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The holiday season is a time when people tend to reflect on the things that truly matter to them. Some of our team members have decided to share what the holidays mean to them and which sustainable goodies are on their Christmas lists this year.


Bethany Noble – Chief Marketing Officer

“For me, a sustainable holiday season means buying less and giving more meaning. I’m going to make gifts for people who have had an impact on my life in 2016. And for my loved ones I’ll be giving them things they’ll either keep for years to come, use every day or an experience they’ll treasure as a memory. Christmas is a time to celebrate with loved ones, so I love keeping it really simple and being in the moment without the distraction of stuff!”

On Beth’s Wish List:

#1 – For my sisters, I’ll be buying some jewellery from Soko or Raven+Lily from Thread Harvest. These brands give back to communities in need, so I love that my gift stretches further.

#2 – You know you’re growing up when you ask for this for Christmas: a food processor. Bring on the power balls in 2017!


#3 – I always ask for an experience. This year I think I’ll be asking for a bunch of salsa dance classes. Or some tickets to the theatre. I really don’t need more stuff and experiences are so fun, especially when you do them with someone you love!


Celine Massa – Head of Ratings

“For me a sustainable holiday season means buying the least amount as possible, giving experience or home-made gifts, using reusable plates and cutlery at my family gathering and making decorations and gift paper.”


On Celine’s Wish List:

#1 For the kids I’ve got my eye on something from Eco Child’s range of sustainable Building and Construction toys.

600x600_b_4_largeEver Earth 50-Piece Building Blocks with Sorting Bucket | Price: $34.99 AUD (approx. $37 NZD)

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#2 – For my partner I’d love to get him some Didgeridoo lessons!

heroDidgeridoo for Beginners (4 x 8 hour sessions) at Sydney Community College | Price: $159 AUD

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#3 For my mum, I’d like to give her a voucher for an ethical stylist consultation.

Will Farrier portrait 850kb

Will Farrier – Product Manager

“For me, a sustainable holiday season means… making a call for yourself about what you can cut down on without adding to the stress of the silly season. The good thing is that enjoying time with people you love is way easier than spending Christmas Eve in a packed shopping mall.”

On Will’s Wish List:

#1 I would really love a School of Shape Session from Treehouse Shapes where you learn how to shape your own surfboard! They use Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam in their boards which is recyclable and doesn’t have the usual toxins found in traditional materials.

treehouseSchool of Shape Weekend Workshop | Price: $675 AUD

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#2 A Yulex Wetsuit from Patagonia GoY-Ratings_4 – the world’s first range of neoprene-free wetsuits.  These wetsuits are made with natural rubber derived from sources which are Forest Stewardship Council certified by the Rainforest Alliance. By replacing a petroleum-based material with a plant-based one, Patagonia has significantly reduced CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process.

88435_blkMen’s R1 Yulex Lite Full Suit | Price: $399.95 AUD (approx. $418 NZD)

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#3 – Actually nothing… things are cool, but what I really want is a fun, relaxing time with my family and friends, and great waves through all of the holidays!

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season!


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Editor’s note: Staff did not receive any compensation to mention the brands in this article.
Images via brands and Unsplash.
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