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Diversity and Anti-Racism at Good On You

Events throughout 2020 have shone a light on systemic inequalities in fashion and beyond, and we are witnessing an historic shift in how the world talks and thinks about racial justice and equality.

Inspired by the incredible Black Lives Matter movement, built over many years, the Good On You team have considered how we respond to discrimination and racism in an authentic and meaningful way. Fashion is culture, so it’s only right that fashion seizes this moment to examine its role in perpetuating racism.

This policy aims to ensure we practice inclusion and anti-racism publicly and internally, celebrate diversity, live up to our community’s expectations, and continue the mission of making fashion ethical and sustainable for all.

Our commitment

Good On You’s commitment to diversity and anti-racism is fundamental to our company values and mission. We recognise the rapid rise of dangerous right-wing ideology, racism, and facism, particularly in the USA and UK, and the continuing oppression of Indigenous Australians. We also recognise that the fashion industry exploits Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) workers, particularly female workers in the global south, and that this is a legacy of colonialism.

Our ongoing commitment sees us prioritising actions across our products, communications, and workplace practices. In particular, we will:

  • Leverage our brand ratings to address BIPOC-related issues in fashion, including BIPOC ownership and racism controversies.
  • Use our platform to promote diversity, inclusion, and racial justice.
  • Support the diversity and inclusion of our team in our hiring and conduct policies.
  • Continue to listen to our team and our community to learn and improve how we live our values.

Team diversity

As of September 2023, within Good On You’s team of 24 people, 17% identify as BIPOC; 61% identify as women.

Our leadership team comprises of 7 including 2 founders: 2 identify as women, 1 identifies as non-binary. None identify as Black, Indigenous or a person of colour.

We are supported by a small number of freelancers who we do not currently survey on diversity.