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A sand coloured men's summer tee by Iron Roots.
11 Dec
A sand coloured men's summer tee by Iron Roots.

Discover Better Brands for Men’s Summer Fashion This Season

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Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to take a back seat during the warmer months. Here’s our selection of better brands making men’s summer fashion you’ll love.

Shining a light on men’s summer fashion staples

Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to take a back seat during the warmer months, so if you’re on the hunt for summer fashion staples by better brands, you’re in the right place.

If you’re in the process of packing away your woollens for next year after cooler weather, make sure you’re responsibly donating, upcycling, mending, altering, or reselling those items you no longer need. And while we know the most sustainable way to add a new-to-you feel to your existing collection is to shop second hand, sometimes you do have to turn to new—that’s where these better brands come in.

A few menswear highlights for us this summer season are Birkenstock-style sandals, breathable linen button-ups, and of course, trusty warm weather accessories. Let’s dive in and discover the best men’s summer fashion by brands considering people, the planet, and animals in their production.

A note on degendering fashion

While this article may be addressing keywords on men’s summer fashion, here’s the simple truth: clothes don’t have any gender. It sometimes seems silly how the industry ascribes gender to inanimate garments like t-shirts and socks. We believe people of all genders should be able to express themselves however they want, regardless of the binary marketing. So when you use our directory to search for brands, we automatically deliver search results without any consideration to gender. If you still want to find products labelled as menswear or womenswear, you can use our filters.


A moodboard showing men's summer fashion tops from better brands.

1. T-Shirt White Sand (Iron Roots)

2. The Perfect White T-Shirt (NEEM)

3. Linen Shirt Short (CARPASUS)

4. Teget T-Shirt (FM 669)

5. Nico Shirt (Kuyichi)

6. 37.5® Tech Short Sleeve Tee (éclipse)

7. Unisex Print T-Shirt (REER3)

8. Short Sleeve Shirt (Bhumi)

9. Oasis Graphic Tee (Threads 4 Thought)


A moodboard showing men's summer fashion shorts and trousers from better brands.

1. Chinos (ISTO.)

2. Pangaia Everybody Shorts Mid Wash (unspun)

3. Local Straight Fit (Outerknown)

4. Linen Bermuda Shorts (Kampos)

5. The Owens Short (Sorella Organics)

6. The Gavin Short (Loop Swim)


A moodboard showing men's summer fashion shoes from better brands.

1. Wooden Sole Slipper (NOAH)

2. Deck Shoes (Will’s Vegan Store)

3. Keith Vegan Velcro Low Top Sneakers (Good Guys Go Vegan)

4. Roland V.10 Pearl Laurel (Flamingos’ Life)

5. Darco Cork Vegan Double Strap Sandals (NAE)


A moodboard showing men's summer fashion accessories from better brands.

1. Charcoal 100% Recycled Cotton Everyday Tote (The Common Good Company)

2. Hemp Cap (Opera Campi)

3. Watson Sling (BEDI)

4. RIKR 23L Ultimate Backpack (GROUNDTRUTH)

5. Covert Card Holder (Sans Beast)

6. Sunglasses Round Black (Kampos)

Editor's note

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