ethical christmas gifts
05 Dec
ethical christmas gifts

28 Ideas For More Sustainable Christmas Gifts and Holiday Presents

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From more eco-friendly stocking stuffers to conscious gift exchange goodies, read on to discover our favourite more sustainable Christmas gifts and holiday presents.

Our favourite lower-impact gift ideas for the holiday season

*in Bing Crosby’s voice* It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It’s time to start writing your letter to Santa and going on a hunt for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. And even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, as the year winds down, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself or your those closest to you to something special.

This year, like every year, we want to encourage you to find gifts that don’t cost the Earth. Supporting more sustainable brands has never been more important, and it has also never been easier.

Workshops, classes, experiences, and support

Experiences are a great alternative to tangible objects, proven to strengthen relationships and make people happier. We especially love if these activities are promoting a shift to conscious consumerism or are supporting more sustainable options. “Experience” gifts are an increasingly popular option and a fun and creative way for friends and family to learn a new skill and bond. Not sure where to start? Why not buy a gift box which allows an individual to select one of the many experiences available?

Also have a look at creative classes and workshops such as pottery, cooking displays, fermentation classes, woodwork, jewellery making, and much more.

Pampering is another experience that is always well received and something that a lot of people never buy for themselves. Massages, bathhouses, saunas, or even an hour in a float tank can be great, innovative gifts.

You could also give someone your time and spend it in a place they love, or a handwritten voucher for something they would appreciate. Think about giving the gift of support and encouragement of someone’s passion.

For the plant-lover in your life

Did you know interacting with plants can make people happier, healthier, brighter, and calmer? This year, offer your loved ones a potted herb garden or a bright orchid that will give ongoing joy and beauty. And it will negate all those greenhouse gasses produced by some of the gifts you could’ve bought. This windowsill microgreens grow kit from eco-lifestyle retailer Flora & Fauna is a fantastic option.

Give your time

Consider giving the gift of a donation to a charitable cause, or even participating in one yourselves as an outing. There are countless charities that offer this and need some love, from farmed animal sanctuaries to domestic pet shelters to endangered species organisations.

Make your own gifts

Handmade gifts are so meaningful—there’s nothing quite like them. Creating a gift for someone means making something special, unique, and putting a piece of yourself into the gift. It could be something like an artwork, a poem, a story, a song, a knitted sweater, some DIY bath salts, candles, or even cute Christmas cookies.

Check out our favourite DIYs for some inspiration.

Give second hand items a new home

Second hand gifts should be normalised. Giving second hand items a new home by gifting them to a loved one will not only help reduce waste, but it’ll also be unique and more affordable. So this year, instead of buying new, we challenge you to go out to your local second hand shop or browse second hand platforms online to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. You never know what amazing treasures you might find.

Gifts from small and independent “Good ” and “Great” brands

If you prefer to give a more traditional and tangible gift (and know the person receiving would love that, too), then why not order them one of these lower-impact holiday gifts from “Good” and “Great” brands?

Happy Earth

Rated: Good

Plogger Patchs – Ships internationally from the US


Someone in blue printed tee by Happy Earth.

Happy Earth – Site-wide

Nature-inspired graphic tees, tanks and more - all more sustainably and ethically made. Give back with every item! 25% off with code HELLOSUMMER. (Ends: 31 MAY)

Checkout code: HELLOSUMMER
Shop now

Happy Earth Apparel is a US organic clothing brand that works to give back, inspired by nature and dedicated to preserving it. This B Corporation certified brand makes the planet a better place with every purchase. Through its partnerships with non-profits and Happy Earth ambassadors, it’s planting trees, fighting climate change, and cleaning up trash. These patches are great stockings stuffers, so your loved ones can breathe new life into thrifted or tired textiles. Simply iron or sew them onto jackets, backpacks, hats, or any clothes and accessories.

See the rating.

Shop Happy Earth.

Raven + Lily

Rated: Good

Ellsworth Circle Work Earrings – Ships internationally from the US

We fell in love with these beautiful earrings, crafted in Kenya, shaped and cut by hand from semi-precious stones. Raven + Lily supports local female artisans to create handmade jewellery, bags, and homewares. This US brand’s products are more eco-friendly and empower communities through fair wages, healthcare, and education.

See the rating.

Shop Raven + Lily.


