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woman wearing blue sustainable slogan tshirt
19 Jun
woman wearing blue sustainable slogan tshirt

Our Favourite Sustainable Slogan T-Shirts

Have you ever woken up feeling like you’re on top of the world, and the power to save it is in your hands? We know that feeling too, and those are the days when you’re in true need of spreading the word about your mission.

No sooner said than done: whatever cause you’re backing, there’s a slogan for it, and whatever slogan it is, there’s a statement t-shirt for it. Et voilà, you’re ready to shout it from the rooftops (metaphorically, unless you’re feeling really brave).

Eco-warrior moment aside, we’ve picked our favourite mottos and put together this list of sustainable slogan t-shirts. Yes, you read right⁠—each shirt is sustainably made by brands rated ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ for their commitment to protect animals, people, and the planet. What are you waiting for? These shirts aren’t gonna wear themselves!

Christy Dawn

Rated: Great

The Earth Tee – Ships internationally from the US

Christy Dawn is a minimalist showroom for vintage-inspired women's clothing and footwear, locally made with surplus fabric. The US brand rates 'Great', making it a fabulous boho option for your wardrobe. Find the clothes in standard sizes XS-XL, or shop the Extended and Petite collections.

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Mother of Pearl

Rated: Good
mother of pearl white slogan t-shirt

Charlie Pearly Queen T-Shirt – Ships internationally from the UK

If you usually pair a crown with your everyday slogan tees, this one’s for you. Mother of Pearl’s kingdom is made of a transparent supply chain, organic natural materials, social responsibility, respect to animals, a low carbon footprint, and great quality. Who could blame you if you’d like to be the “Pearly Queen” of such a realm?

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Shop Mother of Pearl @ Rêve en Vert.

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Rated: Good
woman wearing We Are water slogan t-shirt

CHARITYSHIRT “We Are Water” – Ships internationally from Germany


LANIUS – Pants

From classy to flirty, but always responsible: LANIUS trousers fit for every occasion. Winter Sale! Up to 20% off pants. (Europe and UK only) (Ends: 7 FEB)

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Fair and organic fashion with a feminine touch. Noble looks that radiate liveliness. Winter Sale! Up to 20% off tops. (Europe and UK only) (Ends: 7 FEB)

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LANIUS – Knits

Wrap yourself in the softest knitwear, perfect for relaxing at home or keeping snug outside. Winter Sale! Up to 20% off knitwear. (Europe and UK only) (Ends: 7 FEB)

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LANIUS – Coats and Jackets

LANIUS creates beautiful pieces that keep you warm while making you feel good, inside and out. Winter Sale! Up to 20% off jackets and coats. (Europe and UK only) (Ends: 7 FEB)

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We are water. Literally, humans are made of about 72% water. Need more numbers? By using delicate cotton from controlled organic cultivation, LANIUS has saved up to 91% of water to make this slogan t-shirt. Still not enough? This statement tee is also 100% free from animal ingredients, and 100% designed with love in Switzerland. I think we’re good here. LANIUS’ clothes are available in EU sizes 34-44.

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Plant Faced Clothing

Rated: Good
man wearing black kale em with kindness plant faced t-shirt

Kale ‘Em With Kindness T-Shirt – Ships internationally from the UK

Streetwear without sweatshops, that's the motto of this 100% plant-based, ethical, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free streetwear apparel brand. Buy Plant Faced Clothing in sizes XS-2XL.

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Rated: Good
dress in protest white slogan t-shirt

Unisex Dress in Protest Cotton Tee – Ships internationally from the UK

Everytime you decide to buy something, and to wear something, it’s like you’re voting. Like you’re setting a statement by simply slipping into some clothes. Well, you might want to “dress in protest” one of these days. Wearing Birdsong’s pieces is a protest in itself—against the fast nature of the fashion industry, against the obsessive pursuit of trends, and against the systematic abuse of women in the production line. Crafted from fairtrade, organic GOTS certified cotton, this slogan t-shirt is embroidered by talented women paid a fair wage in East London. Vote for it.

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TAMGA Designs

Rated: Great
orange slogan t-shirt by tamga

Trees Please Tee V – Ships internationally from Canada


woman of colour wearing floral sustainable dress by TAMGA Designs

TAMGA Designs – Dresses

Eco-friendly bohemian dresses that turn heads, as comfortable as they are kind to the Earth. 15% off dresses with code GOODONYOU. (Ends: 7 FEB)

Checkout code: GOODONYOU
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woman of colour wearing floral sustainable kimono by TAMGA Designs

TAMGA Designs – Kimonos

Easy breezy robes for effortless layering at home, on the beach, or for a night out. 15% off kimonos with code GOODONYOU. (Ends: 7 FEB)

Checkout code: GOODONYOU
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woman of colour wearing floral sustainable top and skirt by TAMGA Designs

TAMGA Designs – Bottoms

Get prepared to step into warmer days in ultra soft and sustainable bottoms. 15% off bottoms with code GOODONYOU. (Ends: 7 FEB)

Checkout code: GOODONYOU
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woman of colour wearing floral sustainable top by TAMGA Designs

TAMGA Designs – Tops

Seek the sun or relax indoors in flowy and feminine tops, crafted with our planet in mind. 15% off tops with code GOODONYOU (Trees Please Tee excluded). (Ends: 7 FEB)

Checkout code: GOODONYOU
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This TAMGA Designs slogan t-shirt is the perfect combo of: manners—first rule we’re taught as kids is to always ask “please”; coolness—v-neck, loose fit, bright colours; and purpose—it helps to replant the Sumatran rainforest by raising money for the Sumatran Orangutan Society (S.O.S.). Indeed, it looks like the kind of uniform you may need to wear while on a mission to save the world. You can find the full range of TAMGA Designs in sizes XS-2XL.

