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Someone in a black and white stylish outfit sitting on a red brick stoop and reading a newspaper.
15 May
Someone in a black and white stylish outfit sitting on a red brick stoop and reading a newspaper.

News Edit 15th May: How to Realistically Quit Fast Fashion, 6 Women Shaking up the Fashion Industry, One Brand’s Transparency Mission

Every week, the Good On You team scours the internet, so you can have easy access to the ethical and sustainable fashion news that matters. Here’s everything you need to know this week.

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A Realistic Woman’s Guide to Quitting Fast Fashion

As Abby Hepworth writes for PureWow, quitting fast fashion is no small feat, but worth it in the long run for people, the planet, animals, and yourself. “Baby steps are the way to go,” Hepworth says. “Because the reality is that every little bit, even the absolute smallest step, counts.”

European Parliament Outlines Measures to ‘Drive Fast Fashion Out of Fashion’

Members of European Parliament (MEPs) have recently outlined “a series of recommendations and measures that hope to encourage countries in the European Union to produce circular, sustainable, and socially-responsible textiles,” reports Fashion United.

‘I Don’t Want to Waste Any More Time’: 6 Female Eco-Pioneers Shaking Up the Fashion Industry From Within

Sustainability teams form a crucial part of many businesses in this day and age, and as Vogue reports, “a wave of women have been working behind the scenes to create a greener future for fashion.” Meet six such women from the likes of Vestiaire Collective to Textile Exchange who are worth getting to know.

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A Week Dedicated to Transparency With ISTO.

Transparency is crucial in a responsible fashion industry, and Portuguese brand ISTO. has made it a focus across their platforms for one week. Covering everything from price breakdowns to fabric cost evolution to an impact report, the brand hopes to encourage other businesses to make public what goes on behind the scenes to foster an environment of accountability and more sustainable growth.

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