Rated: Good

Mia Card Case – Ships internationally from the US

Help others stay organised with this cute vegan leather wallet this season. Svala creates luxury designer vegan handbags, purses, bags and totes. Each bag is handcrafted sustainably and ethically in LA with high-quality, premium vegan leather PU, cork, and Piñatex.

See the rating.

Shop Svala.

O My Bag

Rated: Good

Sonny Square Wallet – Ships internationally from the Netherlands

This easy zip-around wallet has always been a best seller so O My Bag has decided to introduce this iconic style in apple leather, perfect for our vegan friends. O My Bag merges style and a responsible approach, creating vintage inspired, rugged-chic bags made from lower-impact, high quality materials. The Dutch label also uses low impact and non-toxic dyes in its products.

See the rating.

Shop O My Bag.

Parker Clay

Rated: Good

Koda Journal Cover – Ships internationally from the US

Did you know that journaling can help reduce stress and improve memory and well-being? This season, encourage your loved ones to start journaling with this sturdy journal cover from Parker Clay. You can even add a cute note thanks to the brand’s monogramming service.

Parker Clay is an American based brand looking to create a future without exploitation by bettering lives and communities in Ethiopia. The brand has partnered with the Ellilta Women at Risk program, fighting to bring women out of prostitution by providing a more stable income and safe working environment. Parker Clay also helps preserve traditional Ethiopian techniques, materials, and styles, ensuring that this fast growing country is able to remain close to its beautiful roots.

See the rating.

Shop Parker Clay.

Good Guys

Rated: Good

Go Vegan Crew Socks – Ships internationally from France

Another one for your vegan or aspiring-vegan friends: Help them brighten and leave a trail of smiles everywhere they go with Good Guys’s colourful and impactful crew socks. Good Guys creates cruelty-free shoes for women and men, founded and designed by Marion Hanania in Paris. Through Good Guys, Hanania aims to create the perfect cruelty-free, made in Europe closet, where no animal product is involved, and the production guarantees fair trade working conditions. Find most shoes and socks in EU sizes 36 to 46.

See the rating.

Shop Good Guys.

Shop Good Guys @ Immaculate Vegan.

Shop Good Guys @ thegreenlabels.


Rated: Good

Apple Watch Band – Ships internationally from the US


Someone wearing Luxe Medium Shoulder Bag by Hyer Goods.

Hyer Goods – Shoulder Bags

Perfect for everyday or a night out, its range of shoulder bags cut from luxury leftovers offer spacious zip, canvas and croc styles. Enjoy 20% off its best-selling Shoulder Bags. (Ends: 29 MAY)

Checkout code: SHOULDERS20
Shop now
Someone wearing pink luxe camera bag by Hyer Goods.

Hyer Goods – Luxe Camera Bag

Level up that outfit with this petite and versatile favourite, the Luxe recycled-leather camera bag comes in six gorgeous colours, for when you're on the go. Get the Luxe Camera Bag for only $200. (Ends: 28 MAY)

Checkout code: PICTURETHIS
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If you have an Apple fan in your group, this Apple watch band made from leather scraps is the perfect gift. HYER GOODS is an NY-based, leather goods label that curates hand-made products including handbags, wallets, and accessories. By upcycling “trash” it eliminates the massive energy footprint needed to cultivate land, livestock, crops and fertilizers, while simultaneously reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill. Less energy and less pollution mean fewer greenhouse gases.

See the rating.



Rated: Great
5 pack of neutral toned ethical underwear by Knickey

Underwear Starter Set – Ships internationally from the US

Made in a Fair Trade Certified factory, Knickey’s organic cotton underwear sets are some of the best in the sustainable market. Taking it a step further, the brand has also partnered with an NYC non-profit to recycle old undergarments, turning the fibres into insulation and rug pads. Knickey’s gifts keep on giving: check out its timeless underwear starter set that is perfect for all the important women in your life including gifts for mum, your wife, sister, girlfriend—oh, and don’t forget yourself. Find most items in sizes 2XS to 3XL.

See the rating.

Shop Knickey.


