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An eco fashion collage image from Boxer.
25 Jul
An eco fashion collage image from Boxer.

The Sustainability Secret For Protecting Your Wardrobe Investment

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Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of online shopping, especially when investing in high-end pieces from unfamiliar brands. With Boxer, you can shop with peace of mind and gain access to a robust local service network supporting your journey towards a more sustainable and circular wardrobe.

Peace of mind when shopping online

Shopping online for clothes can be stressful for both you and the planet. Not only does it often involve a higher upfront investment if you’re looking to support smaller, responsibly-made brands from overseas, but things like sizing discrepancies, quality assurance, and authenticity can all be a concern—not to mention the environmental cost of shipping.

Introducing Boxer, your ultimate solution for gaining peace of mind when purchasing investment pieces from new-to-you brands while also accessing a local service network for after-sales care to support your move to a more circular wardrobe.

Boxer is a global shopper service that offers a generous range of benefits and protections. For a one-off fee, shoppers can add Boxer to their purchase and gain peace of mind. Boxer takes care of issues related to delivery, including products that don’t arrive, arrive damaged, or are not as described. If an item is defective, Boxer provides a solution, such as repair, refund, or replacement. Boxer also purchases carbon credits to ensure the carbon miles generated in resolving an issue are offset.

Whether you’re looking for a wider range of conscious fashion choices or looking for something special you can’t find closer to home, Boxer gives you that extra layer of reassurance.

Tapping into local care and repair services

Boxer offers an ever-expanding local service network that caters to your wardrobe’s circular needs. When you need repairs for faulty or defective purchases, Boxer connects you with skilled professionals in your area who can handle these tasks with expertise and care. This process ensures that your clothes receive the care they deserve, allowing you to extend their lifespan and reduce waste.

If your Boxer-protected item of clothing is faulty, the team takes a repair-first approach, considering the specific circumstances and the environmental impact of any resolution.They look for a recycling, reuse, or repurposing solution depending on where a customer lives and what options are available in that country.

“In addition to our Australasian partner UPPAREL, we have recently added Debrand as our circularity partner in the USA and Canada. Debrand and UPPAREL are innovators in repurposing fibre from apparel waste, with UPPAREL recently launching UPtex, a new material made entirely from recycled textile waste. We’re excited to include their services for customers buying from these parts of the world,” explains Boxer’s CEO Scott Kendall.

You actively contribute to a more sustainable fashion ecosystem by utilising Boxer’s local service network. Instead of discarding clothing due to faults or defects, you can tap into the expertise of local repair specialists who can breathe new life into your garments. This commitment to circularity helps reduce your environmental impact and supports a more responsible approach to fashion.

With Boxer, you can confidently explore and invest in unique, unfamiliar brands without worrying about uncertainties. By leveraging Boxer’s services, you’ll enjoy the assurance needed to make informed choices when it comes to your responsible fashion investments.

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