15 Aug

14 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Necklaces to Complement Any Outfit

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There’s nothing quite like an eye-catching piece of jewellery to dress up an outfit, and these 14 more sustainable necklaces by brands doing better for people, the planet, and animals are our current favourites.

Consciously complement

Humans have been adorning themselves in shiny objects since the Stone Age, and while we’ve come a long way since the days of crudely strung together teeth and bones, our love of decorating ourselves has never waned.

Necklaces were one of the first types of jewellery invented. While they’ve gone through various iterations over the centuries, from shells to crosses to precious stones, contemporary styles vary widely to suit every taste or tribute. But much of the jewellery we consume today has fallen into the sticky clutches of fast fashion, often made from unethically sourced, poor-quality metals and plastic.

More sustainable necklaces might incorporate responsible materials like Fairmined Ecological gold, lab-grown or conflict-free diamonds, upcycled rubber, or recycled metals. And while we recommend using what you have before buying new (which includes prolonging the life of any cheap, trendy pieces you’ve collected that are looking a bit worse for wear), if you’re on the market for a new necklace, the following brands are doing it right.

We love the cute take on a classic circle necklace from Automic Gold (US), the elegant body chain for front or back from Natalie Marie Jewellery (AU), and AuTerra’s eye-catching reclaimed e-waste Grassveld pendant (South Africa). Happy decorating.


Rated: Good
An engraved bar tag necklace made from handcast repurposed military grade aluminium.

Enjoy Your Existence Bar Tag Necklace – Ships internationally from the US

Be mindful, be present, and enjoy your existence with this engraved bar tag necklace made from handcast repurposed military grade aluminium.

Every piece of ARTICLE22 jewellery is locally handcrafted in Laos using recycled materials from Vietnam War bombs, plane parts, military hardware, and other aluminium scraps. The brand embodies the innovation that the fashion industry needs more of—using recycled materials to produce beautiful globally-marketable products, while equipping local artisans with new skill sets and providing them with a sustainable source of income. ARTICLE22 gives back to clear more unexploded bombs in Laos, supports traditional artisans, and donates a proportion of profit to community development for workers. The range is available in sizes S-XL.

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FUTURA Jewelry

Rated: Great
A gold love locket from FUTURA jewellery.

Love Locket – Ships internationally from the US

The striking gold Love Locket was designed to keep your loved ones close. Handmade in 18kt Fairmined Ecological gold, it features a Mother Earth design on both sides.

FUTURA Jewelry is a New York based ethical jewellery brand. Each piece of FUTURA Jewelry is handcrafted with mercury-free 18kt Certified Fairmined Ecological gold. The brand’s gold comes from the three certified Fairmined mines in the world that mine for gold without the use of toxic chemicals including mercury and cyanide.

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Automic Gold

Rated: Good
A circle necklace in 14kt recycled gold from Automic Gold.

Bound Together Necklace – Ships internationally from the US

A cute take on a classic circle necklace, this 14kt recycled gold stunner is a great way to showcase your connection to someone you love.

Radically wearable jewellery. Queer owned and featuring minimalist designs made from reclaimed materials, Automic Gold is setting new standards for ethical jewellery.

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Natalie Marie Jewellery

Rated: Good
A fine gold bodychain by Natalie Marie Jewellery.

Eyana Body Chain – Ships internationally from Australia

The Eyana Body Chain features a fine drop line or wire at both the front and the back, on a delicate, solid gold or sterling silver chain.

Based in Sydney, Natalie Marie Jewellery was born out of a passion for the craft with a focus on sustainability and high quality materials.

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Untold Jewellery

Rated: Good
A dainty and striking pendant from Untold jewellery.

AFFINITY 9kt Gold Marquise Pendant – Ships internationally from the UK

The AFFINITY pendant is dainty but striking. Cute worn alone, or worn inside the HARMONY pendant jackets. You can customise the metal, gemstone, and necklace length to suit your tastes.

Untold Jewellery is a UK-based accessories label that creates unique pieces using fairtrade gold, gemstones, and materials.

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Laura Lombardi

Rated: Good
A hand assembled chain necklace with graduated drop detail in 14kt gold plated brass.

Scala Necklace – Ships internationally from the US

Hand assembled chain necklace with graduated drop detail in 14kt gold plated brass.

