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New Brands: Ethical Wardrobe Starter Pack

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You always wanted to build a more sustainable wardrobe but you never knew where to start? Here is your “Ethical Wardrobe Starter Pack”. This week’s brands will have you feeling glam and gorgeous in the bedroom, as well as giving you pause to think about the impact your soles are having on people and the planet.

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Nike vs Adidas – Who’s More Ethical?

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So, your beloved trainers have reached the point of no return. Or maybe you just need an extra pair of runners for the exercise regime you will definitely stick to – juuuust as soon as you have the perfect footwear? While you’re running around trying to decide whether to buy those Adidas all-white Stan Smiths or the blackout Nike Free Runs, we crunched the ethics to find out which company treats their workers well. So, who’s more ethical, Nike or Adidas? Read More