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19 Sep

Could a Made-to-Order Model Solve Fashion’s Waste Crisis? Sangrove Thinks So

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Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries on the planet, and it has a lot to answer for. To help tackle the trash, sustainable marketplace Sangrove is pioneering a high-volume made-to-order approach.

Fashion has a trend-driven waste problem

It’s no secret fashion is a wasteful industry. According to research by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, every second the equivalent of a rubbish truckload of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill. In a world facing a climate crisis addressing this problem is critical, and the responsible fashion space sees brands and organisations coming together to contribute to a solution. One such party is new sustainable marketplace Sangrove with its scaled up made-to-order technology that enables, measures, and communicates the impact we create when shopping.

We are inviting you to change your shopping habits—from impulse to Impact—focusing on pre-empting waste of unsold goods and saving natural resources.

Sangrove believes shopping isn’t the problem; it’s how we do it. We live in a trend-driven culture where overproduction and overconsumption are rampant, and many mass-produced items are thrown into the trash unworn. This is unsustainable for the planet and all of its inhabitants. So could this new made-to-order technology be the answer?

Is made-to-order the answer?

The made-to-order business model takes an approach radically different from the traditional made-to-stock one, wherein not a single stitch would be sewn until consumers have purchased the item. This allows for both waste reduction and greater customisation. Sangrove provides an all-in-one platform for brands and buyers to come together and forge a new path for the fashion industry.

How Sangrove takes made-to-order to the next level

Sangrove is a new and unique platform that connects brands and shoppers, pooling resources to green-light manufacturing and distribution of new products. This new field is a place where design-driven businesses who care about their impact can present new designs on pre-sale that won’t go into production unless enough people are interested in them. “The idea is simple,” Sangrove tells us. “If we shop collectively before fashion is made, we can satisfy the means of industrial production requirements, push goods that we want to manufacture, and, more importantly, weed out those we don’t need.”

In this way, Sangrove aims to minimise the environmental impact of global consumer goods production. This new approach is a more sustainable way to roll out novelties by addressing overproduction, excess inventory, and deadstock. It is also an approach that emphasises social values by empowering small players in the industry. In the end, the impact that we make collectively—as consumers and brands—is measured as a reduction in carbon footprint and recorded on the blockchain to avert greenwashing.

The best brands to support on Sangrove

Some of the sustainable brands already jumping on board with Sangrove are “Great” rated brands, such as Triarchy, a US-based eco-friendly denim brand, pioneering this new movement in sustainability and leading the way for others. By supporting these responsible labels who are already reducing their impact on people, the planet, and animals through Sangrove, you are in the driving seat of fashion, pre-empting waste and creating an impact while shopping.

The first ever Impact Shopping Week by Sangrove runs from September 19-23.

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