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An aerial view of a forest alongside a river.
06 Nov
An aerial view of a forest alongside a river.

15 Things to Know in Sustainable Fashion in November

Every month, the Good On You team scours the internet, so you can have easy access to the ethical and sustainable fashion news that matters. Here’s everything you need to know this month.

In the know

How to Fix Fashion and Protect the Planet

In this impactful TED talk by designer Amy Powney, explore the fashion industry’s brutal impact on the environment and human health, modelling what ethical, planet-friendly clothing can look like, and inviting us all to think beyond the label.

‘The Missing Link’: Is Textile Recycling the Answer to Fashion’s Waste Crisis?

In this insightful piece by the Guardian, writer Lucianne Tonti introduces Renewcell, the world’s first commercial-scale textile-to-textile recycling factory that could be the missing link the fashion industry needs to tackle the waste crisis.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition Launches Climate Action Programme Specifically for Manufacturers

Fashion United reports that the Sustainable Apparel Coalition announced the launch of the Manufacturer Climate Action Program (MCAP) in collaboration with US sports brand Nike and US retail corporation Target. The program is designed to “catalyse support and drive the sector toward ambitious and necessary CO2 emissions reductions”.

Spinning a Sustainable Fashion Revolution: Meet the Physicists Turning Wood Into Clothes

Physics World covers the story of Spinnova, a lower-impact fibre akin to spider silk that transforms cellulose from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified wood into textile fibre without using any chemicals.

Researchers From Amsterdam Institutions Recommend Banning Fast Fashion Advertising

Behavioural scientists from two institutions, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA), are advising the Dutch government to ban advertisements for fast fashion, reports Fashion United. According to scientists, these ads undermine climate policy. “Not only because the advertisements encourage purchases with a large carbon footprint, but also because they normalise behaviour that is non-sustainable.”

‘Good’ and ‘Great’ news

Every month we publish news and product highlights from highly rated brands that have been assessed by our rigorous ratings system. Using our codes and links may earn us a commission—supporting the work we do. Learn more.

Introducing the Dedicated x Non-Violence Capsule Collaboration

“Great” brand Dedicated is proud to introduce Dedicated x Non-violence—a capsule collection highlighting the important work of global NGO The Non-Violence Project. “By wearing a product from our collaboration, you become part of that mission, not only by spreading awareness but also by supporting their work: 10% of our revenue from the NVP collection goes directly to The Non-Violence Project, allowing them to continue optimising their important global mission.”

MUD Jeans Is Making Cleaner, Circular Denim

Denim pioneers and “Great” rated brands MUD Jeans joined forced with HMS, making jeans truly circular. While traditional denim washing (a critical step in denim production) involves pumice stones which create harmful toxic sludge, HMS offers a circular, cleaner alternative. MUD Jeans has introduced HMS stone washing in their production as their most recent practice to create cleaner, circular denim.

O My Bag’s Archive Sale With a Positive Impact

Last August, “Good” Dutch bag brand O My Bag organised an Archive Sale in collaboration with Sumthing, a social enterprise focused on nature restoration. With each order made, the brand was removing 5kg of plastic waste from the Ganges River in India. The results have exceeded everyone’s expectations: 7560 kg was cleaned up. And the best part? Each customer can see for themselves how their order made a difference.

Meet the Women Behind Your Culthreads

“Culthread classics are made in our factory, AV, near Ho Chi Minh, in Vietnam. Our workforce is 90% women. We hold ourselves to the highest standards with regards to worker’s rights. Hear from the women who make our products in our new blog.”

ISTO. Launches Low Impact Recycled Wool Work Jacket

The ISTO. Recycled Wool Work Jacket has just launched in collaboration with Manteco. Made of 100% recycled wool (MWool® by Manteco, the next generation of recycled wool, obtained by recycling highly-selected post-consumer garments and pre-consumer leftovers), this jacket is an ultra-premium and enduring piece in every man’s wardrobe. It features all the natural characteristics of virgin wool but has the lowest impact possible, including no added dyes and chemicals.

Underprotection Launches Period Collection

Welcome to a world of worry-free periods—say goodbye to leaks and discomfort with Underprotection’s new range. In the collection you will find soft Period Panties in organic cotton, easy-to-use Loop Menstrual Cups in natural rubber, and a leak-proof pouch—everything you’ll need to stay overprotected. Designed to be mixed and matched with flow and lifestyle in mind.

Meet the “Good” Rated Rebranded Good Guys Go Vegan

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather becomes Good Guys Go Vegan for a more invitational and positive message. Why rebrand? After 10+ years of existence, Good Guys is refreshing their collections, dusting off the original bestsellers, and bringing new styles and dimensions in their collections, like the BABER-GV running shoes.

Climate Beneficial Cotton™ Collection by MATE the Label

Meet the Climate Beneficial Cotton™ Collection by “Good” brand MATE the Label. “Years in the making, we have been working with brands, non-profits, researchers, and farmers to develop cotton that utilises carbon farming and regenerative practices locally in California.” Not only has the collection been grown, knitted, dyed, and sewn in California, Climate Beneficial Cotton™ also helps to decrease synthetic fertiliser and pesticides, helps to improve the health of soil quality, and re-integrates animals back onto the farm.

The Good Tee Founder on Running a Small Responsible Business

Learn from a sustainable fashion pro in this conversation with Adila Cokar, founder of The Good Tee and author of Source My Garment. Her top tip: keep business and personal money separate to make things easy.

World Vegan Day With LVRSustainable: Aesthetics to Match a Conscious Lifestyle

In honour of World Vegan Day, LVRSustainable is proud to showcase its curated selection of vegan fashion, beauty, and home collections in celebration of its ongoing commitment to positive change in the industry. The curated vegan selection creates a space where you can easily shop filtered products that are animal-friendly, encouraging conscious consumption habits and implementing vegan ethics into your shopping experience without sacrificing the beauty of luxury.

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