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06 Jul

Bluesign Standard

What is the Bluesign Standard?

The Bluesign system aims to find solutions for sustainable textile production by eliminating harmful substances at each step of the supply chain, and approving chemicals, processes, materials, and products that are safe for the environment, the workers and customers.

Companies and manufacturers that become Bluesign partners agree to set up management systems for improving environmental performance, by following five principles:

  • Resource productivity: producing textiles of high quality by minimizing consumption of resources and reducing the environmental impact.
  • Consumer safety: the production of high-quality products without health risks for workers and consumers.
  • Water Emission: controls water pollution and helps to minimize the amount of harmful substances in wastewater.
  • Air Emission; aims to reduce CO2 emissions by cleaning and recycling exhaust air.
  • Occupational health and safety: the careful and safe handling of chemicals during the production process.

Chemicals are given one of three categories:

  • Blue, safe to use
  • Gray, special handling required
  • Black, forbidden

The bluesign system helps factories properly manage gray chemicals, replace black chemicals with safer alternatives and guarantees eco-aware consumers the highest level of consumer safety and environmentally and socially friendly products.

A brief history of the Bluesign Standard

More than 30% of the chemicals used globally come from the fashion and textile industries, which also use a huge quantity of water. The Bluesign standard was released in 2000 as a response to the demand for more environmentally friendly textile products.

Patagonia was the first brand to join the standard in 2000 and more and more brands are joining the movement, such as the North Face.

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