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Woman wearing checked dress by harpersage
08 May
Woman wearing checked dress by harpersage

Better Brand Edit: 23 Bold Patterns and Prints By Top-Rated Brands

This is a sponsored article featuring brands that have been independently assessed by our rigorous ratings system. We’re proud to only collaborate with “Good” and “Great” rated brands. Learn more.

Our editors have picked out their favourite stripes, florals, checks, and other bold prints and patterns from top-rated brands.

Florals, for spring? Absolutely

While fashion editors are delivering their predictions for whether the coming season’s trend will be minimalist or maximalist, we say you should wear whatever suits your tastes and style, no matter what’s on the pages of magazines—or social media. Whether you love stripes, know your tartan from your plaid, or simply delight in a flowery print, this selection of patterned clothes from top-rated brands is for you. We’ve compiled a list of “Good” and “Great” brands doing more sustainable prints and patterns.

Before we dive in, here’s why you can trust our recommendations.

Why you can trust our recommendations

At Good On You, our mission is to make it as easy as possible to buy products that meet your needs, from brands that live up to your expectations in relation to their environmental and social performance and how they impact animals. We also support the motto “buy less, buy better” which looks like opting for high-quality, timeless, trend-transcending pieces you need that are designed for longevity so they last for many years to come.

As ever, the most sustainable choice to make is the one already in your closet. Whether that means taking care of your clothes, getting them mended or tailored, or mixing and matching to keep things fresh. The next best option is to swap or shop second-hand. But sometimes you must buy new, and that’s where our expert ratings system comes into play.

We’ve rated over 6,000 brands in an easy-to-understand five-point system, and below we have curated a list of brands rated “Good” or “Great” that are making waves in the sustainable fashion space, designing stunning prints and patterns, including stripes, checks and flowers, as well as bolder designs.


Rated: Good
Shirt from Carpasus

Linen shirt – Ships internationally from Switzerland

CARPASUS is a Swiss menswear brand that makes fine shirts, ties, socks, and pocket squares. CARPASUS uses GOTS certified cotton and manufactures locally to reduce its carbon footprint. It also traces its supply chain and ensures workers are paid a living wage.

Find most products in EU sizes 36-46.

See the rating.



Rated: Good
Kotn shirt

Agaza shirt– Ships internationally from Canada

Certified B Corp Kotn is based in Canada and works with local NGOs on the ground at the Nile Delta to provide every child in their farming communities with quality education, and to help close the gap of low literacy rates amongst communities. With every purchase, not only will you get a beautifully made garment, but you'll also help fund school infrastructure, materials, and salaries for teachers.

Find Kotn in sizes XS-2XL.

See the rating.

Shop Kotn.

Seek Collective

Rated: Good
Jacket from Seek Collective

Tulsi jacket– Ships internationally from the US

Seek Collective is a US brand of thoughtfully made items with a dedication to transparency, authenticity, craft, and sustainability. Seek is focused on establishing connections between art, product, consumers, process, and makers. Its items are made in India through partnerships with like-minded communities and people.

Find most products in XS-L, with an extended sizing range up to 4XL.

See the rating.

Shop Seek Collective.


Rated: Good
Boxer briefs from Bluebuck

Pack of three briefs – Ships internationally from France

Bluebuck is a French menswear label with a playful, adventurous spirit born out of a love of nature, specialising in technical menswear basics and swimwear designed to last. The brand produces locally to minimise the brand’s impacts and uses better materials like GOTS certified cotton and recycled marine plastic.

Find most items in sizes XS-2XL.

See the rating.

Shop Bluebuck.

Infantium Victoria

Rated: Great
Children's dress from Infantium Victoria

Children’s shirt dress– Ships internationally from Germany

Infantium Victoria offers beautiful vegan luxury for all ages. This German brand scores highly across the board. Its products are certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and it sells previously owned products to minimise textile waste.

Find clothes for babies ages 6 months all the way to teens aged 16 years.

See the rating.

Shop Infantium Victoria.


