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A colourful green, black, and yellow leopard print long more sustainable men's pyjama set by Printfresh.
02 Jun
A colourful green, black, and yellow leopard print long more sustainable men's pyjama set by Printfresh.

Sleep Soundly in These More Sustainable Men’s Pyjamas

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Finding pyjamas that match your morals and your sleep time routine can be tricky, but this guide uncovers some of the best brands in the sustainable fashion game making sleepwear you’ll love to curl up in at the end of the day.

Conscious sleepwear for the modern menswear consumer

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the environmental impact of the fashion industry, prompting an increasing demand for more ethically produced and eco-friendly clothing. Pyjamas—an essential part of many people’s daily (or rather, nightly) lives—are no exception.

We spend a third of our lives in bed, so having comfortable, breathable pyjamas is essential. But the concept of more sustainable pyjamas—in this case, men’s pyjamas and folks of any gender who want the menswear look—goes beyond their mere appearance and comfort. It encompasses a range of considerations, from the materials used in their production to the manufacturing processes employed, the brands’ social and ethical responsibilities, and the garments’ overall lifespan. By investing in more sustainable pyjamas, you can not only prioritise your well being but also contribute to the well being of our planet.

The list below highlights brands leading the way in responsible menswear, making it easier than ever to make responsible choices without compromising style or comfort. These brands use innovative and lower-impact fabrics in their PJs, such as organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled materials, transforming how pyjamas are designed and manufactured. Let’s get cosy and meet the brands.

A note on degendering fashion

While this article may be addressing keywords on menswear, here’s the simple truth: clothes don’t have any gender. It sometimes seems silly how the industry ascribes gender to inanimate garments like t-shirts and socks. We believe people of all genders should be able to express themselves however they want, regardless of the binary marketing. So when you use our directory to search for brands, we automatically deliver search results without any consideration to gender. If you still want to find products labelled as menswear or womenswear, you can use our filters.

Brands creating lower-impact men’s pyjamas and sleepwear


Rated: Good
A colourful green, black, and yellow leopard print long more sustainable men's pyjama set by Printfresh.

Men’s Long Sleep Set – Ships internationally from the US

This fabulous PJ set is for those who appreciate the finer things in life, like the most comfortable sleepwear in an eye-catching print.

US-based Printfresh was founded in 2016 by textile designer and fashion entrepreneur Amy Voloshin and her husband (and business partner) Leo Voloshin. A majority woman-owned business, Printfresh is a collection of sleepwear, apparel, and lifestyle items inspired by plants, animals, and home décor.

Find the pyjamas in sizes XS-3XL at the time of writing.

See the rating.

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The Ethical Silk Company

Rated: Good
Cream mulberry silk long pyjamas in menswear and womenswear by The Ethical Silk Company.

Men’s Mulberry Silk Pyjamas – Ships internationally from Ireland

Go full on fancy by indulging in this mulberry silk men’s pyjama set in its natural ivory hue.

Irish brand The Ethical Silk Company produces scarves, wraps, loungewear, and more that are responsibly made from 100% mulberry silk. For ultimate comfort, indulge in a pair of the mulberry silk pyjamas, printed by hand using the traditional craft of blockprinting.

Find the pyjamas in sizes XS-XL at the time of writing.

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Rated: Good
Green and white striped poplin short men's pyjamas by Tekla.

Poplin Sleepwear – Ships internationally from Denmark

Poplin is perfect for warmer weather sleepwear, and flannel for chilly nights. This unisex Poplin set comes in long or short sleeves and legs in a variety of prints to suit your taste.

Tekla is a Copenhagen-based brand that offers thoughtfully made robes and sleepwear for home comfort. It creates functional designs of uncompromising quality from preferred fabrics like organic cotton.

Find the pyjamas in sizes 2XS-L at the time of writing.

See the rating.

Shop Tekla.

Shop Tekla @ LVRSustainable.


Rated: Good
White tee and orange print flannel men's pyjama pants by KOMODO.

