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Someone carrying a large black vegan travel bag by Sans Beast on their arm.
13 Jul
Someone carrying a large black vegan travel bag by Sans Beast on their arm.

Better Brand Edit: Travel Bags and Accessories From Top Rated Brands

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Our editors have picked out their favourite travel bags and accessories from top rated brands.

Embrace the season of adventure: travel bags and accessories for your getaways

Travel bags and accessories are the perfect companions for short getaways and weekend trips when you want to travel light and avoid the hassle of bringing a bulky suitcase.

If you’re in search of the perfect travel companion that reflects your values, keep reading. We’ve got you covered with our handpicked selection of travel bags and accessories from “Good” and “Great” brands that are doing more for a better world.  Before we dive in, let us tell you why you can trust our recommendations.

Why you can trust our recommendations

At Good On You, we provide trustworthy recommendations that align with your values and needs. Our mission is to simplify informed choices while embracing the “buy less, buy better” motto.

To ensure credibility, we aggregate comprehensive, transparent information on fashion sustainability—assessing brands using our leading methodology, developed by diverse experts. Our ratings directory of over 5,000 brands employs a simple five-point scale, curating a list of “Good” or “Great” brands making significant contributions to sustainable fashion.

Our editorial team, driven by expertise and passion, carefully reviews and approves each recommendation, upholding high standards of quality, longevity, and trend-transcendence.

While we recognise the value of reusing, mending, and second hand shopping, our expert ratings system guides you toward new brands aligned with your values and sustainability goals.

A collection of 15 travel bags and accessories from more sustainable fashion brands. From left to right, top to bottom: an upcycled orange leather bag from Elvis & Kresse, a red and black weekend bag from BEDI, a black vegan leather bag with pockets from Sans Beast, a dark red adventure backpack from Outerknown, a bright green hemp duffle bag from Afends, a recycled vegan leather puffer bag from Cultured, a colourful medium transport duffel bag from TORRAIN, a black overnight bag from ELK, a leather yellow travel bag by Raven + Lily, a striped makeup bag from O My Bag, a dark leather tech such from GROUNDTRUTH, a dark green leather wallet by Hyer Goods, a set of blue striped oversized pouches from Printfresh, a black, purple and blue passport holder by Up-Fuse and a blue recycled travel pouch by Thea.

Bags, totes, and backpacks

1. Weekend Bag (Elvis & Kresse)

2. Shoalts Weekender (BEDI)

3. Daytripper Tote (Sans Beast)

4. New Life Project x Outerknown Backpack (Outerknown)

5. Hemp Duffle Bag (Afends)

6. Recycled Vegan Leather Puffer Bag (Culthread)

7. Medium Transport Duffel (TORRAIN)

8. Mand Overnight Bag (ELK)

9. Travel Bag (Raven + Lily @ Cerqular)

Travel accessories

10. Elise Makeup Bag (O My Bag)


12. Traveler’s Wallet (Hyer Goods)

13. Oversized Pouch Set (Printfresh)

14. Passport Holder (Up-Fuse)

15. Travel Pouch (Théla)

Editor's note

Feature image via Sans Beast, all other images via brands mentioned. Good On You publishes the world's most comprehensive ratings of fashion brands’ impact on people, the planet, and animals. Use the directory to search thousands of rated brands.

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