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Man wearing Neem London
14 May
Man wearing Neem London

Looking for More Sustainable Menswear? Meet Neem

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From regenerative fabrics to Italian-inspired design, here are all the ways Neem is defining the future of more sustainable menswear.

If “Good”-rated brand Neem is anything to go by then more sustainable menswear is about to have a real moment

You see, back in 2021, we reported on the “eco gender gap”, in which there are comparatively few brands focused on menswear in the sustainable fashion space. Looking at Good On You ratings data, we found that there were 108% more sustainable brands focused on womenswear than menswear, and three years on from that report, it’s still hard to find certain menswear styles that rate highly against our methodology. The reasons for that are many, as we reported then, but the fact remains, we need better brands for men (and anybody who wears menswear) to take a leadership role on the issues that matter.

So when a brand comes along that does—like Neem—it really is something to pay attention to.

Why we rate Neem ‘Good’

Founder Nick Reed created Neem after witnessing the damage being done to the planet by some of the UK’s biggest formalwear brands when we worked for them. “This business has to change… so we have created a circular and elegant collection that is the future of menswear,” he says.

Neem uses recycled and regeneratively farmed cotton, and merino wool that’s traceable back to the farm and certified to ZQ’s animal welfare, environmental, and social responsibility standards. The brand also discloses details of its suppliers—many of whom are powered by renewable energy—and does a lifecycle assessment for every garment.

Its commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at the sale of its clothes, either—Neem offers a repair and alteration service, and has a take-back scheme to ensure its garments are taken care of at the end of their lives.

Neem’s collection highlights

The British brand has not only been championed by the likes of Colin Firth, Efe Efeturi, and Pete Doherty, but it has nailed a collection of cool clothes that have strong sustainability credentials and wouldn’t look out of place at Pitti Uomo—one of the most stylish events on the menswear calendar. Think sumptuous ZQ Merino polo shirts, printed Tencel neck scarves, coloured recycled cotton socks, and perennially wearable overshirts. It’s a recipe for sprezzatura—that often elusive sense of “studied nonchalance”. Here are some of the highlights.

Collage of Neem clothing

Biodegradable Tencel scarf; flannel overshirt; recycled and organic cotton-Oxford popover shirt; ZQ merino wool t-shirt


Collage of Neem clothing

ZQ merino wool polo shirt; recycled leather belt; recycled socks


Collage of Neem clothing

Chambray slub shirt; regenerative cotton Nehru shirt; recycled socks


Collage of Neem clothing

Beanie hat; Sorona rain jacket; striped shirt


Neem’s sizing ranges from small to extra large—you can find detailed information on its sizing and garment fits on the brand’s website.

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