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24 Mar

COMOVITA: Proving Sustainable Fashion Can Be Sexy

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Fast fashion is everywhere. If you head to your local shopping centre, chances are you will find yourself surrounded by dime-a-dozen chains full of cheaply and unethically produced clothing, and it’s tempting. Even if you don’t really need a new top or pair of pants, giant colourful advertisements featuring pretty, happy people wearing the latest trends catch your eyes with every step you take, and it’s so easy to fall into the trap. Chances are you don’t really stop to think about the lifecycle of the clothes—of their origin story—but we don’t blame you. We are all products of the instant gratification society we live in. And that’s just fashion, right?

Wrong. It is our mission here at Good On You to show you that there is another way, and hold your hand as you take your first tentative steps into our world: the world of sustainable fashion. Before you know it, you’ll be swimming like a pro. But we couldn’t do what we do without the ethical companies that exist to make a difference—the companies that understand the importance of transparency, and of doing right by people, the planet, and animals. That’s where new kid on the block COMOVITA comes in. Trust us—this is one change-maker and industry-shaker you won’t want to miss.

Where it all started

When founder and CEO Borja Durán lived in China for 4 years, he experienced the horrors of fast fashion supply chains first hand. Coming from Europe where people consume cheap and fast often without a second thought, to one of the most exploited nations in the world of fashion, he connected the dots. The overconsumption rife in his country and indeed many countries around the world has a direct impact on the lives of people in Southeast Asia. He decided then and there to leave the company he was working for, return home, and start COMOVITA with one goal in mind—to make sustainable fashion mainstream. And now, two years after starting the company in Barcelona, he is doing just that.

What it’s all about

So, what is COMOVITA all about? Really, it’s about two main things: slowing fashion down, and proving that sustainability is the new sexy.

COMOVITA partners with brands marked with their stamp of approval, which means that every item they offer for sale on their website is ethically made and transparently sourced. Their brand partners report to them on their materials, supply chain, labour standards, ecological footprint, and business practices.

Running under the motto of “transparency is not a choice” (which we love), COMOVITA feels good about promoting products that tell authentic, meaningful stories.

In the collections you will find pieces made with only organic and recycled materials, produced in factories that respect and empower their employees with fair wages and ethical working conditions. Swoon.

But their latest initiative is one we’re really excited about—pre-ordering. This new way of selling online does major good. On one hand, it allows brands to only produce what they have already sold (hello massive waste and energy reductions), and on the other hand, it allows consumers to get high quality pieces at more affordable prices as pre- orders come with a discount. That’s a win-win if ever we’ve heard of one!

The latest collection – WOMSH x COMOVITA

If there’s one thing that everyone needs in their life, it’s a good pair of sneakers. Comfortable, diverse, and practical, the humble sneaker is well-deserving of its popularity. But those well-known footwear giants in every shop window?? Exploitative. Wasteful. Not doing their part. Not so with Italian brand Womsh!


Rated: Good
womsh sustainable sneaker brand

Fashion and sustainability can go together and Womsh is the footwear brand that proves it. Their sneakers are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.

See the rating.

Shop Womsh @ COMOVITA.

COMOVITA knew this was one to watch from the beginning. Fashion and sustainability can go together, and Womsh is the footwear brand that proves it. Their sneakers are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy by certified companies that are fully respectful of their employees’ conditions. Womsh participates in the ZERO IMPACT® project that offsets CO2 emissions with reforestation, growing trees, and preserving forests. COMOVITA have proudly partnered with Womsh to launch a limited edition capsule of sustainable and vegan sneakers (made with Appleskin leather and recycled materials—so cool!) to celebrate a new way of doing fashion. Jump on that pre-order bandwagon now so you don’t miss out, and sport your ethics on your feet as you “choose the change”! In case you needed further convincing that this is one to support, COMOVITA are donating 100% of profits to WHO for at least the month of March in light of the COVID-19 pandemic!

COMOVITA’s goal is an admirable one—to make sustainable fashion as attractive and accessible as non-sustainable fashion. They believe in creating items that not only make you look great but also make the world a better place for everyone.

That is why they only sell high quality sustainable items made ethically through pre-order, to help brands produce only what they will sell (#ZeroWaste) and to help consumers make better purchasing decisions (no more unworn items in your wardrobe).

They are a for-profit company, but above that they are a group of humans that want to protect our planet and make it a great place for present and future generations.

Welcome to the revolution. Welcome to #TheNewSexy.

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