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good on you's 2020 highlights
22 Dec
good on you's 2020 highlights

Good On You’s Year in Review: Our 2020 Highlights

As 2020 comes to a close, it’s time to take a look back and reflect on what’s happened for Good On You this past year.

So many things have changed since we launched 5 years ago. And it goes without saying that this year has been a wild ride for us all! In the wake of the pandemic and uncertain times, Good On You was busier than ever as our community became even more motivated to buy from brands doing good for people and the planet. In 2020 once again we rated over 1000 brands, made new friends and launched new features to help you find the best sustainable and ethical fashion.

So, let’s take a look back on everything that made this year so special!

We revamped our ratings methodology

As fashion, and indeed the world, faced a major shake-up we decided the time was right to do a big update of our ratings methodology! Launched in August 2020, the new and improved system allows us to stay on top of emerging issues, including how brands responded to the COVID-19 crisis, microplastics, and women’s rights. It ensures our ratings are relevant, useful, and timely, so we can continue building our community over the next five years.

This time around, we partnered with organisations around the world to incorporate their research and expertise into the same five-level ratings system you’re familiar with. Some of these collaborations include our work with Fashion Revolution, Four Paws, and the Carbon Disclosure Project.

We’ve also had lots of questions about how we rate brands that have been caught up in the human rights abuses taking place against Uighur people in China’s Xinjiang Province. Our ratings now take allegations of brands’ involvement in these abuses into account and penalise brands named in reports by various human rights and news organisations.

All that said, our world class brand ratings system now collects over 500 data points per brand across more than 100 key sustainability issues, indicators, and standards systems!

We upped our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Throughout the year, many of you asked for racial justice issues to be reflected in our ratings. We’ve begun work to elevate BIPOC-owned brands and those that do extra to support BIPOC communities. Learn more on our Diversity and Anti-Racism page.

We made it easier to shop locally

As borders closed and small businesses bore the brunt of COVID-19, many of you told us that you wanted to be able to shop local. And we listened! We launched a new location-based filter on the Good On You mobile and web directory. So now, you can search for and discover new ethical and sustainable fashion brands in your very own backyard.

We joined forces with Afterpay, Eco-Age, and other big names in fashion

We’re committed to creating a sustainable future, and through partnerships we can achieve so much more, more quickly.

This year we were excited to partner with Afterpay. With their customers being able to access thousands of brands, it’s a huge opportunity for brands that put ethics and sustainability at the heart of their business.

Eco-Age is a sustainable fashion pioneer and we were so thrilled to partner with them to support brands to transform their business practices and drive better outcomes for people and the planet.

Earlier last year, LuisaViaRoma introduced its new section: LVRSustainable, dedicated to offering a curated selection of the best sustainable brands and special collaborations with renowned non-profits to benefit social causes. We partnered with LVR to help them curate their collection of sustainable fashion brands, give their conscious shoppers what they’re looking for, and pave the way for a better future in fashion.

In 2020, Good On You’s supporter Emma Watson continued to support us and the sustainable fashion movement: she helped us get the word out on the impact of COVID-19 on garment workers and was also appointed to the board of Kering.

We won accolades

At the beginning of the year Good On You was selected for the Lafayette Plug and Play retail tech accelerator in Paris! Our co-founder, Sandra Capponi, flew from Melbourne to Paris to join the intensive 3 month program alongside 15 other global startups.

Despite Sandra’s trip being cut short due to COVID-19, we were excited by this opportunity to expand into the French market!

This year we were also selected as the winner of The Webby Awards for Fashion & Beauty. There were over 13,000 entries from 70+ countries—and 2.5 million votes cast. Big thanks to our design partners, Made Together, for bringing our vision to life and helping us connect millions of conscious shoppers with better fashion!

2020 in numbers

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Editor's note

Feature image via Unblast. Good On You publishes the world’s most comprehensive ratings of fashion brands’ impact on people, the planet and animals. Use our Directory to search more than 2,500 brands. We may earn a commission on sales made using our offer codes or affiliate links.

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