Rated: Good

Festival Hat – Ships internationally from the US


People in dresses by tentree.

tentree – Site-wide (US, CA)

Anything from more sustainable loungewear, to activewear, outerwear, and new summer products (dresses, jumpsuits, shorts and more). Up to 50% off site wide off. (Available in the US and Canada only) (Ends: 28 MAY)

Shop now

Whether it’s festival season, camping season, or cosy season, this recycled wool hat is an every season kind of thing. Canadian brand tentree believes big change starts small. Small as in bringing your reusable bag to the grocery store, making fewer, more thoughtful purchases, and choosing to purchase sustainably when you do. The brand plants ten trees for every item purchased to help regenerate ecosystems and provide planting jobs in communities around the world, and has already planted over 65 million trees. All tentree’s products are created with an Earth-First approach, meaning they’re made in fair, safe working conditions, and constructed using only sustainably sourced and recycled materials.

See the rating.

Shop tentree.

Conscious Step

Rated: Good

Protect Ocean Animals Gift Box – Ships internationally from the US

Staying in the accessories and underwear realm, socks are also an amazing way to show your friends and family how easy it is to take the first step towards a more conscious wardrobe.

Conscious Step creates premium fair trade, organic, vegan socks that support great charities. The brand is committed to lasting social and environmental change and every step it takes in its production process supports farms and factories with fair wages, safe facilities, and more sustainable materials.

See the rating.

Shop Conscious Step.

Opera Campi

Rated: Good

Berretto Lanapa – Ships internationally from Italy

Founded in 2017, Italian brand Opera Campi creates premium quality garments from locally-sourced raw materials. By using a balanced approach to sustainability, the brand makes conscious choices throughout its supply chain and donates 4% of its profits to social causes. The Lanapa beanie is made from a super warm blend of hemp and wool. The brand is inclusively sized from 3XS-3XL.

See the rating.

Shop Opera Campi.

Harvest & Mill

Rated: Great

Women’s Organic Natural Pack: Jogger Pants + Unisex Style Tee – Ships internationally from the US


People in tops and shorts by Harvest & Mill.

Harvest & Mill – Site-wide

100% organic cotton essentials made exclusively in the USA from seed to stitch. Non-toxic, carbon neutral and vegan. Shorts, tees, socks, joggers and more. 15% off with code SUMMER2023. (Ends: 29 MAY)

Checkout code: SUMMER2023
Shop now
Someone in top and shorts by Harvest & Mill.

Harvest & Mill – Tee Shirt, Shorts, Socks and Jogger Packs for Women

Organic cotton tees, shorts, socks and jogger packs in natural browns, tans, and black essentials for women. 10% off Tee Shirt, Shorts, Socks and Jogger Packs for Women. (Ends: 13 JUN)

Shop now
Someone in shirt and shorts by Harvest & Mill.

Harvest & Mill – Tee Shirt, Shorts, Socks and Jogger Packs for Men

Carbon neutral, vegan and non-toxic. Find organic cotton tees, shorts, socks and jogger packs for men, made in the USA from seed to stitch. 10% off off Tee Shirt, Shorts, Socks and Jogger Packs for Men. (Ends: 13 JUN)

Shop now

This all natural pants and tee pack has what you and your loved ones need for casual streetwear, activewear, and elevated lounging.  Harvest & Mill pieces are grown, milled, and sewn exclusively in the US, supporting American organic cotton farmers and local sewing communities. The brand makes basics for everyone, always ensuring they are not dyed or bleached, greatly reducing the use of water, energy, and dye materials. Even better, by cultivating different varieties of cotton, the brand is able to bolster biodiversity, which is essential for ensuring healthy ecosystems and keeping our planet resilient in the face of climate change.

See the rating.

Shop Harvest & Mill.

Shop Harvest & Mill @ Rêve en Vert.

The Ethical Silk Company

Rated: Good

Sleeping Beauty Set – Ships internationally from Ireland

Let your friends and family enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep while their skin and hair get the care they deserve. This is the perfect pack for a sleeping beauty: The Ethical Silk Company’s best-selling pillowcase paired with an eye mask and bag, all made from 100% mulberry silk.

Irish brand The Ethical Silk Company produces scarves, wraps, loungewear, and more that are 100% ethically made from 100% mulberry silk. For ultimate comfort, indulge in a pair of the mulberry silk pyjamas, printed by hand using the traditional craft of blockprinting. Find most of the range in XS-XL.

See the rating.

Shop The Ethical Silk Company.


Rated: Good

RIKR Tech Pouch – Ships internationally from the UK

UK-based GROUNDTRUTH grew from 3 sisters’ shared belief in the power of collaboration, and their drive to protect people and nurture the planet. Together, they saw the opportunity to design problem-solving travel goods that drive positive change: reducing plastic pollution and improving people’s lives. The RIKR Tech Pouch offers a secure and accessible home for one’s cables, devices, chargers, and travel essentials.

