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A pair of silver vegan VEERAH pumps with a trinity brooch on the front, with a moody cloudy background.
28 Nov
A pair of silver vegan VEERAH pumps with a trinity brooch on the front, with a moody cloudy background.

Killer Vegan Heels that Bust the Boring Stereotype

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Meet VEERAH, a designer vegan footwear brand “made for warriors killin’ it with kindness”. These show-stopping shoes are 100% cruelty-free, created using innovative vegan and lower-impact materials, and ready to walk you through your week in conscious style.

Designer heels to up your vegan footwear game

A classic pair of heels has been a core wardrobe essential for people around the world for over two centuries, providing a touch of elegance to any outfit. But conventionally, heels have been made with harmful animal leather, suede, and virgin plastics. And while plastic might technically be an animal-free material for the cruelty-free fashion lovers out there, the dawn of responsible fashion is seeing a shift towards lower-impact materials in footwear that are better for people, the planet, and animals.

One “Good” designer footwear brand, VEERAH, provides a prime example of vegan shoes with all the style and versatility you could desire in a pair of heels, with none of the cruelty. Let’s take a closer look.

Made from lower-impact materials

New York-based VEERAH is on a mission to prove you can rock killer heels with kindness, and a core part of their impact reduction comes in the form of materials.

In these stylish shoes, you’ll find a combination of lower-impact materials like innovative vegan leathers made from apple and bamboo, GRS-certified recycled synthetic leather, 100% recycled vegan silk or satin, TENCEL linings, and even algae-based insole foam.

By championing these responsible materials in their shoes, VEERAH is leaving a lighter footprint in production. Combined with creating limited production runs of high-quality, long-lasting pieces, the brand minimises waste but maximises versatility.

Designed for versatility

It’s easy to call a plain pair of black pumps versatile since you could get away with pairing them with most ‘fits, but in an era with more fashion styles and dress codes than ever, one crucial part of a versatile shoe can come in the form of detachable accessories, according to VEERAH.

The brand explains: “Each silhouette can be paired with a range of fashionable shoe accessories including slimming ankle straps, flirty tassels, and timeless bejewelled brooch clips to create multiple looks with one pair of shoes, effortlessly taking you from work to play, and even special occasions.”

That last part is key. These heels can truly span from night to day, workdays to weekends, and complement any outfit you put together. In the sustainable fashion world, versatility and adaptability are essential, forming the basis of many capsule and minimalist wardrobes to reduce stress when dressing and mitigate impact on the planet around us. It’s a win-win on the style and sustainability fronts.

15 ways to wear your VEERAH heels

We put our heads together with VEERAH and came up with a range of styling examples to inspire different looks in your rotation.

Frida pump

A classic pump that does it all, featuring a timeless silhouette, the perfect heel height, and algae-foam cushioned insoles for all-day comfort. These pumps are versatile enough to be styled for every occasion with add-on accessories, and made 100% cruelty-free. You can find an assortment of core neutral colours as well as metallic variants for extra shine.

New metallic hues

A gold pair of VEERAH pumps with a sparkly brooch accessory next to a pair of silver vegan VEERAH pumps with a trinity brooch accessory.

1. Frida in Celestial Gold 2. Lupine Brooch 3. Trinity Brooch 4. Frida in Starry Silver

For a silver or gold accent for a little extra shine to a black tie affair, these shiny Frida pumps with add-on jewelled brooch clips are sure to turn heads.

Core neutrals

Two variations of the black Frida pumps by VEERAH with a reversible ankle strap.

1. Frida in Midnight Black 2. Reversible Ankle Straps 

Midnight black is a must-have for a boardroom power pump to a night out with the girls. The reversible ankle straps are perfect for all night dancing, available in single and double straps.

Pop of colour

A hot pink pump and accessories by VEERAH.

1. Frida in Couture Pink 2. Rhinestone Straps 3. Lupine Brooch

For feminine statement dressing to a full-on glam moment a là Barbiecore to Marilyn Monroe, pair the Frida pumps in hot pink with the sparkly straps and brooches.

Venus stiletto sandal

This dream stiletto heel will complete the look for all your special occasions. The minimalist design magically lengthens the legs and effortlessly pairs with any outfit in your closet, from ball gowns to your favourite pair of jeans.

Black tie to white tuxedo

Two pairs of VEERAH's Venus Stilettos, one in black featuring a silky bow, and one in white featuring a sparkly ankle strap.

1. Venus in Black Tie with Accessories 2. Venus in White Tuxedo with Accessories

Pair the black ribbon look with short shorts to cigarette pants to the classic LBD, and take the white rhinestone from everyday denim to a fairytale bridal moment.

Hedy ankle boot

A sleek and classic city ankle boot with a modern block heel for all-day walking, the Hedy is made from recycled synthetic vegan suede and a TENCEL lining.

Three ways to style

Three shots of VEERAH's Hedy ankle boots in charcoal, featuring no strap, a simple strap, and a studded strap.

Hedy in Charcoal with Accessories

For the Hedy boot, go with no straps for a sleek silhouette, add the reversible double-wrap ankle straps for a rugged accent, then flip them around to the gold studded side for a rockstar vibe.

Shoe accessories

The shoe accessories by VEERAH are truly a marvel in versatile vegan footwear. The ability to create multiple looks with just one pair of shoes, from classic to fun and flirty to chic and timeless, means there are countless ways to personalise your style. Bonus? If you can only squeeze in one or two pairs of shoes while travelling, these accessories will make it look like you packed a wardrobe full.

A selection of five VEERAH shoe accessories including ankle straps and brooches.

1. Rhinestone Straps 2. Lupine Brooch 3. Trinity Brooch 4. Chainlink Straps 5. Reversible Ankle Straps

There’s something for every taste in the accessories range. The must-have reversible ankle straps come in a variety of colours, patterns, and single or double straps, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Our editors also love the best selling crystal brooch, new trinity brooch, and chunky chainlink straps for an edge.


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Someone walking in a city landscape wearing black high heeled shoes by VEERAH.


Pink heeled shoes from Veerah

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VEERAH is an NYC-based designer vegan shoe company founded and led by women to "do good and look incredible". Its innovative apple peel leather shoe collection is crafted with cushioned insoles made from algae blooms. Each pair is transformative with interchangeable shoe accessories to create more looks with less. It is made for warriors "killin' it with kindness".

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