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Woman wearing sweats
04 Jun
Woman wearing sweats

Better Brand Edit: More Sustainable Hoodies and Sweats Under $100

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Looking for comfort, style and sustainability in equal measure? Here’s our edit of the brands offering more affordable and responsible sweatshirts and hoodies, all for under $100.

Affordable, more sustainable hoodies and sweats

Sweats and hoodies are a fixture in most wardrobes—they’re ideal for wearing on casual days, as activewear, for cooldowns, or for recreating one of Princess Diana’s now iconic varsity sweatshirt and cycling shorts outfits.

The reverse of sweatshirt and hoodie fabric is often finished in one of two ways, so pick the one that best suits you—either soft fleece or loopback. The former is great for keeping warm and cosy, while the latter is more suitable for workouts since it’s absorbent and will help regulate your temperature.

Pricing and more responsible fashion

More sustainable fashion is often considered more expensive, but it’s important to bear in mind that more sustainable brands’ pricing structures factor in things like the cost of paying workers in the supply chain a living wage, as well as investing in better materials that cost more because they’re certified to an industry standard, for instance, or because they’re produced with better raw materials. These important aspects of fashion production aren’t often incorporated by fast fashion brands, which is how they manage to drive prices down to such lows.

So while prices are certainly higher than the unethical baseline set by fast fashion, it is possible to find options for many budgets, as you’ll see in this roundup of more sustainable hoodies and sweats—broken down into categories of up to $50, $80, and $100.

Under $50

Collage of more sustainable hoodies under $50

1. Honest Basics Hoodie

2. SeamsFriendly Hoodie

3. Etiko Hoodie


Under $80

Collage of more sustainable hoodies and sweatshirts

1. Kotn Two-Tone Sweatshirt

2. Threads 4 Thought Fleece Tunic

3. Happy Earth Pullover

4. Threads 4 Thought Hoodie

5. Franc Cropped Sweatshirt

6. Oh Seven Days Sweatshirt

7. Tentree Zipped Fleece Hoodie

8. Conscious Step Sweatshirt

9. Lovetrust Sweatshirt Tunic

10. BAM Bamboo Clothing Oversized Sweatshirt


Under $100

Collage of more sustainable hoodies and sweatshirts

1. DK Active Volley Top

2. Mate The Label Fleece Sweatshirt

3. WAWWA Sweatshirt

4. Colorful Standard Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt

5. Iron Roots Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt

6. Hernest Project Fleece Sweatshirt

7. Nikin Hoodie

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