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05 Mar

HARA The Label, the brand on a mission to empower humankind

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“We have a big vision,” says HARA The Label founder Allie Cameron. Her brand is known for its ethical basics, but from day one, Allie has dreamed of creating a platform of hope, change, innovation and sustainability in fashion.

Scrolling through HARA The Label’s Instagram feed, you’ll find a sea of bright popping colours and strong feminine figures. The brand specialises in organic bamboo cotton underwear and loungewear, with its vibrant colours achieved naturally with Turmeric, Indigo and Madder Root plants.

HARA’s brand aesthetic is empowering and full of spirit, which Allie believes reflects the women who wear it. “The HARA woman is comfortable in her own skin and moves to her own flow,” Allie says, “she embodies freedom and love. She shows up and fights for what she believes in.”

Searching for the power within

The brand is still relatively young – established in 2016 – but Allie says it’s actually been a work in process for much longer than that. Before founding HARA, Allie was collecting unique vintage and pre-loved clothing and reselling to customers online. It was during this time that she developed awareness of the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry. She wanted to protect the environment and restore power to people who had fallen victim to exploitation in the name of fashion.

“I didn’t know what it would be called or what exactly I would be selling, but I knew the values behind it would be to help the Earth regain its power,” says Allie.

The environment, nature, Mother Earth is our home, caring for this home, as a collective species, should be our top priority.

Allie Cameron – HARA founder

Looking for the right fabric for her label, Allie considered water overuse and pesticide pollution  – the kinds of problems caused by non-organic cotton. That’s when she turned to Bamboo. “Bamboo needs no pesticides to grow, hardly any water, it purifies the air in which it is grown in and needs little space to thrive,” Allie says.

Equally, tackling Human rights abuse was a driving force behind HARA The Label. “It’s a devastating fact that there are people living without clean water because of the fashion industry, or that there are people unable to feed their families because they are being exploited, underpaid and undervalued,” she says

Self-love and love for the planet go hand in hand

By encouraging customers to reflect on themselves, Allie has built HARA The Label to create a shift in the way that we think about our shopping choices. “It is worthwhile to invest in companies that are working towards preserving and sustainably managing the environment that is keeping you alive,” Allie declares.

Choose the world you want to live in and invest in that; invest in life, invest in clean water, invest in environmentally and sustainable products, and you shall see those things grow.

Allie Cameron – HARA founder


Rated: Good

HARA is a clothing label designed for you and our earth collectively. The brand specialises in organic bamboo cotton underwear and loungewear, with its vibrant colours achieved naturally with turmeric, indigo, and madder root plants.

HARA's products are inclusively sized with a range of XS-5XL.

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