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28 Oct

Sleep Easy in Our 11 Favourite Sustainable Bedding Brands

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Did you know humans spend an average of 33 years in bed? That’s over a third of our entire lifetime curled up under the covers. And while sleep and relaxation are crucial for a well-functioning body and mind, beds and bedding are notorious for harbouring more bacteria than we care to admit. Cheap bedding is also often made with unsustainable and unhealthy fabrics like polyester and conventional cotton. Here’s why ethical and sustainable bedding is worth the investment, and our favourite brands to get it from.

The benefits of buying more sustainable bedding

Good quality quilt covers and sheets are an investment, and most people want to make sure their new sets will be long lasting and comfortable. Conscious consumers are also becoming more aware of the fabrics they put on their skin and the dangers of overexposure to synthetic or chemical-laden fabrics. The same goes for the people along the supply chain who shouldn’t have to suffer from harmful exposure or unlivable wages for our bedtime routine.

More sustainable bedding is usually made with high-quality, organic, and plant-based fabrics that are better for your body and the planet. And by supporting more ethical brands that empower makers, you can rest assured that those behind the bedding are sleeping more comfortably at night by working with non-toxic fabrics and receiving fair wages. It’s a win-win-win.

Briefly back to those germs: aside from the fact that most of us with regular access to a washing machine should be washing our bedding a lot more frequently than we currently do, another major benefit of investing in bedding materials like linen is that they are often hypoallergenic and temperature regulating. Bonus, they get softer with every wash. Happy skin, happy life—that’s the expression, right?

Without further ado, here are the 11 best more sustainable bedding brands we found from around the world that are “Good” or “Great” for people, the planet, animals, and of course, you. Sweet dreams!


Rated: Good
close up of khaki sustainable bedding by bhumi

Australian brand Bhumi makes 100% Fairtrade, organic, and vegan basics and bedding. The brand believes in sustainable luxury, paving the way for a new era in the textile industry by choosing fairtrade organic fabrics for all of its products. Discover its lovely linen bedding and pjs range.

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Rated: Good
white sustainable sateen bedding by ettitude

Sleepwear and bedding made with innovative CleanBamboo™ fabric, engineered for comfort. This Australian brand reuses offcuts to minimise textile waste, and reduces its water use by using a closed-loop system in its supply chain. Discover its organic bamboo bedding and pjs range.

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Rated: Good
beige ethical bedding by PACT

PACT is a US-based brand that is passionate about being part of a movement transforming the way apparel is made. All of its products are sweatshop-free and child-labour-free.  Discover its range of GOTS certified organic cotton bedding.

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Raven + Lily

Rated: Good
colourful striped cushions by raven + lily


Sustainable throws and pillows made by Raven + Lily

Raven + Lily – Home Textiles

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Raven + Lily supports local female artisans to create handmade jewellery, bags, and homewares. This US brand’s products empower communities through fair wages, healthcare, and education. Discover its range of handwoven throws and cushions to decorate your bed.

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The Ethical Silk Company

Rated: Good
close up of silk pillows by the ethical silk company

Irish brand The Ethical Silk Company produces scarves, wraps, loungewear, and more that are 100% ethically made from 100% mulberry silk. Discover its sustainable silk pillowcases that promote healthy hair and skin while sleeping.

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Rated: Good
close up of brown eco-friendly bedding by aiayu

Danish sustainable luxury brand Aiayu offers building blocks to a conscious home and wardrobe, with an emphasis on quality and time enduring designs. Established in 2015, Aiayu products are created with care for the environment, its workers, and the wearer. The brand embodies its belief that the combination of a product’s origins, more sustainable production, and environmental impact are equally as vital as its aesthetics. Discover Aiayu’s home collection.

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Rated: Good
beige and brown bedding sheets by coyuchi

Coyuchi is an American brand that offers luxurious organic cotton bedding, towels, sleepwear, and more. Discover its range of minimally-processed organic bedding.

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Boll & Branch

Rated: Great
close of white and blue flowery sheets by boll & branch

Boll & Branch is an American brand that offers luxury bedding. It uses a high proportion of lower-impact materials including GOTS certified organic cotton, and ships via sea freight to reduce its carbon footprint. The brand is also certified Fair Trade and ensures a living wage in most of its supply chain. Discover its range of ethical and sustainable bedding.

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Deiji Studios

Rated: Good
green bedding by deiji studio

Deiji Studios is an Australian brand founded in 2016 with a vision to deliver high comfort, high quality linen bedding and a range of loungewear that blurs the lines between sleepwear and ready-to-wear. Discover its range of luxurious bedding.

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Living Crafts

Rated: Good
striped pillows by living craft

Living Crafts is a German brand that has successfully produced high-quality natural textiles under environmentally friendly and socio-economically fair conditions for thirty years. Discover its range of affordable bedlinen.

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Rated: Good
close up of ethical bedding by greenfibres

The UK’s Greenfibres is a leading online shop for organic, ethical, natural fibre clothing and home goods. It specialises in supplying quality fairly traded clothing and textiles in wool, hemp, linen, silk, and other organic fabrics. Discover its range of more responsible bedding.

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