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Someone wearing a sleek black blazer with the word KOOKAI and a sad emoji face overlaid in white text.
13 Oct
Someone wearing a sleek black blazer with the word KOOKAI and a sad emoji face overlaid in white text.

How Ethical Is KOOKAÏ?

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Parisian-chic Australian brand KOOKAÏ rates “We Avoid” for its lack of transparency. This article is based on the KOOKAÏ rating published in September 2021.

The popular Parisian-chic brand, rated

KOOKAÏ has an uncommon story: originally founded in Paris in 1983, with a vision to offer fashionable, high-quality pieces at accessible prices to French women, the brand decided to go to the land down under and landed in Australia in the 1990s. Today, the brand is present across Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, designing its Parisian chic-infused collection out of its Melbourne and Paris studios. If you’re reading this article, you might be wondering, “how is KOOKAÏ impacting the planet, people, and animals?”. And we hear you! The brand says it is pursuing “an ethical and meaningful existence in the fashion world” and that it hopes that “whenever you purchase a KOOKAÏ garment you can feel confident it is giving more to the world than it is taking away”. But is that really the case? How ethical is KOOKAÏ?

How ethical is KOOKAÏ?

Environmental impact

We rate KOOKAÏ’s environment rating “Very Poor”. The brand says it is on the journey of understanding and improving its environmental impact, working towards incorporating sustainable materials and responsible production measures into its designs, and achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

But at the time of rating (September 2021), the brand is using few eco-friendly materials. We found no evidence KOOKAÏ reduces its carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions, that it has taken meaningful action to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals, or that it implements water reduction initiatives.

Labour conditions

KOOKAÏ’s labour rating is “Not Good Enough”. On its website, the brand says working conditions and worker welfare are of paramount importance and are why it has chosen to own and operate its own manufacturing facilities in Fiji and Sri Lanka (two countries with a high risk of labour abuse).

Unfortunately, we found no evidence KOOKAÏ has worker empowerment initiatives such as collective bargaining or rights to make a complaint. The brand states it has a Code of Conduct but does not publicly share it.

KOOKAÏ says it is committed to ensuring workers within its supply chain are paid a living wage and is actively working with suppliers to achieve this goal, but it is unclear how.

What’s more, the brand does not disclose any policies or safeguards to protect suppliers and workers in its supply chain from the impacts of COVID-19.

Animal welfare

When it comes to the impact on animals, we also rate KOOKAÏ “Not Good Enough”. The brand does not use fur, down, angora, or exotic animal skin, which is commendable. But it still uses leather, exotic animal hair, and wool. Plus, we found no evidence KOOKAÏ has a policy to minimise the suffering of animals or that it traces any animal products to the first stage of production.

Overall rating: Not Good Enough

KOOKAÏ says it is keeping sustainability initiatives at the core of everything it does. Unfortunately, we struggled to find proof to back up this claim and make us feel confident the brand is “giving more to the world than it is taking away”.

Overall, we rate KOOKAÏ “Not Good Enough”. The brand should start using more eco-friendly materials, publish evidence of its work to reduce carbon emissions, publish its Code of Conduct, and be more transparent about how it’s making sure workers are paid a living wage.

Note that Good On You ratings consider 100s of issues, and it is not possible to list every relevant issue in a summary of the brand’s performance. For more information, see our How We Rate page and our FAQs.

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Outland Denim makes premium denim jeans and clothes, and offers employment opportunities for women rescued from human trafficking in Cambodia. This Australian brand was founded as an avenue for the training and employment of women who have experienced sex trafficking.

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Someone on roof wearing clothes by Afends.

Born in Byron Bay, Australia, Afends is a more responsible brand leading the way in hemp fashion. Drawing inspiration from the environment, streetwear, and surf culture, Afends’ mission is to create more sustainable clothing through innovation, action, and positive change. As true hemp advocates, it purchased 100 acres of farmland called Sleepy Hollow to grow its own hemp crops and ignite the hemp revolution.

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Asian woman wearing red sleeveless skivvy dress by A.BCH.

A.BCH is a Melbourne-based, Australian-made fashion label for individuals who care about garment provenance. It utilises renewable, organic, and recycled materials.

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All The Wild Roses

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All The Wild Roses offers free-spirited fashion for the dreamers and change-makers. This Australian brand uses up to 50% deadstock fabric to create high quality and long-lasting products.

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Bon Label

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Born from brand owner Linda Smyth’s search for the perfect white tee, Australian brand Bon Label’s products emulate that timeless French simplicity and elegance. The t-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton to perfectly match with your favourite denim on the weekend or a classic pin skirt in the office. Bon Label uses no animal products in manufacturing and has a strong focus on responsible labour practices.

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Kowtow is a New Zealand brand that uses organic, fair trade cotton and non-toxic dyes to produce its clothes. It designs elegant, timeless womenswear, and also has a range of ceramics.

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Rated: Great

US-based Triarchy creates more sustainable jeans, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits, and jackets. The brand’s production system uses 85% recycled water by consistently reusing the "thick indigo laden sludge" that unmonitored factories dump into water systems.

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Luna + Sun

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person holding a baby wearing a hat, top and shorts, with a person in a loose, pink dress by Luna + Sun

Luna + Sun is an Australian, cruelty-free fashion line creating gorgeous feminine designs. Its factory is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia, and its products are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified.

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In the Soulshine

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In the Soulshine is an Australian brand that loves fashion, but doesn't want to exploit people or animals or destroy our planet in the process.

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Jyoti – Fair Works

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For those living in Europe, you’re lucky enough to be able to get your hands on the beautiful 100% GOTS cotton products created by Jyoti. Truly embodying responsible fashion practices, this German company provides employment for people from marginalised or disadvantaged groups in India.

Sizes available are S-XL.

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two women wearing french brand marcia dresses

Marcia wants to make clothes that rhyme comfy with sexy. All its pieces are carefully studied for multiple purposes: to dress you up during the day and make you twist at night by adding sheer stockings, lipstick traces, or just a dash of perfume. At Marcia, everything is 100% more sustainably made in France.

Items are available in sizes 32-42.

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Rated: Great

Mila.Vert makes chic, minimalist clothes that have a distinctly modern feel. The Slovenia-based brand produces clothes in small batches based on a pre-order system to minimise waste and help to avoid the ethical and environmental issues that the fashion industry represents.

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