13 Apr

Ecoture Australia: Your Antidote to Fast Fashion

You know that when a mother and daughter team up to say enough is enough to fast fashion – it’s the start of something special. Ecoture‘s Rebecca Dow and Caitlin Clark are bringing you clothing, accessories and beauty products that are ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free. Oh and they look great too!

From her earliest age, Rebecca’s thing has always been quality over quantity. “Fast fashion has never enticed me with its glitzy and beguiling promises of more, more, more for less, less, less,” says Rebecca.

Then, when my daughter became a committed vegan, I discovered firsthand just how hard it can be to find clothing, accessories and beauty products that are ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free while at the same time being fashionable.

The result of this common ground between mother and daughter? Ecoture – an online shopping destination for those fashion cognoscenti who are looking for real style, but not at the expense of our planet and its human and animal occupants.

Waste not, want not

Rebecca and Caitlin care about the big picture when it comes to fashion and beauty. That’s why they’ve partnered with non-profits Wear for Success and St Kilda Gatehouse, to help reduce their clothing and textile footprint. Through their Waste not, Want not (WNWN) program, Ecoture aims to ensure that clothing and accessories purchased from their online store find their way to good homes once their status becomes pre-loved.

Fashion, accessories and beauty galore

Ecoture carries a carefully curated range of brands including apparel, footwear, accessories and beauty products. “For many people, the term eco-fashion conjures up images of clothes that are, in short, unfashionable and unwearable, but there are so many fantastic brands out there designing awesome merchandise and with such inspiring stories behind them,” argues Rebecca.

“It should be cool to be kind, and by offering an on-trend collection of innovative products in one place via a premium online shopping experience, we’re aiming to make that as easy as possible,” says Caitlin.

Editor's note: Feature image via Kowtow on Ecoture.

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