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A deep plum hoodie and leggings cotton and cashmere set by Neu Nomads.
25 Oct
A deep plum hoodie and leggings cotton and cashmere set by Neu Nomads.

Discover Neu Nomads’ New Cool Weather Staples, Made for the Modern Minimalist

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Prepare for cooler weather with Neu Nomads’ sumptuous FW22 staples, responsibly made from cosy fabrics gentle on you and the planet.

Cool weather staples made for you

The satisfying swish of a long silky dress, the comfort of your favourite fluffy scarf or sweater, the effortless elegance of a matching two-piece. Neu Nomads’ FW22 collection has landed, and it’s what autumnal-hued dreams are made of. Embodying the brand’s core values of bringing you beautiful staples made responsibly, this is one worth uncovering.

Together, we created a collection for women like us: global citizens, modern minimalists, and conscious consumers.

Karen Wood and Angela Postels – Founders

Responsibly made

Championing a selection of high-quality, breathable materials in the latest collection, Neu Nomads is continuing to uphold its reputation of creating products with minimal impact on the world, and maximum impact on your closet.

The collection includes its luxuriously soft signature satin TENCEL™, GOTS certified organic cotton flannel, eco-jersey made from a combination of organic cotton and SeaCell™ (a silky fibre made from seaweed and eucalyptus), and more ethically-sourced hand knit yarn.

Designed for mixing

Neu Nomads believes that, in fashion, we should “do more with less”. Their approach reflects the concept of minimalist fashion, which encourages curating a wardrobe with fewer, versatile pieces you love to wear. By creating washable, durable, and adaptable pieces, the brand also discourages overconsumption and lends itself perfectly to seasonal capsule wardrobes.

Its latest collection is no exception, featuring a stunning curation of staples that work together flawlessly, and can be easily incorporated into your existing wardrobe. Pair the silky Iris blouse with your favourite pair of jeans, throw your go-to tights and boots under the Alka dress on cold days, or pop the creamy cashmere sweater over your top for extra warmth.

Shop our 11 favourites from the FW22 collection

Add a touch of elegance to your cold weather wardrobe for years to come with these 11 pieces we love.

Iris Blouse

A marble print silky TENCEL blouse by Neu Nomads.

Alka Dress

A khaki calf length long sleeve dress by Neu Nomads.

Venus Dress

An earthy pink long puff sleeve dress by Neu Nomads.

Karlie Jacket + Beverly Pants

An earthy pink silky two piece top and pants set by Neu Nomads.

Olivia Cashmere Turtleneck

A cream cashmere sweater by Neu Nomads.

Dylan Overcoat

A black winter overcoat by Neu Nomads.

Catalina Dress

A light and long floral print dress responsibly made by Neu Nomads.

Cotton Cashmere Long Cardigan

A long medium grey cotton and cashmere blend cardigan by Neu Nomads.

Cotton Cashmere Hoodie + Leggings

A deep plum hoodie and leggings cotton and cashmere set by Neu Nomads.

Neu Nomads

Rated: Good
neu nomads may 2022

Neu Nomads is a Brooklyn-based more sustainable women’s fashion brand, offering loungewear and travel essentials. It is female owned and operated, and works every day to create beautiful, wearable clothing that leaves a lighter footprint on the environment.

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