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Our Editorial Mission

Good On You is fashion’s leading source of brand ratings and one of the world’s most widely read editorial platforms focused on sustainability. Our vision is simple: we believe you have a right to know how brands impact people, the planet, and animals. Here’s how our editorial team builds on our trusted ratings methodology to publish the most credible content about ethics and sustainability in fashion.

The purpose driving our content

A clear mission guides all the content we publish: Good On You’s original reporting and helpful guides aim to cut through the greenwashing and make complex sustainability issues accessible. We want to make it easy for you to understand the fashion industry’s impacts on critical environmental and social issues.

Our strict editorial independence

In everything we do, we aim to stand in the shoes of consumers—asking tough questions, getting you straightforward answers, and highlighting the information you have a right to know. Like our ratings team, Good On You’s editorial staff and network of external contributors work with full independence to cover fashion brands and sustainability issues. This integrity has made us fashion’s leading source for sustainability information, a platform shared by leading journalists and experts alongside rising voices and activists.

Why we only use publicly available data

Good On You’s ratings methodology sets our recommendations apart from anyone else in media or fashion. Since our brand ratings system only uses publicly available data, you can trust that our suggestions are reliable and verifiable. This also promotes transparency and accountability. Public data is crucial in shaping regulation and keeping brands to their promises. Learn more about how we rate brands.

How we select the brands we feature

To celebrate the designers who are doing good, our editors and contributors curate products for roundups and guides. We might earn commissions when you follow a link and purchase products from “Good” and “Great” partner retailers. This helps fund our work while also supporting the small and independent brands setting a better standard for the industry. We follow strict rules regarding what brands and products appear in our content:

  1. We only feature highly-rated brands that have been independently assessed by our comprehensive rating system.
  2. Our discerning editors and contributors handpick products that we truly love and wish to share with you.

Our network of “Good” and “Great” brands

Brands that have been independently rated “Good” or “Great”—as well as select second hand and conscious retailers—are offered the opportunity to join our membership network. Being a member gives brands a platform to promote their high ratings and connect with more conscious consumers. Member brands work with our marketing department to provide exclusive offers to our community and share sponsored stories across our channels.

Sponsored stories from highly rated brands

We believe Good On You has the highest standards for sponsored content in the fashion industry. Here’s why: we will only publish sponsored articles about brands that have first been independently evaluated by our ratings system. Only if brands score “Good” or “Great” will they have an opportunity to work with our marketing team to share their stories with our audiences.

When you see content labelled as sponsored—displayed prominently at the top of stories—you can be confident that these brands are making meaningful progress towards addressing their impacts.

Exclusive offers from highly rated brands

Good On You believes everyone should have access to more sustainable and affordable options when they need to buy something new. That’s why we share exclusive offers from our network of brands, which have been rated “Good” and “Great”. As noted wherever we feature offers, we may earn a commission when you buy products following these links or using the offer codes.

Have any questions or feedback?

We’d love to hear your feedback on our content as well as the brands and products we feature. You can contact us here.