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21 Dec

Better Brand Edit: 17 Minimalist Luxury Pieces From Top Rated Brands

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Our editors have chosen the most timeless and minimalist luxury pieces from top rated brands on Good On You.

Less is more

In a departure from the ostentatious displays of logos that once dominated the fashion scene, there’s a growing preference for more discreet, minimalist luxury fashion. “While luxury pieces with (very) visible logos have been in the spotlight in recent years, especially on social networks, preferences seem to be shifting towards more discreet fashion,” notes Fashion United.

This cleaner aesthetic has even become a trend, coined quiet luxury. “If we had to define ‘quiet luxury’ with one specific brand, The Row would be the answer. Founded in 2001 by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, it thrives on the essence of pared-back minimalism,” writes Who What Wear. But as the quiet luxury trend gains momentum, some critics caution against its potential pitfalls and classist implications.

For us, minimalism means intentional living—having a wardrobe that sparks joy and aligns with our personal values. In this context, luxury is defined by brands that create timeless, high-quality pieces. It’s about investing in fewer items that withstand the test of time.

So, if you’re looking for that The Row (“We Avoid”), minimalist, pared-back aesthetic but want to support better brands, keep reading. We’ve got you covered with our handpicked selection of minimalist luxury items from “Good” and “Great” brands that are doing more for a better world. Before we dive in, let us tell you why you can trust our recommendations.

Why you can trust our recommendations

At Good On You, we provide trustworthy recommendations that align with your values and needs. Our mission is to simplify informed choices while embracing the “buy less, buy better” motto.

To ensure credibility, we aggregate comprehensive, transparent information on fashion sustainability—assessing brands using our leading methodology, developed by diverse experts. Our ratings directory of over 6,000 brands employs a simple five-point scale, curating a list of “Good” or “Great” brands making significant contributions to sustainable fashion.

Our editorial team, driven by expertise and passion, carefully reviews and approves each recommendation, upholding high standards of quality, longevity, and trend-transcendence.

While we recognise the value of reusing, mending, and second hand shopping, our expert ratings system guides you toward new brands aligned with your values and sustainability goals.

Minimalist luxury pieces from top rated brands


1. White T-Shirt (FM669)

2. Vegan Silk Tie-Neck Blouse (Minimalist)

3. Recycled Sky Italian Como Print Comfort Shirt (Neem London)

4. Cashmere Pullover (SANTICLER)

5. Cashmere Sweater (ISTO.)

6. Linen Cotton Polo Dress (ARKNIT Studios)

7. The Chelsea Jacket (WE-AR4)

8. Sheila Tan Trench Coat (Mother of Pearl)


9. Flared Soft Denim Jeans (Dawn Denim)

10. Classic Wool Straight Pants (BITE @ LVRSustainable)

11. Rosetta Skirt (Kotn)

12. The Chino (ASKET)


13. Nikko Huggies (Bario Neal)

14. Classic Signet Ring (FUTURA Jewelry)

15. Luxe Zip Wallet (HYER GOODS)

16. Calliope Black (Mashu)

17. Hedy Ankle Boots (VEERAH)

Editor's note

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