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Someone in a black and white stylish outfit sitting on a red brick stoop and reading a newspaper.
07 Aug
Someone in a black and white stylish outfit sitting on a red brick stoop and reading a newspaper.

News Edit 7th August: Vegan Cowboy Boots by Good Guys in Barbie, Fast Fashion’s Devastating Deforestation, Climate Impacts of Recycled v Virgin Polyester

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Driving the Adoption of Zero Cotton Fabrics with TENCEL™, Advance Denim and Officina+39

Moving away from resource-intensive fabrics like conventional cotton is a core step in creating a more sustainable fashion industry going forward. TENCEL™ creator Lenzing has partnered with Advance Denim and Officina+39 to create lower-impact denim jeans made from the cellulosic fibre that is gentler on the planet in production and end-of-life, reports Fashion United.

Fast Fashion and Its Devastating Impacts on Forests Revealed

According to a report by, “each year over 200m trees are cut down to be transformed into textiles for clothing.” With deforestation one of the leading causes of biodiversity loss across the world, protecting our forests is crucial in the fight for a kinder fashion industry.

Repreve LCA Shows Climate Impact of Recycled Polyester v Virgin Polyester

We’ve talked before about how recycled polyester can’t fix fast fashion’s problems, but it still has a significantly smaller environmental impact in production than virgin polyester, as backed up by a new LCA studying the material Repreve made from PET plastic bottles. However, as  Simone Preuss explains, it’s not a perfect solution and the industry is still better off moving away from petroleum-based fibres in the future.

Fast Fashion Giant Temu Accuses SHEIN of Starting ‘War’ Over Us Markets

SHEIN has made headlines again, this time alongside fellow ultra-fast fashion retailer Temu. SHEIN is facing a new lawsuit from Temu against its competitor, claiming it is “trying to squeeze its rival out of the US,” reports the Guardian.

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‘Good’ French Vegan Footwear Brand Good Guys Donned by Ken

Film sensation Barbie took the world by storm with its impeccable set and costume design, not to mention the important messages it explores. But even a superfan might not have known that Ken is actually wearing responsibly-made white vegan cowboy boots in one of his iconic looks, made by French “Good” vegan footwear brand Good Guys.

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