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A soft pink 100% TENCEL V neck belted maxi dress responsible-made by Mila.Vert.
01 Aug
A soft pink 100% TENCEL V neck belted maxi dress responsible-made by Mila.Vert.

‘Great’ Brand Mila.Vert Adds an Element of Luxury to the Responsible Fashion Space

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Mila.Vert designs contemporary classics with a sophisticated edge, made to fit you—and your values—perfectly. Here’s how this “everyday luxury” brand rates.

Embodying a slow fashion practice

One of the key features of a slow fashion brand is to reject trends, and Slovenia-based Mila.Vert embodies that to a tee. This is one brand that considers the longevity of its designs from the cutting room to your wardrobe and beyond, tapping into a timeless aesthetic in high-quality and lower-impact fabrics to leave a big impact on your wardrobe, but a light one on the planet.

In 2015, Tina Logar Bauchmüller became a mother and a fashion designer, and she knew from the beginning that her core value of showing respect to everyone and everything must be the foundation of her label: “For me, Mila.Vert represents the story of empowerment, of following your passion and being kind to yourself and to others. And this is how I want to make you feel.”

Every single piece of Mila.Vert clothing represents me, so I want every single piece to be kind to you. At the same time, it should also be kind to nature and the people who made it.

Tina Logar Bauchmüller – Founder

Read on to learn exactly how this conscious and luxurious brand is leaving a mark on the evolving sustainable fashion space by empowering its workers and customers to live life a little slower, a little kinder, and leave the earth a little better than they found it.

Planet: working with nature

Mila.Vert believes in working with nature, not against it, and this philosophy is evident in its careful selection of organic and lower-impact materials. It uses a high proportion of preferred fabrics like GOTS certified organic cotton, hemp, and linen, limiting the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production.

Taking it a step further, Mila.Vert manufactures everything locally in two Slovenia-based factories for the greatest level of transparency and traceability and follows a made-to-order approach to eliminate leftover stock and avoid overproduction. We’re pleased to award Mila.Vert our highest score of “Great” for its environmental impact.

People: a responsible approach

Good On You believes in a world where everyone is empowered by their work in the fashion industry and beyond, instead of belittled by it. Mila.Vert feels the same way, and to embody this principle in their designs, they manufacture all their garments close to home in Slovenia. By visiting suppliers directly and regularly, the brand can ensure safe working conditions and fair wages.

Mila.Vert has a formal statement covering workers’ rights and traces most of its supply chain. It ensures workers in the final production stage are paid a living wage, though not in its entire supply chain. The brand has also recently added living wage information to its Code of Conduct. Thanks to these efforts, it is rated “Good” for workers.

A close up of someone sewing on a Mila.Vert label to a garment, stylised in black and white.

Animals: a cruelty-free focus

With a “Good” score here for animal welfare, Mila.Vert intentionally avoids virgin wool and other animal fibres in its products, but acknowledges the problem of textile waste and uses recycled wool along with other recycled fabrics in some winter coats. The vast majority of the range is PETA-approved vegan, however, which can be easily spotted on each product page by the handy symbol.

Overall rating: Great

Overall, we’re happy to award Mila.Vert our highest possible score of “Great” in our latest review for its continued efforts for people, the planet, and animals. This is one brand exemplifying a fairer fashion industry, proving it’s possible to create beautiful, long-lasting, luxe-quality clothes that are kind to the earth and all its inhabitants.

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Our editors’ 7 favourites from Mila.Vert’s SS23 collection

Mila.Vert’s SS23 collection combines the elegance and timelessness of minimalist design with the lighter footprint of fabrics like organic cotton, TENCEL™, European linen, and ECOVERO™. Mix and match the neutral tones, pastels, and complementary textures for a more sustainable, luxurious wardrobe this season and many to come.

A favourite piece of clothing fits plenty of occasions and can be worn again and again, so we design quality classics rather than respond to trends.


V-Neck Belted Maxi Dress

A soft pink 100% TENCEL V neck belted maxi dress responsible-made by Mila.Vert.

Airy and flowy, this V-neck belted maxi dress is an embodiment of elegance, yet remains easy to wear and easy to style thanks to its TENCEL™ fabric. With a maxi length that reaches down to the ankles, the dress features a delicate V-neckline, a fabric belt, and broad belt hooks.

Denim Pocket Detail Jacket

A white button-up denim jacket with two front pockets made more sustainably by Mila.Vert.

The denim pocket detail jacket is set to become your new favourite minimalist staple. The classic white beauty features a wide shirt collar, long sleeves, and two front pockets. Made with organic cotton, the jacket can be dressed up or down and worn buttoned up or unbuttoned for a more relaxed look.

EcoVero Slip Dress

A light beige ECOVERO strappy dress responsibly-made by Mila.Vert.

The EcoVero slip dress represents Mila.Vert’s take on a timeless silky classic. It features a wide V-neckline, shoulder straps, and a luxuriously smooth surface thanks to the shiny viscose ECOVERO™ fabric. The versatility of the dress allows you to elegantly dress it up for a celebration dinner or wear it with sneakers for a stroll around the city.

Tencel Short-Sleeved Top

A beige mid sleeve Tencel top made by Mila.Vert.

Mila.Vert’s TENCEL™ short-sleeved top is a must-have capsule wardrobe item to be worn on its own or layered. It features a regular fit, a round neckline, and short sleeves. Thanks to its super soft TENCEL™ fabric, it will keep you comfortably cool even in the warmer months.

Knitted Strap Dress

A beige knitted strap dress ethically made by Mila.Vert.

The knitted strap dress takes inspiration from the brand’s best-selling knitted strap top. It features a relaxed fit, a deep front and back V-shaped neckline, and wide shoulder straps.

Linen Shorts

A pair of comfortable white linen shorts made by Mila.Vert.

As far as shorts go, these linen shorts are true classics. With just the right length, a stretchy waistline, and wide pockets, the shorts are comfortable, easy to style, and ready to become your new favourite companion for sunny days.

Tencel Sateen Sarong

A light blue Mila.Vert Tencel sarong styled as a dress and a skirt.

This sarong is a multipurpose TENCEL™ fabric sheet. It can be tied in different ways, either as a skirt or as a dress, while the luxuriously smooth surface adds a touch of glamour to this versatile garment.


Rated: Great


female presenting models in mila vert clothing

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Mila.Vert makes chic, minimalist clothes that have a distinctly modern feel. The Slovenia-based brand produces clothes in small batches based on a pre-order system to minimise waste and help to avoid the ethical and environmental issues that the fashion industry represents.

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