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20 Jul

18 Responsible Brands From the Netherlands Making Change in Fashion

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The Netherlands is home to some of our favourite top-rated “Good” and “Great” brands like legendary MUD Jeans. Discover the 18 most responsible Dutch brands.

Dutch brands doing it right

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important and more and more people are trying to reduce their impact on the planet. As a result, a growing number of responsible fashion brands are starting to emerge to both meet the demand and help change the fashion industry for the better. So if you live in the Netherlands, you might be wondering which clothing brands are doing it right. First, here’s what you need to know about what makes a brand more ethical and sustainable in the first place.

What makes a better brand?

Simply put, a responsible brand makes sure it positively impacts on people, the planet, and animals.

It ensures its workers are treated fairly across the supply chain. This includes policies and practices on child labour, forced labour, worker safety, the right to join a union, and payment of a living wage.

A better brand also cares about its use of resources and energy, reducing its carbon emissions, impact on our waterways, as well as using and disposing of chemicals safely.

Finally, it uses no or very few animal products, like wool, leather, fur, angora, down feather, shearling, karakul, and exotic animal skin and hair. Ideally, the brand is 100% vegan.

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Now that you know what makes a responsible brand, you might decide to shop from companies located in your country or region. Whether it is to support your community at home or reduce your carbon footprint when shopping online, shopping locally can have positive benefits.

So if you live in the Netherlands or want to support Dutch fashion labels, you might wonder which clothing brands are doing better. We know how you feel, which is why we compiled this list of “Good” or “Great” rated fashion brands either based or produced in the Netherlands.

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Our favourite more ethical and sustainable clothing brands from the Netherlands

MUD Jeans

Rated: Great
A man wears navy jeans and a blue top

Dutch denim brand MUD Jeans is all about sustainability. Not only does it offer a repair service, but it also provides a rental service where you can lease a pair of jeans for up to a year. MUD Jeans uses a combination of GOTS certified organic cotton and post-consumer recycled cotton.

MUD Jeans are available in a range of sizes, usually from W25 L30-W33 L32 for women and W28 L34-W36 L34 for men.

See the rating.

Shop MUD Jeans.


Rated: Good
People wearing clothing by responsible brand, Kuyichi.

Established in 2001, Kuyichi is the first organic denim brand. With top-scoring labour and environmental ratings, the brand designs durable yet trendy and modern pieces that never go out of style.

Offered in sizes XS-L.

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Shop Kuyichi.

Kings of Indigo

Rated: Good

Kings of Indigo makes quality denims, tops, and accessories inspired by American classics with a Japanese eye for detail. The brand uses GOTS organic cotton as well as recycled cotton and wool, and avoids all chemicals from the REACH chemical list.

Offered in sizes XS-L.

See the rating.

Shop Kings of Indigo.


Rated: Great

SILENT WAVE INDIGO is a fashion brand based in Amsterdam, offering one-of-a-kind designs made out of upcycled denim goods.

Find the pieces in sizes XS-L.

See the rating.


Iron Roots

Rated: Great
Someone in top and shorts by Iron Roots.

Iron Roots is a Dutch sportswear brand that makes all its apparel from plant-based fabrics. Its pieces effortlessly combine more responsible design and functionality.

Find most items in sizes XS-2XL.

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Shop Iron Roots.


Rated: Good
image of person in shirt, cardigan and trousers by Unrecorded

Unrecorded is an independent clothing brand from the Netherlands that represents a new wave of unisex brands that are rebelling against the nature of fast fashion. Unrecorded is passionate about style, and produces apparel using more responsible materials.

Its range includes items that are all year round essentials suitable for any wardrobe, available in sizes XS-2XL.

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Shop Unrecorded.

Gray Label

Rated: Good
A brown infinity kids' scarf by Gray Label.

Gray Label is a Dutch childrenswear brand offering high-quality minimalist basics for kids.

Find clothes for kids 0-12 years.

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Shop Gray Label.


Rated: Good
funky green ethical boxers by A-dam on a shirtless muscular man wearing a tiger mask

A-dam is a fresh brand with character. It uses a high-proportion of lower-impact materials, like GOTS certified cotton, and limits the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production.

Find the range in sizes S-2XL.

See the rating.

Shop A-dam.


Rated: Good

ENDANGERED is a clothing brand from the Netherlands that is fighting back for conservation. Its use of lower-impact materials limits the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production.

Find sizes XS-3XL.

See the rating.



Rated: Great
Two images of a man in a grey sweater

Unrobe believes in dressing people by undressing the industry, designing for now, but made to last. It creates fashion-forward designs with the finest lower-impact fabrics.

Find the range in sizes XS-XL.

See the rating.

Shop Unrobe.

O My Bag

Rated: Good

O My Bag merges style and a responsible approach, creating vintage inspired, rugged-chic bags made from lower-impact, high quality materials. The Dutch label also uses non-toxic dyes in its products.

See the rating.

Shop O My Bag.

Shop O My Bag @ Urbankissed.

Shop O My Bag @ Wearwell.


Rated: Good
An old pair of Nike shoes resoled by PETERSON STOOP.

PETERSON STOOP is a Dutch brand that is innovating in the fashion industry by deconstructing vintage sneakers and rebuilding them with natural materials, including cork and leather.

Sizes vary.

See the rating.


Goat Organic Apparel

Rated: Good

Goat Organic Apparel is a no-nonsense brand that features honest and organic apparel. This Dutch brand's motto is “sustainability is not sustainable if it’s not accessible”, which we love. The brand stocks womenswear, menswear, and kidswear, and all its collections are vegan.

Find sizes S-XL.

See the rating.

Shop Goat Organic Apparel.


Rated: Good
A colourful knot tied top designed ethically by Mochi.

Mochi was founded in 2013 in the Netherlands as an artisanal label that celebrates cultural, traditional methods of embroidery.

Find sizes XS-XL.

See the rating.

Shop Mochi.


Rated: Good
RVDKBrand dress

RVDK, who is a guest Haute Couture member, offers a positive and responsible high fashion alternative. It creates high-quality, long-lasting products, and uses a high proportion of lower-impact materials including recycled materials and deadstock. Its use of preferred materials reduces its climate impact and limits the amount of chemicals and water used in production.

Sizes vary.

See the rating.

Shop RVDK.


Rated: Good
A group of people wearing colourful clothes by Dutch brand Zazi.

Zazi offers coats, dresses, and bags in various colours and prints co-created with and handmade by artisans worldwide.

Find the range in sizes S-L.

See the rating.

Shop Zazi.


Rated: Good

This 100% vegan, PETA-approved fashion brand from Amsterdam started three years ago with the idea to combine “ethics with aesthetics”, and they have certainly succeeded. Noumenon’s pieces are sophisticated and timeless, with elegant cuts, and all made from lower-impact materials like Tencel (recycled wood pulp).

Find the range in sizes 2XS-XL.

See the rating.

Shop Noumenon.

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