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01 Jul

10 Things to Know in Sustainable Fashion This July

Every month, the Good On You team scours the internet to find you the ethical and sustainable fashion news that matters. Here’s everything you need to know in July 2024.

In the know

Seoul Authorities Find SHEIN Products Contain High Levels of Toxic Chemicals (Le Monde)

A recent report released by the South Korean government found that many clothes from fast fashion retailer SHEIN contain high levels of phthalates—a chemical used to soften plastic. Le Monde reported that: “One pair of shoes contained 428 times the permitted levels of phthalates—the highest observed so far during the Seoul inspections—and three bags had amounts as high as 153 times the limit, the city government said.”

Fast Fashion Retailer SHEIN Filed for London Listing in Early June (Reuters)

Just days after South Korea’s report on SHEIN’s toxic clothing, the retailer quietly filed to kickstart a listing on the London Stock Exchange, according to anonymous sources who spoke to Reuters. It’s still unclear when the listing might happen, but it’ll likely bring the retailer more money and more publicity, whilst also opening it to scrutiny from shareholders.

Fashion Can’t Wait on Regulation to Act on Sustainability (Business of Fashion)

Dr. Achim Berg calls for swift industry action alongside regulation in an article for Business of Fashion. It comes after Berg noted many presenters and speakers at Copenhagen’s Global Fashion Summit were counting on lawmakers and legislation to compel brands to uphold their climate promises. “In short, the wait for regulation risks becoming just another smokescreen to disguise, delay and excuse industry inaction at a time when it needs to rapidly accelerate,” Berg writes.

Is the EU About to Give Synthetic Fibre Makers a Competitive Advantage? (Vogue Business)

Journalist Sophie Benson reports that farmers around the world are concerned the European Commission’s proposed EU Green Claims Directive—originally aimed at preventing greenwashing—could potentially benefit manufacturers of synthetic fibres thanks to a methodology that “misrepresents natural fibres as harmful to the environment”.

Separate Textile Collections Key to Tackling Clothing Waste, Says Ellen MacArthur Foundation (Sustainability Beat)

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s new report, Pushing the Boundaries of EPR Policy for Textiles, highlights the importance of distinct textile collections and extended producer responsibility (EPR) in addressing the issue of clothing waste.

Will Europe Take Responsibility For Its Waste? (Atmos)

“A swing to the right in the European Parliament raises concerns about the future of green policies, but hope is not lost for a key piece of fashion regulation,” reports Atmos.

Fast Fashion Firms Could Be Penalised for Aggressive Marketing (Euronews)

European authorities are advocating for measures to address the fast fashion industry, which would involve imposing levies on companies that rely on low prices and rapid turnover as part of their business and marketing approach.

Fashion Industry Giants Keep Failing to Fix Labor Exploitation (The Fashion Law)

The Fashion Law asks why fashion still hasn’t cleaned up its act for labour rights abuse. After recent reports that Christian Dior and Giorgio Armani have been using suppliers linked to garment worker exploitation, alongside fast fashion giants receiving frequent criticism for their practices, it seems no corner of the market is without its issues.

Green Behaviour Podcast: Leveraging Consumer Behavior to Drive Sustainability in Fashion (The Sustainable Fashion Forum)

In the first episode of Sustainable Fashion Forum’s new Green Behaviour podcast, founder Brittany Sierra explores the critical role that consumers play in driving sustainability initiatives forward. “Regardless of how groundbreaking, forward-thinking, or revolutionary a sustainable solution may be, its success and ability to create change ultimately depend on consumer adoption and support,” argues Sierra.


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ARTICLE22 Collaborates with Ukrainian Artist on New REVIVAL Collection

“Good” brand ARTICLE22 specialises in transforming war shrapnel into beautiful, poignant pieces of jewellery, and its latest collection, REVIVAL, is a partnership with Ukranian artist Stanislav Drokin which sees detonated metals from the Kharkiv region turned into one-of-a-kind pendants. Drokin told Carmel Monthly: “Its goal is to transform the negative energy of destruction into the positive energy of creation“. The collection is available through ARTICLE22’s website and Robert Goodman Jewelers in the US.

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