Laura Lombardi is an eponymous jewellery line made and designed in New York that features the latest trends and ethics.

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Rated: Great
A sustainable necklace pendant with four separate strands on a sterling silver chain in your choice of length.

Grassveld Pendant – Ships internationally from South Africa

Inspired by the wind blowing through South Africa’s Highveld grassland, this sustainable necklace pendant consists of four separate strands on a sterling silver chain in your choice of length. Both the pendant and the chain are crafted from sterling silver reclaimed from e-waste.

AuTerra is a South African brand that creates sustainable jewellery handcrafted in precious metals recycled from e-waste.

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Bario Neal

Rated: Good
A cluster necklace features morganite, diamond, and champagne diamond.

Burst Cluster Morganite with Diamond Pendant – Ships internationally from the US

This gorgeous cluster necklace features morganite, diamond, and champagne diamond.

Bario Neal is an ethical custom jewellery designer that creates handmade rings and fine jewellery with conflict-free diamonds and other gemstones. The brand uses ethically sourced materials, including reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, and ethically sourced stones to bring to life each of its uniquely designed pieces.

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Raven + Lily

Rated: Good
A geometric link necklace made from upcycled brass.

Kia Link Necklace – Ships internationally from the US

Playful yet bold, the Kia Link Necklace is made from upcycled brass in Kenya. It is inspired by pioneering female artists Hilma af Klint and Emma Kunz and their abstract use of geometric shapes.

Raven + Lily supports local female artisans to create handmade jewellery, bags, and homewares. This US brand’s products are eco-friendly and empower communities through fair wages, healthcare, and education.

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Rated: Good
A gold-filled necklace with your monogram.

Monogram Necklace – Ships within the US and Canada from the US

Customise this gold-filled necklace with your monogram and layer with other ABLE necklaces for an everyday, layered look.

ABLE is a US-based clothing and accessories brand that works with communities all over the world to make a meaningful impact, producing slow fashion that pays a living wage to women who have faced extraordinary circumstances. It uses eco-friendly materials, and reuses water and materials to minimise waste. With thoughtful design and a level of quality that guarantees its products for life, its pieces aren’t just an investment for your wardrobe, they are an investment in women around the world.

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People Tree

Rated: Great
A long moon pendant necklace from People Tree.

Silver Plated Moon Necklace – Ships internationally from the UK

In a long pendant style, this accent Moon Necklace is a great addition to any number of tops and dresses.

Sustainable fashion pioneer and leader People Tree is a seriously ethical brand and one of our favourites. The brand uses eco-friendly materials and addresses labour risks by adopting the Fairtrade International – Small Producers Organisations Code of Conduct.

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Rated: Great
A beautiful thread twisted necklace.

Entwined Necklace in Madder Pink – Ships internationally from the UK

Beautiful twisted necklace, created for Mayamiko by women empowerment partner workshop Amma in Sri Lanka using natural plant dyes.

Mayamiko takes ethical to the next level with their unique and beautiful fair trade fashion and accessories. With a stunning mix of modern and traditional textiles and cuts from Africa, Asia, and Italy, this 100% PETA-certified vegan brand should be high on your list for colourful clothes. A leading advocate for better labour rights, the brand has also created the Mayamiko Trust, a charity working in the community to train and empower disadvantaged women.

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Adele Dejak

Rated: Good
A gold choker by Adele Dejak.

Hamazzi Brass Choker – Ships internationally from Kenya

The beautiful Hamazzi choker is the perfect piece to express your individual style and make a statement. Handcast and made of recycled brass and aluminium.

Adele Dejak’s designs are bold and sophisticated. Made ethically in Kenya from environment-friendly materials, Adele Dejak respects the traditions of the past.

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Holly Ryan

Rated: Good
A gold swirl link necklace from Holly Ryan.

Nautilus Necklace – Ships internationally from Australia

Spiralling like a nautilus shell, each swirl link on this sustainable necklace has been crafted by hand and soldered together in Australia.

Thoughtfully designed, handcrafted jewellery. Quiet luxury for the modern mind. If something you purchase from Holly Ryan has lost its lustre, the brand offers an in-house repair service and also invites you to return the pieces you no longer wear. That’s the kind of circularity we love to see.

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