Rated: Good
Striped top from Franc

Striped sweatshirt– Ships internationally from Canada

FRANC is a Canadian brand that makes basics so you can enjoy a complete wardrobe built on timeless essentials. The brand ranks "Good" on all fronts: it uses lower-impact materials, traces and visits its supply chain, and uses no animal products.

Find most products in sizes XS-3XL.

See the rating.



Rated: Good
Albin tote bag from Torrain

Albi tote bag– Ships internationally from the US

US-based TORRAIN creates upcycled bags designed with travel and adventure in mind. The brand reuses feedbags, which are durable, lightweight, water-resistant, and colourful. According to the brand, these bags are the perfect material to upcycle into products for travel and outdoor adventure, keeping them out of landfills.

See the rating.



Rated: Good
Dress from harpersage

Amélie dress – Ships within the US

HarperSage is a responsible lifestyle brand for womenswear, making dresses, tops, pants, and more. It's on a mission to create clothes responsibly, empowering women by partnering with a woman-owned SEDEX certified factory in India and using lower-impact materials that are completely vegan.

Find the range in sizes XS-XL.

See the rating.

Shop HarperSage.

The ANJELMS Project

Rated: Great
Checked shirt from The Anjelms Project

Checked shirt– Ships internationally from Australia

The ANJELMS Project is an Australian clothing brand on a mission to help improve the lives of its makers. It celebrates traditional techniques, creating clothes that are naturally dyed and hand-loomed in India using more sustainable practices and limiting production to minimise waste.

Find most garments in XS-2XL.

See the rating.

Shop the ANJELMS Project.


Rated: Good
Checked jeans from Fanfare

Bobby plaid jeans– Ships internationally from the UK

Fanfare is a UK-based more sustainable brand that transforms vintage clothes into unique pieces using recycled materials. It promotes slow fashion with its repair services, take-back scheme, and lifetime guarantee.

Find most items in UK sizes 4-18.

See the rating.

Shop Fanfare.

Shop Fanfare @ Earthkind.

Purusha People

Rated: Good
Pansy bralette from Purusha People

Pansy bralette– Ships internationally from the US

Purusha People adds dainty details to its range of activewear. The organic plant-based pieces will wick away sweat and keep your practice at that perfect level of "chill".

Purusha pieces are stocked in sizes XS-3XL.

See the rating.

Shop Purusha People.

Passion Lilie

Rated: Good
Floral dress from Passion Lilie

Viva Floral dress– Ships internationally from the US

Passion Lilie creates more affordable, responsibly made fashion using traditional techniques to provide dignified employment to artisans in India.

Passion Lilie's range in XS-2XL.

See the rating.

Shop Passion Lilie.

Shop Passion Lilie @ Made Trade.


Rated: Good
Floral skirt from Able

Jianna wrap skirt– Ships to the US and Canada from the US

ABLE is a US-based clothing and accessories brand that works with communities all over the world to make a meaningful impact, producing slow fashion that pays a living wage to women who have faced extraordinary circumstances. It uses lower-impact materials, and reuses water and materials to minimise waste. With thoughtful design and a level of quality that guarantees its products for life, its pieces aren't just an investment for your wardrobe, they are an investment in women around the world.

Find the range in sizes 2XS-2XL.

See the rating.

Shop ABLE.


Rated: Good
Tali and Tasi blue dress

The Hideaway Dress– Ships internationally from Australia

For travelwear designed for adventures, look no further than Australian brand TALI & TASI (formerly Tasi Travels). Boasting a stunning collection of handmade garments in lower-impact materials that are made-to-order, you can feel good out in the world knowing you are leaving a light footprint behind.

Garments come in sizes XS/S, S/M, and M/L.

See the rating.



Rated: Good

Floral bralette– Ships internationally from the US

SANTICLER is an US-based label that offers timeless collectors pieces curating modern silhouettes in womenswear. Founded by an early advocate of slow fashion and sustainability, its collections are designed and produced with intention to reduce waste, using more lower-impact materials such as GOTS-certified cotton and responsibly sourced wool.

Find most items offered in sizes XS-L.

See the rating.



