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Your Favourite Ethical Brands of 2018

2018 was an exciting year for Good On You: we launched in Europe and rated more brands than ever before, thanks to your recommendations. So, to wrap up the year, we’ve compiled a list of YOUR favourite ethical brands of 2018! Read on to discover who you’ve been searching for!

Favourite Womenswear & Menswear


Rated: Great

Kiwi brand Kowtow designs elegant and timeless womenswear, as well as its own range of ceramics. It uses organic, fair trade cotton and non-toxic GOTS approved dyes to produce its clothes. All its garments are made in SA8000 approved factories in India and the brand does not use any animal products. Thanks to this, it rates ‘Great’ on all fronts, which is why Kowtow is one of our (and your) favourites!

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Rated: Good

LA-based Reformation creates killer clothes that don’t kill the environment. The brand also ensures that a large proportion of its suppliers pay a living wage. Go Reformation!

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Rated: Good

If you are looking for thoughtfully designed, easy to wear women’s and men’s outfits, then look no further than Thought. The brand uses eco-friendly materials and its high-quality, long-lasting products. It has also taken meaningful actions to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from its supply chain, such as transporting its products by sea freight.

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Amour Vert

Rated: Good

Amour Vert creates beautiful sustainable staples in San Francisco, California. Its final stage of production is done in the US and it works closely with suppliers in all of its supply chain. The brand also uses only eco-friendly materials and promotes a zero-waste strategy. The range is available in sizes XS-XL.

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People Tree

Rated: Great

Sustainable fashion pioneer and leader People Tree is a ‘Great’ ethical brand and one of our favourites too. The brand uses eco-friendly materials and addresses the labour risks by adopting the Fairtrade International – Small Producers Organisations Code of Conduct.

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Favourite Underwear


Rated: Great

PACT’s underwear and activewear are almost 100% made from GOTS certified organic cotton. The brand has a range of basics for men, women and babies, and it does not use any animal products.

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Rated: Good
woman wearing grey boody underwear

Made from organically grown bamboo, Boody is a clothing brand that supports the trend for all things green and ethical. It is Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified, supports 1% For The Planet and uses recycled packaging. Find the range in sizes XS-XL.

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Rated: Great

HARA is a clothing label designed for you and our earth collectively. Its super comfy underwear are made using low impact and non-toxic dyes.

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Favourite Outdoor and Sportswear


Rated: Good

When thinking about ethical brands, Adidas might not be one of the brands we think about first! Yet, the brand has set some good environmental and labor standards over the years, making it better than its rival, Nike. The brand is a founding member o the Better Cotton Initiative and Sustainable Apparel Coalition and has made a public commitment to reduce its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions in absolute terms by 15% by 2020.

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Rated: Good

Another ethical fashion pioneer and leader is Patagonia. The B Corporation outdoor wear retailer has all its cotton GOTS certified organic and is Bluesign certified for 56% of its fabrics. The brand is also a member of 1% For The Planet and of the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct. We love Patagonia’s philosophy, always aiming to do no harm and protect our planet.

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Favourite Denim

Nudie Jeans

Rated: Good

Nudie Jeans designs 100% organic cotton denim and is transparent about its production. The brand also offers a free repair service, resells second hand products, and even recycles worn out items! Find the perfect fit with the Virtual Size Guide on the product pages.

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Nobody Denim

Rated: Good

Nobody Denim has a longstanding commitment to ethical manufacturing principles. It’s one of brands worn by Meghan Markle during her tour down under in October. The brand offers a unique vision of responsible design. It is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia and uses a low-waste cutting technique to minimise textile waste.

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Favourite Shoes


Rated: Great

Etiko is a designer of organic, eco-friendly and fair trade shoes and clothing. The brand rates ‘Great’ on all fronts, being entirely GOTS certified, having adopted a Code of Conduct covering all the ILO principles, ensuring fair labour conditions and using no animal products.

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Rated: Good

Veja is a French brand designing ecological and fair trade footwear, and is also a sustainable fashion pioneer. The brand uses eco-friendly materials, like GOTS certified cotton and vegetable-tanned leather! Veja pays its co-operative cotton growers and rubber tappers between 30% and 100% above the world market price. By not advertising, Veja is able to invest more money into strengthening its ethical practices. You can find Veja shoes in women's EU sizes 35-46, and men's 35-47.

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There you have it, the 14 most searched for ethical brands of 2018! We look forward to seeing what the new year brings us and what new amazing ethical brands we are going to discover. 2019, bring it on!

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