable fast fashion brands—like H&M and Zara—is rooted in worker exploitation and environmental harm. Fast fashion’s race to the bottom has led to the devaluing of local artisanal craft and the disruption of time-honoured handcrafting techniques.

By supporting Indian fashion labels that have roots in the region, are creating more responsibly made clothing, and doing better by people, the planet, and animals, you are helping to shift the fashion landscape.

So what makes a fashion brand more ethical than others?

Long story short, a more responsible brand makes sure it positively affects our Earth and its inhabitants.

A more ethical brand ensures its workers are treated fairly across the supply chain. This includes policies and practices on child labour, forced labour, worker safety, the right to join a union, and paying a living wage.

A more sustainable brand also cares about its use of resources and energy, reducing its carbon emissions, impact on our waterways, and using and disposing of chemicals safely.

Finally, a conscious brand uses no or very few animal products, like wool, leather, fur, angora, down feather, shearling, karakul, and exotic animal skin and hair. Ideally, the brand is 100% vegan.

And if you’re curious about more sustainable brands in other regions, check out our favourite brands from:

Our favourite more ethical and sustainable brands from India

I was a Sari

Rated: Good
A woman in a rust coloured ethical dress.

I was a Sari is an Indian brand bringing traditional styles into the modern age. Used saris and deadstock fabrics become vibrant products that are sold worldwide.

Find pieces in sizes S-L.

See the rating.

Shop I was a Sari.

No Nasties

Rated: Great

Another leader when it comes to responsible fashion, No Nasties makes simple and stylish clothing from Fairtrade organic cotton in India where it is actively working to grow the ethical consumer market.

Find styles in sizes 2XS-3XL.

See the rating.

Shop No Nasties.


Rated: Good

Indian brand EcoRight creates bags from lower-impact and responsibly sourced materials. Its wide range of crossbody, tote and shoulder bags has something for every taste.

See the rating.

Shop EcoRight.


Rated: Good
Two people wearing dresses made by Indian brand SUI.

SUI is an Indian label creating gorgeous womenswear in sizes 2XS-2XL, with every product crafted in its workshop in Delhi.

See the rating.

Shop SUI.

The Summer House

Rated: Good
An organic blazer and skirt outfit designed by The Summer House.

The Summer House creates beautiful womenwear in India using locally made, lower-impact fabrics. It also partners with local artisans and NGOs to provide opportunities to those in the region. Look out for its elegant prints and flowing silhouettes.

Find the range in sizes XS-XL.

See the rating.

Shop The Summer House.


Rated: Good
Colourful quilt set by Indian brand Anchal.

Anchal is a lifestyle brand that practises upcycling and the use of vintage textiles throughout its product ranges. Anchal is based in the US but made in India by local artisans using fabrics sourced nearby.

See the rating.

Shop Anchal.


Rated: Good


Three women in field wearing SeamsFriendly clothes

SeamsFriendly – Site-wide

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SeamsFriendly creates beautiful tailored pieces for all body types. It focuses on function and utility in its designs and uses lower-impact materials like organic cotton and linen. What's more, shoppers can customise the brand's designs to their exact preferences—change the neck style, depth, sleeve length, garment length, fabric, and more on anything in its array of clothes.

The brand’s product sizing is customisable (bust size range 26"-70", waist size range 19"-63", including petite, regular, and tall heights) to ensure you always find the perfect fit, and there's a kids range (bust: 18"-28", waist: 19"-26") available too.

See the rating.

Shop SeamsFriendly.


Rated: Good
woman wearing IRO IRO brand top

IRO IRO is a Jaipur-based circular design collective that employs low-waste design and cutting principles, and lower impact materials. The brand also champions traditional crafts local to India.

Find its range in sizes XS - XXL

See the rating.



Rated: Good
Models wearing clothes made by Oshadi

Ōshadi (pronounced aw-sha-dhi) takes its name from Sanskrit and translates to the "essence of nature" or "healing plant". The Indian brand focuses on local sourcing, sewing, dyeing and production with the aim to build a new fashion model for the region that puts people and the planet first.

Its clothes are available in sizes XS-XXL

See the rating.

Shop Ōshadi.

World of Crow

Rated: Good
Woman wearing World of Crow dress

Based in India, World of Crow handmakes mens and womenswear from more sustainable fabrics, with a special focus on handwoven materials. Founder Shaila Khubchandani describes the brand as: "A perfect balance between ease, style, and fashion, honouring the comfort of the wearer while embracing the rawness of exquisite craftsmanship."

Find its clothes in sizes XXS-4X

See the rating.

Shop World of Crow.

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