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Vitamin A

Rated: Great
sustainability is sexy t-shirt

Sustainability is Sexy Tee – Ships internationally from the US

There are days when you wake up not only feeling powerful, but also damn sexy. Here’s the one for you: the “Sustainability is Sexy” tee, ‘cause—let’s face it—sustainability is sexy. We promise it really is, not just the abstract idea of it: try wearing this slogan t-shirt with a Vitamin A bikini—locally made in California with plant-based and recycled fabrics, these sustainable pieces are the quintessence of femininity and sexyness. And you are too.

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Rated: Good
man wearing dark green slogan t-shirt by tentree

Make Earth Green Again Unisex T-Shirt – Ships internationally from Canada


men and women by the ocean wearing black and white sustainable sweatshirts and hoodies by tentree brand

tentree – Hoodies and Sweatshirts

The second layer you'll never want to take off. Equal parts comfortable and sustainable. Free shipping on hoodies and sweatshirts. (USA and Canada only) (Ends: 31 JAN)

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woman wearing grey sustainable hemp face mask by ethical brand tentree

tentree – Masks

Protect the planet, your community, yourself. These washable face masks are made from recycled and re-purposed materials. Free shipping on 3-pack face masks. (USA and Canada only) (Ends: 31 JAN)

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woman reclining in stylish sustainable loungewear by tentree

tentree – Loungewear

Loungewear you'll actually want to wear out of the house. Comfy, minimal, and plays well with both sneakers and slippers! Free shipping on loungewear for men and women. (USA and Canada only)   (Ends: 31 JAN)

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tentree is a lifestyle apparel company that plants ten trees for every item purchased! The Canadian brand uses a high proportion of eco-friendly materials including organic cotton. It uses renewable energy in its supply chain to reduce its climate impact, and has a size range of XS-XL.

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Rated: Good

Aiden Crop Top – Ships internationally from the US

337 BRAND’s leisurewear is designed to make you feel at ease, always. Inspired by nature, comfort and kindness, the brand introduces effortless-style clothing made from earth-friendly materials. This textured crop top has the perfect loose fit and bateau neck. It’s embroidered at the front features with 337 BRAND’s “Kindness is Sexy”.

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Shop 337 BRAND @ ourCommonPlace.

Shop 337 BRAND @ Immaculate Vegan.


Rated: Great
grey dorsu slogan t-shirt

SMFF All Day T-Shirt – Ships internationally from Cambodia

You may wake up on the opposite side of the world, but still be helping to reduce waste in Cambodia. How? By choosing to slip into this statement tee and join Dorsu on its mission towards a slow, mindful, and fair future in fashion. It’s not just words: this company is one of the best in class, registering all ‘Great’ scores for its commitment to environmental issues, worker rights, and animal welfare. Count us in.

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Maggie Marilyn

Rated: Good
green sustainable maggie marilyn slogan t-shirt

You Can Change the World Top – Ships internationally from New Zealand

The name says it all: “You can change the world” is a mantra we should all repeat to ourselves, everyday. Wear this slouchy long sleeve whenever motivation is needed and wrap yourself in the softest cotton: that’s how Maggie Marilyn’s slogan top becomes your superhero’s cape.

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Rated: Great
black etiko slogan t-shirt

Wear No Evil Black T-Shirt – Ships internationally from Australia

Wear your heart on your sleeve with Etiko’s “Wear No Evil” statement tee. A t-shirt that is good for your conscience, and for people, animals and the planet. This extra cozy top is perfect to pair up with sustainable jeans and sneakers, to show off under a jacket, or to simply put over your underwear while having morning coffee, gawking at nothing, and thinking about the meaning of life. Hey! You’ve found it! Ethical fashion might be the life purpose for you to pursue?

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Threads 4 Thought

Rated: Good
black cancel plastic slogan t-shirt

Cancel Plastic Graphic Tee – Ships internationally from the US

Whether getting rid of plastic means removing it from your daily routine, supporting upcycling, or only wearing clothes that are free from microplastics, get ready to join Threads 4 Thought on the challenge of this century: “Cancel Plastic”. This 100% organic cotton slogan t-shirt is the right piece to make a statement against one of the biggest ongoing global issues of our time.

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Rated: Great
don't mess with mother earth white sustainable slogan t-shirt

NELAA Mother Earth – Ships internationally from Germany

What goes around comes around. If you treat Mother Earth well, it’ll be good to you right back, but if you don’t… well, you’d better know what she’s capable of. Armedangels has taken its own “Don’t mess with Mother Earth” slogan seriously: so much that this statement t-shirt is made with 100% organic cotton, which means water use, energy use, and carbon dioxide have all been cut to the bone. Armedangels’ products are available in sizes XS-XL.

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Shop Armedangels @ thegreenlabels.


Rated: Great
white act slogan t-shirt by kuyichi

Violet Act Boxy Tee – Ships internationally from the Netherlands

Sometimes you just need to get straight to the point and not mince words. In the end, you are what you choose to do, not what you say nor what you think, and even less what is written onto your t-shirt. So, act. Go out there and be a changemaker. Kuyichi’s Violet slogan tee could help you spread the word anyway, and encourage the world to fight for what you believe in.

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Shop Kuyichi @ Staiy.


Rated: Great

Slogans are so often just mainstream statements, and you might not find any that truly reflect your mindset and the mission you’re on. If you have your own unique motto you’d like to shout from the rooftops (still metaphorically), we have the solution. While you could certainly personalize a basic tee with your very own slogan using an embroidery technique (more power to you, creative genius), if you don’t have the time or skills (like us), then meet our pals over at Teemill: a wondrous platform that lets you build your own online sustainable store and sell slogan t-shirts online, so you can kickstart your movement in the right way.

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