Men’s GOTS Organic Cotton Pyjama Set – Ships internationally from the UK

Get your new favourite jim jams from Komodo. You can’t go wrong with this vegan organic cotton top and flannel pants set.

UK brand Komodo puts people and the planet first with its more ethically-sourced and eco-friendly range of menswear and womenswear. The label uses some more responsible materials including GOTS-certified cotton and hemp, and ensures that most of its suppliers pay a living wage to their workers.

Find most of the range in UK sizes 8-16.

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Shop Komodo @ Staiy.

Shop Komodo @ Immaculate Vegan.

Harvest & Mill

Rated: Great
A natural hue organic cotton tee and shorts men's lounge set by Harvest & Mill.

Men’s Organic Natural Pack – Ships internationally from Canada

Okay, technically this is a men’s loungewear set, but you could sleep in it, work out in it, or hang out in it at your leisure. It’s made from 100% US grown and sewn organic cotton.

Harvest & Mill pieces are grown, milled, and sewn exclusively in the US, supporting American organic cotton farmers and local sewing communities. The brand makes basics for everyone, always ensuring they are not dyed or bleached, greatly reducing the use of water, energy, and dye materials. Even better, by cultivating different varieties of cotton, the brand is able to bolster biodiversity, which is essential for ensuring healthy ecosystems and keeping our planet resilient in the face of climate change.

Find the pyjamas in sizes XS-XL at the time of writing.

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Rated: Good
A men's long sleep shirt or nightie in deep blue responsibly made by Noctu.

Men’s Nightshirt – Ships internationally from the UK

Branch out and go for a “mighty” (men’s nightie). Trust, it’s comfy, breathable, and perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Noctu is a UK-based brand that creates beautiful and comfortable nightwear and loungewear. Minimalist styles made from luxuriously soft organic cotton, where simplicity and function meet comfort.

Find the pyjamas in sizes M-L at the time of writing.

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Rated: Good
Black cuffed bamboo men's long pyjama pants by Boody.

Men’s Cuffed Sleep Pant – Ships internationally from Australia

Sleep pants are notorious for riding up your legs while you twist and turn in bed, so these men’s cuffed sleep pants by Boody are a great fix.

Founded in Australia by two best friends, Boody is a clothing brand with comfort, style, and health at its core. It creates comfortable, thoughtfully-made everyday essentials made from organically grown bamboo. It reduces waste through lower-waste cutting techniques and using a closed-loop system in its supply chain, supporting the green and ethical movement.

Find the pyjamas in sizes S-XL at the time of writing.

See the rating.

Shop Boody.

Shop Boody @ Immaculate Vegan.


Rated: Good
Grey cuffed responsible men's long pyjama pants by PACT.

Cool-Stretch Sleep Pant – Ships internationally from the US

These soft grey organic cotton sleep pants are stretchy and ready for anything, but mostly for bed. Relatable, anyone?

PACT is a US-based brand that is passionate about being part of a movement transforming the way apparel is made. All of its clothing is sweatshop-free and child-labour-free, and its activewear range is almost entirely made from certified organic cotton, with more than 50% also certified as Fair Trade.

Find the pyjamas in sizes S-XL at the time of writing.

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Rated: Good

If you prefer a classic striped drawstring pair of men’s PJ pants, Coyuchi has you covered.

Coyuchi is an American brand that offers luxurious organic cotton bedding, towels, sleepwear, and more. It uses a high proportion of more eco-friendly materials including Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton.

Find the pyjamas in sizes M-XL at the time of writing.

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Rated: Good
Someone in chai dye pj set by Bhumi.

Chai Dye Short PJ Set – Ships internationally from the Netherlands

We love these blissfully soft chai-dyed shorts pj set comfy for relaxing with two generous pockets.

Australian brand Bhumi makes 100% Fairtrade, organic, and vegan basics and bedding. The brand believes in sustainable luxury, paving the way for a new era in the textile industry by choosing fairtrade organic fabrics for all of its products.

Find the pyjamas in sizes S-L at the time of writing.

See the rating.

Shop Bhumi.

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