See the rating.



Rated: Good

Power Pendant for Abundance – Ships internationally from New Zealand

LUNA & ROSE is a lifestyle accessories label that houses beautiful jewellery made from 99% recycled silver and more. We love this beautifully designed pendant encapsulating an array of symbols that create the ultimate “Power Pendant”. Plus, 10% of all sales from this purchase will be donated to a non profit in Indonesia focussing on women empowerment, literacy, and entrepreneurship.

See the rating.

Shop LUNA & ROSE @ Urbankissed.


The Good Tee

Rated: Great

DIY Kit – Ships internationally from Canada

Know someone looking for a fun, creative, and guilt-free project? The Good Tee has a really good art project for you. Introducing the DIY kit, complete with a Good Tee and colouring medium. The Good Tee’s more sustainable t-shirts make the perfect blank canvas for your next unique and customised t-shirt project. This Canadian brand is on a mission to be a positive example of responsibly made basics for the whole family, and strives to humanise the fashion industry. Find its range in sizes XS-2XL.

See the rating.

Shop The Good Tee.

Pop My Way

Rated: Good

E-Gift Card – Ships internationally from the UK

Pop My Way is a GOTS certified brand that features mix and match baby essentials that are designed to “pop” onto the garment. This UK brand’s modular and versatile designs take the stress out of getting your little one dressed with mix and match elements you can switch in and out for ease or occasion. One of Pop My Way’s gift cards would make the perfect present for the eco-conscious parent in your life.

See the rating.

Shop Pop My Way.

INTOA design

Rated: Great

Jeans Oat Pillow – Ships internationally from Finland

Offer your loved ones a relaxing and warm break with INTOA design’s oat pillow, made from upcycled jeans. INTOA design is a Finish brand founded in 2010. The brand creates handmade unique accessories and home textiles using as many recycled materials as possible. The aim is to make ecological, beautiful and more sustainable products from materials already in-use. The products are timeless and thus very durable. INTOA design also makes most of the products to customers to order, thus avoiding unnecessary stocks.

Shop INTOA design.

See the rating.

The Artful Mitten

Rated: Great

Woollen Mittens – Ships internationally from the US

The Artful Mitten is a US brand offering one-of-a-kind mittens, hats and neck warmers sewn from recycled wool and cashmere sweaters. Carrie, the creator, makes these beautiful mittens and accessories using recycled wool and cashmere sweaters, making them both more eco-friendly, and wonderfully warm.

Shop the Artful Mitten.

See the rating.


Rated: Great

Scrunchies Made From Scrap – Ships internationally from the US

Looking for cute and easy stocking stuffers? Check out Nube’s scrunchies. They are upcycled from recycled polyester scraps and hand-sewn in Seattle.

Nube turns recycled plastic into responsible and fashionable activewear, designed and made in the US. The brand partners with artists and designers around the world to create prints motivated by the environmental crisis that inspire connection and action. This fully woman-owned business uses a closed-loop manufacturing process by recycling all off-cuts created during the manufacturing process.

See the rating.

Shop Nube.

Shop Nube @ Cerqular.

Gift selections by conscious retailers

We also recommend these retailers, which have great gift selections for all kinds of budgets and styles:

Made Trade

We could not recommend Mate Trade enough. They’ve curated the perfect holiday decors, gifts for him, for her, for them, for babies, pets, and gifts for every kind of occasion.

Shop Made Trade’s gifts.

Rêve en Vert

Rêve en Vert truly believes that Christmas is a moment for considered and mindful consumption that means something special to the recipient. We love their selection of items that spark joy and serve a lovely purpose. They have everything from more eco-friendly Christmas cards to curated gift boxes.

Shop Rêve en Vert’s gifts.

Immaculate Vegan

Wanting to find that perfect vegan and more responsible gift? Then get some inspiration and shop from Immaculate Vegan’s vegan gift ideas.

Shop Immaculate Vegan’s Gifts.


Et voilà. If you’ve finished your holiday shopping already (kudos for being so organised), have a look at our more sustainable gift wrapping ideas. Received an unwanted gift? Here are our tips on how to deal with those items you can’t find a place for in your life.

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