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11 Dec

Top Rated Men’s Winter Fashion You’ll Love This Season

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When temperatures inevitably drop, your sustainable standards need not. Here’s our selection of top rated brands making men’s winter fashion.

Navigate the colder days in style with these men’s winter staples

Whenever it’s time to bid farewell to summer’s breezy ensembles and welcome the colder season, Good On You’s curated collection of men’s winter fashion has got you covered. Think timeless classics like responsibly-sourced wool coats, cruelty-free down jackets, and accessories that blend comfort with conscience. Say hello to a wardrobe that not only keeps you warm but also aligns with your values.

If you’re in the process of sorting through your wardrobe after warmer weather, make sure you’re responsibly donating, upcycling, mending, altering, or reselling those items you no longer need. And while we know the most sustainable way to add a new-to-you feel to your existing collection is to shop second hand, sometimes you do have to turn to new—that’s where these better brands come in.

A note on degendering fashion

While this article may be addressing keywords on men’s winter fashion, here’s the simple truth: clothes don’t have any gender. It sometimes seems silly how the industry ascribes gender to inanimate garments like t-shirts and socks. We believe people of all genders should be able to express themselves however they want, regardless of the binary marketing. So when you use our directory to search for brands, we automatically deliver search results without any consideration to gender. If you still want to find products labelled as menswear or womenswear, you can use our filters.


1. Merinosilk Crew Charcoal (Nui Organics)

2. Desoli Thermal Half Zip (Houdini)

3. The Woolen Roll-Neck (Arknit Studios)

4. Fleece Jacket (ISTO.)

5. Box Fit Hoodie (The Common Good Company)

6. Fourier Insulated Jacket (Finisterre)

7. The Wool Coat (ASKET)


8. Contrast Jean (E.L.V. Denim)

9. Jerrick Jeans (Kings of Indigo)

10. Solo Lanapa Pants (Opera Campi)

11. Natural Fabric Jogging (CasaGIN)

12. Buma Trousers (Kotn)


13. Retro 90s (Flamingos’ Life)

14. Bobby Vegan Shoes (Good Guys)

15. The Modern Winter Boot (Thesus)

16. Brown Vegan Boots (NAE)

17. Rib Socks Knivsta Chili Dark Green (DEDICATED)


18. Essential Cashmere Gloves (NAADAM)

19. Navy Beanie (Unrecorded)

20. Sciarpa (Opera Campi)

21. RIKR 17L Technical Tote (GROUNDTRUTH)

Editor's note

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