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Someone wearing a red tee and black period underwear responsibly designed by Saint Basics.
24 Jan
Someone wearing a red tee and black period underwear responsibly designed by Saint Basics.

Tap Into Conscious Comfort Every Month With Period Panties by Saint Basics

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Comfort and low stress are crucial for a happier period. So for those who menstruate, meet Saint Basics’ new period panties designed to do better by your body and the planet.

Responsibly made period underwear to see you through

Creating conscious underwear, activewear, and basics for its fans around the world for over a decade, Dutch brand Saint Basics was founded to supply you with feel good basics you can truly love—all while doing its bit to change the fashion industry little by little from within.

Rated “Good” for its efforts across the board for people, the planet, and animals, Saint Basics has just launched its first-ever period underwear, and it’s designed to be beautiful, practical, and super comfortable. Here’s how it can help you have a happier period for many cycles to come.

A reusable and leak-free solution for your period. Looks like regular underwear but has built-in layers that keep you dry, fresh, and odour-free.

The black St. Beatrice period underwear and wetbag responsibly designed by Saint Basics.


Affectionately dubbed St. Beatrice, Saint Basics’ new period panties are a great example of a more eco-friendly alternative to conventional menstrual products.

Pads and tampons are bad news for your bits and the planet, overwhelmingly made from plastic and even tainted with toxic chemicals. They create a huge amount of waste, with one 2018 study finding the average person who menstruates throws away up to 200kg of menstrual products in their lifetime. Not to mention the hit to your wallet over the years.

That’s where St. Beatrice comes in. These innovative panties consist of three absorbent layers made from TENCEL™ eucalyptus, organic cotton, and recycled polyester in various degrees. They can be used again and again, and are made to last for at least 50 washes.


Saint Basics knows comfort is key for a happier period, and took that into careful consideration when designing its period panties. Early versions of period underwear were made from rubber, a fact we prefer not to think about. Thank goodness for modern fashion innovations.

The outer layer of St. Beatrice is made from TENCEL™ eucalyptus, which is soft, breathable, and odour-free. The simple bikini brief design is subtle and not bulky, so nobody can tell you’re wearing them. They can hold the volume of about 2-3 tampons completely leak-free and are also suitable for light incontinence, so most people will only have to change them a couple times a day.

Ease of use

One of the best things about period underwear is how simple it is to use and clean. While the cleaning process may be slightly more involved than tossing a pad or tampon in the trash, just think how much the landfill and your wallet will thank you in the long run.

After use, St. Beatrice can be easily rinsed out under a cold tap, and then washed with the rest of your clothes. If you need to change on the go, Saint Basics have also designed a small wetbag for your used panties, or to carry around your clean pair.

Bonus: when you buy two pairs you get the bag for free. And the bag’s subtle design can easily fit into a small purse.

The new St. Beatrice period panties

While St. Beatrice only comes in one basic brief style in black for now, the brand has plans to expand the range shortly.

You can purchase the panties for €29, or buy two and get a free wetbag for €54.

St. Beatrice | Black

Someone wearing the black St. Beatrice period underwear responsibly designed by Saint Basics.

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Saint Basics creates the next generation of vegan basics for people inspired by change. The Dutch brand is fully OEKO-TEX® certified and has adopted the GOTS Code of Conduct to protect its workers’ labour rights.

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