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Someone wearing pink sunglasses and a pink linen shirt by JAN 'N JUNE.
31 May
Someone wearing pink sunglasses and a pink linen shirt by JAN 'N JUNE.

Eco-Label JAN ‘N JUNE on the Importance of Fixing Fashion

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Germany-based JAN ‘N JUNE is one stylish and sustainable brand built on transparency and circularity you’ll want to meet.

Meet your new favourite brand

JAN ‘N JUNE is like your sustainably stylish bestie who has all the top tips to keep your fashion high and your impact low. Dreamed up in Hamburg, Germany, in 2013 over a bottle of wine, the brand exists to answer the founders’ pressing question at the time: “Why is there no stylish, sustainable, and affordable fashion label?” They couldn’t stop thinking about it, so they made it. One year later, transparent, eco-fashion label JAN ‘N JUNE was born. We’re thrilled to introduce you.

We believe that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. You can care about your outfit and about the environment.

Two JAN 'N JUNE founders wearing all black and laughing together.

Fixing fashion one garment at a time

JAN ‘N JUNE has been fixing its corner of the fashion industry since 2014 with optimism, creativity, humour, and a minimalistic style. The dedicated and talented team of 18 works every day to create beautiful and minimalistic sustainable fashion with “Tons of determination, ups and downs, and little by little building our baby to make the fashion world a tiny bit better—with some sustainable attitude and for sure with style. #byebyefastfashion #fixingthings” Here’s how they do it.

Exploiting working conditions, unfair wages, harmful materials, and untransparent supply chains couldn’t justify a fast fashion outfit no matter how beautiful it was.

Transparency is key

From the beginning, JAN ‘N JUNE knew that to reject fast fashion, it had to be upfront about how, where, and by whom its products were made. To make it simple for the customer, every product tag has a QR code leading to the “ECO-ID” that reveals the supply chain in every step from the origin of the resource to final production. You can also find this info directly on the page of each garment the brand sells.

By manufacturing locally in Europe—specifically Portugal and Poland—the team can trace garments from seed to shelf. This further reduces climate impact thanks to shorter transportation routes. “This gives us the opportunity to visit the factories regularly and keep a close contact.” You can read about the facilities JAN ‘N JUNE partners with over on the Manufacturers Map.

A photo of the plastic free JAN 'N JUNE bags and a pair of pants with a sustainability QR code on the tag.

Designed with the planet in mind

JAN ‘N JUNE receives our highest score of “Great” for its environmental impact. Embodying a circular fashion approach, the brand considers the entire lifecycle of each garment they make: “We are constantly trying to improve our products—during the product development we already consider the end of life.”

How does this circularity look in action? The brand uses a high proportion of eco-friendly materials, from recycled cotton and organic linen to ECOVERO™ and TENCEL™ Lyocell. It also reuses fabric offcuts to create upcycled collections (like these adorable scrunchies), minimising waste. Its products are carefully designed and created for high quality, meaning they will last longer, and they arrive on your doorstep in sustainable packaging. You can read more about the brand’s myriad sustainability initiatives on the How We Do It page.

Our top 10 pieces from JAN ‘N JUNE’s collection

What we love about JAN ‘N JUNE’s clothes and accessories (aside from their stellar sustainability) is that they often mix a timeless, minimalist aesthetic with bright colours to make your wardrobe pop. The latest collection, “fifteen”, is inspired by Portugal, where the brand manufactures most of its clothing: “‘fifteen’ reminds us of that beautiful country, its sunshine and people as well as optimism, humour, and open-mindedness.”

Here are our ten current faves from the womenswear collection. But don’t fret: the menswear is just as vibey.

T-Shirt Jelle | Faded Lemon

A faded yellow oversized unisex tee by JAN 'N JUNE.

Meet new, oversized unisex t-shirt JELLE. Made of 100% organic cotton, JELLE has a round neck and is long fitted.

Top Sanah | Wood

A caramel top and shorts combo by JAN 'N JUNE.

SANAH is incredibly soft and cosy, both a bralette and crop top while still elegant. Bonus: SANAH features a variety of different strap styles.

Dress Leiria | White

A white deep v neck flowy dress by JAN 'N JUNE.

This wonderful organic cotton midi dress is called LEIRIA, named after the just as wonderful small town in Portugal.

The Vegan Coated Shorts

Black vegan leather sustainable shorts by JAN 'N JUNE.

The vegan coated jersey fabric in these shorts (made out of 100% organic cotton) is super soft and gives them a cool, leather-like look.

Top Beja | Faded Lemon

A pale lemon yellow top and skirt combo by JAN 'N JUNE.

The new knit bralette is named after a small and beautiful city in Portugal: BEJA. The bralette is made out 100% ECOVERO™.

Top Leonie | Check Print

A black and white checkered top and black pants by JAN 'N JUNE.

LEONIE is a flowy, super duper easy top with spaghetti straps and a ruffled top.

Biker Shorts | Green Waves

A green and white patterned active top and shorts set by JAN 'N JUNE.

Everyone needs this staple in their wardrobe. Made from super soft organic cotton fabric, they may just be the coolest shorts you’ll ever own.

Shirt Lua | Sun Print

A burnt orange patterned shirt and shorts combo by JAN 'N JUNE

Light, breezy, and sunny: this is LUA. The shirt is made out of sustainable ECOVERO™ fabric, which gives it a smooth and light touch.

Midi Skirt Siena | Eggshell

A silky white vegan ankle length skirt ethically made by JAN 'N JUNE.

We love the newly released high-waisted SIENA skirt. Made out of 100% recycled PET waste, this lovely fabric is innovative, vegan, and sustainable.

Midi Dress Helen | Black

A black long v neck spaghetti strap dress made sustainably by JAN 'N JUNE.

Flowy and flattering for all busts, HELEN is made from TENCEL™ Lyocell, a sustainable material derived from wood cellulose.

What’s ahead for the brand?

Reduced prices, reduced impact, yet still utterly stylish? That’s JAN ‘N JUNE’s latest initiative: a second hand resale platform called NEW-ISH where customers can buy and sell pre-loved JAN ‘N JUNE goodies. Keep your eye on their website for the launch.

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