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10 Sexy and Sustainable Lingerie Brands to Celebrate All Bodies

Let’s talk about sex appeal. Its role in fashion has become more nuanced throughout the years, making “sexy” and “sensual” much more inclusive labels. It isn’t just about how you look, but how you feel. For years, the French have amped up their sensuality through the use of lingerie, even in the simplest of moments. Whether someone’s going to see their dainty garments isn’t important; it’s about decorating your curves in a way that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and sexy, without the need of third-party validation. Luckily, this mentality has found its place in lingerie’s general culture—including sustainable lingerie—with more consumers across the entire gender spectrum wearing bustiers and garter belts as a means of decorating their wardrobes, dethroning sexual stigmas, and promoting body acceptance, which is the very essence of sex appeal.

So in your journey towards a more sustainable wardrobe, why not turn your attention to what’s underneath? We’ve come a long way from the ‘When-In-Doubt-Victoria’s-Secret’ mentality, and in recent years, some of the most beautiful brands of sustainable lingerie have popped up! Brands of the softest materials, boldest designs, and most eco-conscious production methods that place our environment at the forefront of sensual apparel.

Tempted? We’ve put together our 10 favourite sustainable lingerie brands, catering to an array of personalities, body types, and styles. Whether you’re a fan of lacy frills or opt for a simpler approach to your undergarments, there’s something for you below!

Kat the Label

Rated: Good

Femme Set – Ships internationally from Australia

If you’re looking for a more traditional approach to lingerie, get acquainted with Kat The Label. With lacy bralettes, mesh bustiers, and dainty floral prints, KTL gives you sexy femininity without being too bright or overstated, making it the perfect sustainable lingerie for casual date nights. You could even show off this mesh bustier underneath a sheer blouse for some conspicuous sex appeal. Be daring: you might like it!

Sizes: XS (32A-B) – XL (32E, 34DD-E)

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Rated: Good

Luna Bralette – Ships internationally from Denmark

So you don’t want to be understated? You want zebra mesh, and bright colours, and fringes hanging off your hip? Might be your time to get ‘underprotected.’ When it comes to frilling and thrilling, Underprotection hands it to you on lacy platters, turning your body into a canvas for bold tones. It’s got everything from your classy blacks, eccentric lime greens, and soft pastel tones like this beautiful clay bralette. This is the go-to brand for anyone looking to showcase their sensuality out loud. Plus, I wasn’t kidding about that zebra mesh.

Sizes: EU XS (34-36) – XL (42-44)

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la fille d’O

Rated: Good

Fast Girls Bra – Ships internationally from Belgium

The term ‘daring’ is an understatement for this brand, and ‘sexy’ doesn’t really cut it either. With its collection of mostly body-hugging mesh and wireless frames, La Fille d’O transcends sex appeal, and shows you what it means to be comfortable in your own skin. Wrapping your curves with straps, strings, and garters, this brand leaves you exposed in a way that is empowering and flexible. This monowire tulle bra will provide you with sheer coverage, with an adjustable halter neck for a guaranteed perfect fit. You’re not putting these pieces on to decorate your body; it’s your body that’s decorating these garments. There are pieces for every body type, and even some for those who are nonbinary, putting this lingerie brand at the helm of body acceptance and positivity.

Sizes: 1 (EU XS) – 7 (EU XXXL)

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Luva Huva

Rated: Good

Emily Crimson Set – Ships internationally from the UK

After taking a hiatus, Luva Huva is back and ready for anyone who has turned their back on wires. This brand’s collection of all-wireless bras gives you maximum comfort, without skimping on the delicate features. Sets made of cotton and lace bridge functionality with femininity, giving you the best of both worlds in sexy sets, like this flirty crimson number. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more covered, you can shop the collection of soft teddies and sleepwear sets that are perfect for a night in. Right now, the website is live on a limited schedule, so if it’s closed when you’re ready to shop, be sure to check its reopen date.

Sizes:  XS to XL

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Rated: Great

Low-Rise Thong – Ships to the US, UK, and Canada from the US

Oftentimes, sexy can be simple! Made in a Fair Trade Certified factory, Knickey’s organic cotton underwear sets are some of the best in the sustainable market. They’re breathable, offer a nice amount of stretch, and the impressive collection of thongs come in a selection of colours that can be paired with any bra. But Knickey isn’t just producing. Taking it a step further, the brand has also partnered with an NYC non-profit to recycle old undergarments, turning the fibres into insulation and rug pads. Sending in your old undies will not only help cut down on the amount of fibres that wind up in the landfill, but it’ll give you the freedom to buy new, eco-conscious sets. What better way to start than with Knickey?