Rated: Good
heart print dress from Omnes

Riviera dress– Ships internationally from the UK


female presenting model wearing omnes dresses

OMNES – Site-wide

Sustainably designed fashion pieces from dresses, knitwear, swimwear, party and more to wear this season and the next. 15% off with code AFFALL15 Minimum spend £95. (Ends: 1 JUL)

Checkout code: AFFALL15
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OMNES is a more responsible and more affordable UK-based brand creating high quality womenswear. "We created OMNES to help change the way you shop, wear and think about clothing. And to encourage the rest of the industry to do it, too," says the brand.

Find most items in sizes 6-20.

See the rating.



Rated: Good
Printed skirt from Spell

Impala skirt– Ships internationally from Australia

Spell is an Australian fashion brand inspired by far-off places, vintage treasures, and childhood memories. Its clothes are proudly designed and sampled in Byron Bay, and produced responsibly in factories around the world.

Most garments are available in sizes 2XS-2XL.

See the rating.

Shop Spell.

Sustain by Kat

Rated: Good
tie dye dress by Sustain by Kat

Children’s dress– Ships internationally from the US

Sustain by Kat produces timeless organic women’s  and children's clothing, dyed with plants. This is a brand that really cares about the environment. It uses more responsible materials, including GOTS certified organic cotton, and uses only lower impact, plant based dyes, which is better for you and the planet. It’s possible to have clothes that also care for you with Sustain by Kat’s “clothing with a conscience”.

Find the range in sizes XS-XL.

See the rating.

Shop Sustain by Kat.


Rated: Great
Blue seagull pattern sweater from Dedicated

Mora Seagulls jumper– Ships internationally from Sweden

If you love a great graphic print, Swedish label Dedicated has you covered. Dedicated is a responsible streetwear brand for men, women, and children. All cotton used in its clothes is 100% organic, and most pieces are Fairtrade certified, which means that you don’t have to sacrifice your ethics to dress in style.

Find the clothes in XS-XL.

See the rating.

Shop Dedicated.

Shop Dedicated @ Earthkind.

The Ethical Silk Company

Rated: Good
Green silk robe

Mulberry-silk robe– Ships internationally from Ireland

Irish brand The Ethical Silk Company produces scarves, wraps, loungewear, and more that are responsibly made from 100% mulberry silk. For ultimate comfort, indulge in a pair of the mulberry silk pyjamas, printed by hand using the traditional craft of blockprinting.

Find most of the range in XS-XL.

See the rating.

Shop The Ethical Silk Company.


Rated: Good
Party print shirt from Neem London

Printed shirt– Ships internationally from the UK


Male presenting person sitting on a chair wearing jacket and long pants

Neem – Site-wide

From regenerative fabrics to Italian-inspired design, Neem is defining the future of more sustainable menswear. Exclusive 15% off with code NEEMGOOD15 (Minimum spend £50) (Ends: 20 JUN)

Checkout code: NEEMGOOD15
Shop now

Neem is a menswear brand that looks to make clothing waste good again. From the UK, Neem exists to produce men's clothing that has been made with care, a result of a transparent supply chain with the safeguarding of our environment as the focus.

Find most items in sizes S-2XL.

See the rating.

Shop Neem.

Dilli Grey

Rated: Good
Printed pyjamas from Dilli Grey

Johari pyjamas– Ships internationally from the UK

Dilli Grey offers a unique mix of block print womenswear and artisan homewares all made in Rajasthan, India.

Find the range in sizes S-XL.

See the rating.

Shop Dilli Grey.

Loop Swim

Rated: Good
Rash guard from Loop Swim

Sunseeker rashie– Ships internationally from China

Founded by two women from the US and India and headquartered in Shanghai, Loop Swim is a brand on a mission to close the loop on waste and promote circular design. It transforms post-consumer plastic bottles into phenomenal REPREVE UP50+ sun protective swimwear for men, women, and kids. Its trendless, high-quality designs are developed to retain shape and colour swim after swim.

Find most items in sizes XS-XL.

See the rating.

Shop Loop Swim.

Editor's note

Feature image via harpersage, all other images via brands mentioned. Good On You publishes the world’s most comprehensive ratings of fashion brands’ impact on people, the planet, and animals. Use our directory to search thousands of rated brands.

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