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An eco fashion collage image from Boxer.
28 Feb
An eco fashion collage image from Boxer.

Buying From Brands Abroad Can Feel Risky—Boxer is Here to Help

This is a sponsored article about an organisation working to make global shipping less risky for consumers and reduce the environmental impact. Learn more about our partnerships.


Global shopper protection service, Boxer, gives people the confidence to shop and sell cross-border, all while mitigating the environmental costs that often come along with it.

The solution for more confident global shopping

Shopping online has become a norm in our fast-paced world, and shopping globally has become even more accessible with just a few clicks, opening up a world of opportunities for consumers and sellers alike.

But one pertinent question we often hear from our readers is whether buying new or used from conscious brands abroad is really a more sustainable option, especially when compared to shopping locally.

While the answer isn’t a simple one and it depends on your needs and priorities, there’s no denying the environmental cost associated with global shipping, and that’s where a service like Boxer comes in.

Boxer offers back-up for shoppers and sellers if a purchase isn’t delivered, isn’t genuine, or is defective. Boxer’s service also provides post-purchase support, and includes local repair and recycling solutions for faulty items. Think of it as your passport to stress-free global shopping.

Boxer provides post-purchase support to shoppers, and includes local repair and recycling solutions for faulty items. Think of it as your passport to stress-free global shopping.

The gist

Boxer is a shopper service that provides local support for global shoppers. It includes carbon offsetting on shipping from the store to the shopper, with the added feature of considering the after sales life cycle as well as the immediate effects: “We not only offset the carbon cost of the original shipment, we also offset the carbon cost of journeys the product might take when it needs repairing or replacement.”

Boxer was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who had established an independent warranty company in 1997, specialising in service and technology solutions for retail clients. With years of experience in the field, they decided to leverage their skills to help solve the problems that come with global online shopping. The company is growing fast, currently operating in the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand, providing cover for your purchases from almost anywhere in the world.

“The emerging e-commerce market, in particular cross border trade, came into focus. There
were a growing group of sellers and shoppers, doing business at a distance, that were
navigating complex and often uncertain environments,” says founder Scott Kendall.

Boxer gives shoppers, sellers, and local service providers more sustainable solutions when shopping and doing business around the world. It aims to “make sure that global shoppers and sellers can feel confident about the choices they make, no matter the distance between them.”

Reassurance for shoppers and sellers

Boxer is more than just a cross-border warranty service. It offers consumers reassurance by providing a range of benefits and protections, including carbon offsetting on shipping, and sustainability solutions as part of after-sales support.

While carbon offsets don’t solve the problem of greenhouse gas emissions at source, and many programs have come under scrutiny in recent times, they can form a useful part of a holistic approach to more sustainable shopping. Boxer works with Climate Impact Partners, a specialist in carbon market solutions for climate action, to deliver its carbon offsetting program.

The offsetting projects Boxer supports through Climate Impact Partners are independently validated and verified to recognised global standards, including the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard, the American Carbon Registry (ACR), and the Climate Action Reserve (CAR). Paired with shopping from better brands like those scoring “Good” and “Great” on our directory, you can feel confident in your overseas purchases covered by Boxer knowing their impact on the planet is mitigated.

The companies and brands sending their goods across the world are equally considered in Boxer’s mission and operations, no matter their size. Kendall tells us, “We want to help sellers all around the world to connect with consumers all around the world by removing the barriers and uncertainty that might otherwise hold them back from trading freely.” Boxer aims to provide a ready-made service solution for e-commerce partners, making it easier for them to look after their overseas customers. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Working to mitigate the environmental costs of global shipping

In addition to providing peace of mind to consumers and support for e-commerce partners, Boxer also has a commitment to doing good for the planet. The company recognises that global commerce significantly impacts the environment and its inhabitants, and it aims to mitigate this impact by offering more sustainable options for consumers.

Boxer provides carbon offsetting on shipping for all cross-border purchases and considers the product’s life cycle by including carbon offset on repair and replacement journeys. Boxer also partners with local service providers to manage repairs locally where feasible and looks to responsibly dispose of products through upcycling, recycling, or reuse when repair isn’t an option.

Boxer provides a unique solution to the challenges faced by its partners and global shoppers, and its commitment to sustainability and local support makes it a standout in the market. Whether you’re a large established retailer or a small independent brand, Boxer offers the reassurance that overseas shoppers need to make their purchases with confidence. With Boxer, consumers are free to buy from around the world, knowing that they are making good choices and that Boxer will provide support in their home market if anything goes wrong.

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