Sizes: US XXS – 3XL

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Rated: Good

Audrey Hi-Waisted Sparrow – Ships to Australia, the US, and Canada from the US

Founded by Catalina Girard and actress Gina Rodriguez (yes, Jane the Virgin herself), Naja is a sustainable lingerie brand that has dedicated itself to beautiful designs, eco-consciousness, and modern technology to deliver you some of the softest, most durable undergarments out. Using digital and sublimation printing to produce the garments, Naja cuts down on its carbon footprint and water waste. In terms of the garments themselves, there’s truly something for everyone, from lacy bralettes to wireless bras fit for t-shirts. The brand is also an expert at giving the collections a touch of printed whimsicality, such as these sparrow-printed mesh undies. Along with providing lingerie to women, Naja has also made it a point to employ single mothers and female heads of households, paying them above-market wages to contribute to the empowerment of women. This isn’t just a brand, but an organization, designed with women’s lives at the forefront.

Sizes: US XS-XL

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The Nude Label

Rated: Good

Cut-Out Bra – Ships internationally from Spain

Minimalism is the spirit of this Spanish brand, offering clean and streamlined sensuality. There are only fourteen sustainable lingerie garments to choose from, each having a classic design made of organic cotton, with a variety of colours for versatility. The simplicity of the cuts make this sleek and functional bra appropriate for most outfits. In case you’d like to treat yourself further, The Nude Label also has its own ‘Handmade Care’ selection, featuring vegan soap made of aloe vera, olive oil, and coconut oil, and the ‘Wood Sandal,’ the original USDA-certified sandal, made out of corn and bio-vegan leather. It’s everything you need, and everything you’d love.

Sizes: EU XS-XL

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Stella McCartney

Rated: Good

Cressie Silk Satin Camisole – Ships internationally from the UK

Stella McCartney has always been a leader in timeless fashion, and now it’s becoming one of the largest mainstream brands to uphold sustainable production. Continuing this venture is its lingerie collection, featuring a line of light, functional undergarments and sleepwear. Between the microfibre briefs and this delicate silk camisole, Stella McCartney marries elegance and eco-friendliness, for anyone looking for a luxurious touch to their lingerie.

Sizes: IT 38-42

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Rated: Good

Waverly Bra – Ships internationally from the US

This American-made brand knows that transparency equals beauty. Its impressive array of lingerie comes in rich colours and comfortable fabrics that will have you feeling beautiful and sensuous underneath your outfits. But the real beauty comes from the production. Having been a participant of the CFDA + Lexus Fashion* Initiative, in which the brand received mentorship surrounding sustainable issues, Araks has dedicated itself to being transparent about its environmental developments, including the fact that its collection is now 100% organic, its fabrics are GOTS certified, and that all fabrics are ‘evergreen,’ meaning every ounce of leftover fabric is either reused for proceeding collections, or donated to schools and organizations! When wearing one of Araks’ pieces, like this classic lace ensemble, you’ll know that everything on your skin has been made in the best possible conditions, without the guesswork.

Sizes: US 32C-34D

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Swedish Stockings

Rated: Great

Polly Innovation Tights – Ships internationally from Sweden

Lingerie and stockings go hand-in-hand, so if you’re interested in pairing one of your new pieces with some complimenting hosiery, Swedish Stockings is the best choice. Using pre- and post-consumer nylon waste, Swedish Stockings has some of the most beautiful pieces, without contributing to the harmful carbon emissions that come with petroleum-based nylon manufacturing. Showcasing vibrant colours like these sea blue nylons, its stockings and tights are like jewels for your legs, and you can show them off, guilt-free.

Sizes: EU XS (30/32) – XL (46/48)

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Undergarments are the baseline of fashion, and can be considered a necessity, with most of us wearing at least a single garment every day. So why not have the best? Fall in love with yourself in 2021 and elevate your collection with some sustainable lingerie! Besides, Valentine’s Day is approaching. It’ll be a gift to yourself, whether someone is lucky enough to see it or not. After all, that is the essence of sex appeal.

Author bio: Delilah Smith is freelance journalist, storyteller, and sustainable fashion advocate from Oakland, CA. After changing her career path from editorial to film, she balances her position at Pixar Animation Studios with her Good On You contributions, returning back to editorial to spread awareness on the environmental effects of fast fashion, and give readers more eco-conscious choices. When not writing, you can find her on an aerial silk, which everyone should try at least once! You can find her on Instagram @delilah.the.dahlia

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