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A group of women in Nepal wearing traditional colourful clothing and kneeling in front of a pile of garlic which they are throwing into the air in celebration.
16 Jan
A group of women in Nepal wearing traditional colourful clothing and kneeling in front of a pile of garlic which they are throwing into the air in celebration.

Championing Women: Oxfam Italia Launches Gender Equality Campaign

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Delve into the latest collaborative efforts of Oxfam Italia and LVRSustainable, unveiling a new initiative for championing women and bolstering gender equality.

Gender Equality Means Growth campaign

Oxfam Italia and LVRSustainable have joined forces once again, this time for a women’s empowerment initiative that aims to foster economic growth through mentorship programs. These programs are designed to both enhance women’s skills and capabilities and support women’s leadership at all levels, and take place across the world, so far running in Nepal and Sierra Leone. Running from November 29th, 2023, to February 1st, 2024, the campaign focuses on supporting women in unlocking their full potential and achieving economic independence.

How gender equality transforms entire communities

Oxfam, a humanitarian organisation committed to fighting inequality, recognises that gender equality is integral to economic, social, and environmental justice. By championing women’s rights and empowering them, Oxfam Italia seeks to create a transformative effect that extends beyond individual empowerment to positively impact entire communities.

On average, women worldwide are paid 24% less than men, and unpaid work equals three times the time invested in the same field by men.

Oxfam Italia

Achieving gender equality is a fundamental step for a fair and improved society. Oxfam Italia emphasises its significance, pointing out that achieving economic fairness involves addressing the pay gap and ensuring women aren’t burdened with an unfair share of unpaid work. Real economic parity is essential for shaping economies that are fair and accessible to everyone.

However, it goes beyond the financial. Gender equality acts as a catalyst for creating a balanced and inclusive social and economic environment. It’s about dismantling outdated systems that exclude or hinder individuals, fostering an atmosphere where everyone’s rights are respected. In the environmental space, gender equality contributes to sustainable development by ensuring diverse voices in decision-making processes, promoting a balanced approach to ecological challenges.

Gender equality also plays a crucial role in combating violence and discrimination. Empowering women economically and socially reduces the likelihood of them facing harm. This shift is critical for creating a society where individuals, irrespective of gender, can live free from fear and discrimination. By supporting women’s rights and enhancing their financial standing, we set in motion a ripple effect that uplifts families, communities, and global society. So, it’s not merely an ideal; it’s a necessary step for a fair and continually progressing world.

Women-to-women economic growth mentorship programs

The heart of Oxfam’s initiatives lies in providing mentorship programs that enhance women’s skills and capabilities through fostering the development of female entrepreneurship, actualising business ideas, and launching initiatives. “Through all these years and continuous work that has been done with Oxfam Italia, we aim not only to raise awareness but also to contribute to gender equality and women’s growth projects,” shares Fernanda Hernandez, Head of Sustainability at LuisaViaRoma. By fostering economic growth, the programs aim to fortify women’s autonomy, power, and decision-making abilities. This collective effort recognises the powerful concept of women supporting women, acknowledging that empowering women contributes to broader positive progress.

If women had equal access to resources compared to men, global poverty would decrease by 17%, saving 150 million people.

Oxfam Italia

Oxfam’s work in Nepal and Sierra Leone illustrates the transformative impact of such initiatives. Through comprehensive training, Oxfam has dedicated itself to enhancing the technical, leadership, and financial capacities of women’s groups. These women have gone on to play pivotal roles in their communities, contributing to leadership in various projects, launching microenterprises, and actively participating in decision-making related to disaster management.

You can learn more about the campaign or also donate money directly to the campaign to give women a chance at a better future.

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