16 Jun

How Ethical Is Fabletics?

Athleisure is booming, and as the world slowly emerges into a post-Covid reality, people are more aware of their health and their comfort than ever. Countless fashion brands have clued in on the trend over the years, creating sportswear that wears just as well in the gym as on the couch—and actor Kate Hudson jumped on the trend, co-founding the brand Fabletics in 2013. With a focus on inclusivity and a tagline of “At Fabletics, we believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best,” we hope the brand is taking steps to care for not just its VIP members but the people in the supply chain and the planet. So, how ethical is Fabletics?

Environmental Impact

With a heading of “New styles every month!” front and centre on the website and hundreds of styles already in production, it’s clear Fabletics hasn’t heard the news about slowing fashion down. In a classic fast fashion move, Fabletics all-too-frequently pumps out new styles in unsustainable fabrics at low prices.

While the brand uses some renewable energy in its direct operations to reduce its climate impact, the effort ends there. There is no evidence that it reduces textile waste, has taken any meaningful action to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals, or incorporates a decent amount of eco-friendly fabrics. If your inclusivity doesn’t include the planet’s longevity, you’re doing something wrong! Fabletics is ‘Not Good Enough’ for the environment.

Labour Conditions

Another area of minimal effort, Fabletics is also ‘Not Good Enough’ when it comes to labour conditions. As a bare minimum, the brand has stated it has a Code of Conduct—though it’s not publicly available—and audits “some” of its supply chain. Beyond that? No evidence of worker empowerment initiatives, no info on where its final stage of production occurs, and no proof it is paying a living wage at any stage.

The impact of fast fashion on garment workers is a confronting yet important topic, and for a brand that wants everyone to “feel their best”, the lack of transparency is especially disheartening. Do better for all people, Fabletics—not just your VIP members!

Animal Welfare

This brand makes products that are generally free of animal materials, so it is not applicable to rate its impact on animals. We calculate the overall rating from environment and labour scores only.

Overall rating: Not Good Enough

So, how ethical is Fabletics? Overall, Fabletics is ‘Not Good Enough’. With bare minimum efforts for people and the planet, this brand has a long way to go before it can be considered ethical or sustainable. We’ll get our athleisure fix elsewhere, thank you very much!

Note that Good On You ratings consider 100s of issues, and it is not possible to list every relevant issue in a summary of the brand’s performance. For more information, see our How We Rate page and our FAQs.

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We know that size inclusivity is one of the most significant barriers for people trying to shop more ethically, and there is no shame in shopping for brands that are making a start if they best suit your needs. Fortunately, there are tons of size-inclusive ethical brands like Fabletics out there to help you slow your consumption down and invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Here are a few of our faves.

Good Swaps

Sustainable alternatives to Fabletics

Elle Evans

Rated: Great
group of women wearing eco-friendly activewear by Melbourne designer Elle Evans

Founded in 2013, Elle Evans Swimwear creates beautiful, sustainable, swimwear and activewear for people who care about fashion and the future. The brand uses post-consumer waste fabrics and traces all of its supply chain. The range is stocked in sizes XS-3XL.

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Girlfriend Collective

Rated: Good

Girlfriend Collective creates minimal, luxury clothes made with certified fair labour, certified by the Social Accountability Standard International SA8000. The brand uses eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester as well as low-impact non-toxic dyes and is fully Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Inclusively sized Girlfriend Collective offers products from 2XS-6XL.

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Shop Girlfriend Collective @ LVR Sustainable.

Shop Girlfriend Collective.

Conscious Step

Rated: Good

Conscious Step creates premium fair trade, organic, vegan socks and clothes which support great charities. The US brand is committed to lasting social and environmental change and every step it takes in its production process supports farms and factories with fair wages, safe facilities, and sustainable materials. The socks come in S-L sizes, and the clothes in 2XS-2XL.

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Shop Conscious Step.


Rated: Great
knickey sustainable underwear set

Made in a Fair Trade Certified factory, Knickey’s organic cotton underwear sets are some of the best in the sustainable market. Taking it a step further, the brand has also partnered with an NYC non-profit to recycle old undergarments, turning the fibres into insulation and rug pads. Sending in your old undies will not only help cut down on the amount of fibres that wind up in the landfill, but it’ll give you the freedom to buy new, eco-conscious sets. Find most items in sizes 2XS to 3XL.

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