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05 Dec

Indecisive Bring You Timeless Sustainable Fashion

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Australian ethical fashion label Indecisive bring you versatile pieces to reflect your values as well as your sense of style.

Where versatility meets sustainability

Indecisive balance modern and relaxed luxury with sustainability by producing beautiful trans-seasonal pieces for women made from eco-friendly materials. Designed and developed on the South Coast of New South Wales, Indecisive is the perfect label for anyone with a timeless and practical approach to fashion.

The more wears you can get out of the items in your wardrobe the better and Indecisive’s pieces have been designed for you to wear them individually or combined. Each of their pieces is suitable for casual, corporate, formal and evening wear; helping you to transition seamlessly from day to night.

“We will not release a design unless it can be worn in a few different ways or combined to create different styles,” says Indecisive’s Commercial Manager, Anthony LaFace. “Ultimately this leaves the choice of styling the piece up to the customer, which we feel is important and allows our customers to express themselves in multiple ways through the same piece.”

Indecisive use sustainable, organic and eco-friendly materials, proving that luxury doesn’t have to come at a cost to the environment, or be unaffordable for the consumer.

We’re also pleased to see that many of their beautiful pieces are now available up to size 20. We love to give big props to brands who recognise that fashion should be for every body.

We want our customers to feel like the Indecisive piece they are wearing is so comfortable that it could almost be a second skin

Indecisive remain committed to using both upcycled and closed-loop bamboo fabrics. They’re also researching other sustainable fabrics available in the market, such as Tencel. When you buy an Indecisive piece you’re supporting a label that:

  • is dedicated to bringing manufacturing back to Australia;
  • pays employees above award wages;
  • is committed to using high-quality sustainable fabrics; and
  • cares about its environmental footprint.

Meet the exciting new collections

Indecisive’s new Coastal Collection has arrived just in time for summer! According to Anthony, “This collection is inspired by ideas of warm summer nights, the great Australian beaches and our country’s naturally beautiful coastline.” This collection is hassle-free yet striking, comfortable and flowing yet shapely and flattering. The pieces included in the coastal range are made from light, breathable fabrics. The cuts are designed to be attractive. The pieces are made to be loved.

Organic Bamboo MM Dress from the Coastal Collection

There is a vibe related to ‘being coastal’ in Australia, and Indecisive’s team captures this beautifully in their latest collection. “We have famous ocean and coastal landmarks where tourists flock in droves to witness the beauty on offer in Australia,” says Anthony. “We as Australians absolutely love a day at the beach. We have been blessed with amazing stretches of sandy beaches. The coast is part of Australian lifestyle and so it only seemed fit to pay tribute to that lifestyle by creating a collection that speaks to the heart of the coastal lifestyle.”

Excitingly, Indecisive have also released a collection of truly once in a lifetime garments. Their Limited Edition collection consists of a gorgeous range of dresses, tops and pants crafted from upcycled and surplus fabrics. “Fate,” argues Anthony, “has brought these unique, outstanding outfits to you so you can express your exceptional, distinct individuality.”

As well as being stylish and sustainable, items from the Limited Edition will keep you from blending in with the crowd! “We are starting to get cleverer with our designs and we are creating cleaner cuts that produce less waste fabric. As we make all of our products in-house we are able to manage the process closely and ensure that patterns are cut in a way that produces the most minimal amount of waste possible.”

If you’re based in NSW, you’re invited to host an Indecisive party! If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch via [email protected]. You can check out their full range of sustainable fashion here.



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Indecisive presents ladieswear, ethically designed and manufactured in Australia.

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