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Someone in a black and white stylish outfit sitting on a red brick stoop and reading a newspaper.
24 Apr
Someone in a black and white stylish outfit sitting on a red brick stoop and reading a newspaper.

News Edit 24th April: Fashion Revolution Week, Garment Workers Exploitation, and Demanding Living Wages

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How to Get Involved in Fashion Revolution Week 2023

Fashion Revolution is here. This week is a great time to get up-to-date on the most pressing issues in fashion. You’ll be able to attend many digital and a few physical events, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and even online public demonstrations—all spreading the word about building a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry. Want to participate and make your voice heard? Here’s how you can join the Fashion Revolution online and offline.

A Decade After the Rana Plaza Collapse, Garment Workers Are Still Exploited

“Building safety has improved, but the economics of the clothing industry remain stacked against the people who make most of what the world wears,” reports Bloomberg.

American Garment Workers Paid as Little as 1.58 Dollars per Hour

According to Fashion United, citing a new report by the US Department of Labour, “a survey of Southern California garment-sewing contractors and manufacturers has found workers making garments sold by many of the nation’s leading fashion retailers often continue to be victims of wage theft and employers’ illegal pay practices.”

Good Clothes, Fair Pay: Demand a Living Wage for the People Who Make Our Clothes

Launched last year, Good Clothes Fair Pay aims for 1 million signatures from EU citizens by July 2023 to demand legislation on living wages in the fashion industry. This European Citizens’​ Initiative and campaign driven by Fashion Revolution—alongside organisations, NGOs, labour rights leaders, and other living wage experts—was the first of its kind to launch in the EU.

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