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A bright rhubarb pink organic cotton chunky knit sweater by The Knotty Ones.
10 Nov
A bright rhubarb pink organic cotton chunky knit sweater by The Knotty Ones.

Better Brand Edit: Top Rated Brands Making Chunky Knit Sweaters for Cosy Season

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Our editors have picked out the best chunky knit sweaters from top rated brands, perfect to throw on and snuggle up in as colder days approach.

Get cosy, responsibly

Since sweater weather is here, we’re diving headfirst into the world of chunky knit sweaters from better rated brands.

As the leaves change colour and temperatures start to dip, there’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself in a chunky knit. It’s the seasonal transition the autumn and winter lovers among us have been waiting for, and these sweaters are our trusty companions for the cool days ahead. (Maybe along with a few of the fabled pumpkin spice lattes, too. Haters can hate.)

But, of course, not all chunky knit sweaters are created equal, especially when it comes to their impact on the planet.

These versatile garments can be crafted from a variety of materials, each with its own pros and cons. Some responsible brands opt for plant-based fibres like organic cotton and hemp, which are breathable and gentler on the planet, but may lack the insulating properties of animal-derived fibres. On the other hand, wool and cashmere, sourced from animals, are excellent insulators and are often biodegradable, but they require responsible sourcing to minimise harm to animals.

Our editors are here to guide you through the more sustainable choices and stylish brands that offer the perfect blend of warmth, comfort, and conscience in a chunky knit. Below you’ll find sweaters separated into plant-based and animal-derived sections so you can shop your values.

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Chunky knit sweaters made from plant fibres

From organic, recycled, or Fairtrade cotton, to hemp and TENCEL, these sweaters are great options for those vegan fashion lovers among you who prefer to opt for plant-based fibres in your knits.

A selection of chunky knit sweaters made of plant-based fibres by better brands.

1. Knitted Triangle Pullover (Mila.Vert)

2. FIENO Hemp Jumper (Opera Campi)

3. Rhubarb Cotton Sweater (The Knotty Ones at Urbankissed)

4. Sweater Knitted Rutbo Blocks Multi Berry (Dedicated)

5. Jumper Luz Bright Orange (JAN ‘N JUNE)

6. High Neck Knit Sweater (Bhumi)

7. Veronica Sweater (OhSevenDays)

Chunky knit sweaters made from animal fibres

The sweaters below are all made from animal-derived fibres, including Responsible Wool Standard, non-mulesed, and recycled wool, along with recycled cashmere and some organic cotton blends. Be sure to check the fibre compositions closely to responsibly dispose of these sweaters at end-of-life.

A selection of chunky knit sweaters made of animal-derived fibres by better brands.

1. Kirsty Champagne Jumper (Mother of Pearl)

2. Loriga Recycled Jumper (NAZ)

3. TROYER Knitted Sweater (LANIUS)

4. The Woolen Chunky Roll-Neck (Artknit Studios)

5. Women’s Cable Sweater (Kotn)

6. Oversized Sweater (Armedangels)

7. Pullover XIMENA Red (Jyoti Fair Works)

8. Rebecca Sweater (Seek Collective)

9. Cotati Dolman Sweater (Toad&Co)

10. The Heavy Wool Sweater (ASKET)

11. Women’s Fishline Sweater Paprika (Nui Organics)

12. Andrada Cable Knit Cashmere Sweater (SANTICLER)

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