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27 Oct
Someone using a PC and laptop with brightly coloured screens.

The Living Green Universe by Free Spirit Brands: A New Online Store Curating More Sustainable Styles

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New online retailer Free Spirit Brands aims to shift the shopping sphere to be more ethical and sustainable by providing curated products from better brands all in one place.

A ‘chic and unique’ shopping experience for the conscious consumer

After experiencing a host of medical conditions caused by working in an 9/11 environment with toxic chemical exposure and mercury poisoning related to dental amalgams, coupled with other health issues, Free Spirit Brands founder Ty Lopez knew she wanted to do her bit in the burgeoning eco-shopping space.

“These experiences have given me first hand knowledge of the importance of the products we consume and the environmental impacts around us, and on our bodies and our collective lives,” Lopez tells us.

The Living Green Universe by Free Spirit Brands is a social platform and marketplace of stylish responsible fashion, digital wearables, and innovative eco-products, connecting people from all over the globe to raise awareness and promote conscious consumption.

While the brand started back in 2014 with research and development for patent pending sustainable and wellness feminine care products, it has recently expanded to include a host of goods across fashion and beyond to have a greater positive impact on the world of online shopping. Let’s take a closer look.

How Free Spirit Brands does things differently

Dubbed “The Living Green Universe platform”, Lopez says this isn’t your conventional retailer. While it does have a shopping element, it is also a resource for sustainability education and news, brand ratings powered by Good On You, and forging a strong community both online and in person.

Partnership with a purpose

A crucial part of Good On You’s mission is to make ethical and sustainable shopping more accessible to millions of people worldwide. We partner with brands and retailers that match our morals and help them figure out how to uphold and enact the values we share. With our help, Free Spirit Brands aims to provide sustainability ratings across its listed fashion products, and support “Good” and “Great” brands you’ll love.

Living Green membership

To use The Living Green Universe by Free Spirit Brands, you’ll need to jump on a membership tier from one to four—they range from free through to $15 per month, and offer a range of benefits including portions of each sale going directly to the Global Footprint Network, helping to power the Environment Impact Quiz for use on the site, generous discounts, and collecting Living Green points with every purchase.

Our favourite brands to support at Free Spirit Brands

These “Good” and “Great” rated brands are selling their responsible goods over on The Living Green Universe platform by Free Spirit Brands and are worth checking out if you’re in the market for new clothes doing better for people, the planet, and animals.


Rated: Great
People in clothes by Etica.

ÉTICA is a premium US luxury brand that features innovative design and cutting-edge technology. Find most items in sizes 38-48.

See the rating.

Shop ÉTICA @ Free Spirit Brands.


Rated: Good

OhSevenDays was started by Australian-Canadian Megan Mummery to promote slow fashion and the “power of circularity”. Based in Istanbul, the brand reclaims end-of-roll fabrics from the city’s garment factories and creates sharp, everyday womenswear that’s as wearable as it is ethical. Essentially, it makes slow fashion from fast fashion’s leftovers. OhSevenDays’ garments are available in sizes XS-XL or custom sizing.

See the rating.

Shop OhSevenDays @ Free Spirit Brands.


Rated: Good

This brand started off selling just white shirts, but has recently expanded into a full range with clever tailoring, creative cuts, and details that mean there’s a shape and style to suit everyone. All GRAMMAR’s clothes are made from ethically sourced 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and produced in small batches in New York City. The range is available in US sizes 0-16.

See the rating.

Shop GRAMMAR @ Free Spirit Brands.


Rated: Good

ZEROBARRACENTO is an Italian brand that creates zero-waste silhouettes that celebrate the personality of those who wear it. You can find most pieces in sizes S-L.

See the rating.

Shop ZEROBARRACENTO @ Free Spirit Brands.

Dressarte Paris

Rated: Good
custom sustainable design studio, Dressarte Paris.

Dressarte Paris is a custom-made clothing label that curates unique clothing for a worldwide clientele. It sources luxurious surplus and eco-friendly fabrics to create a wonderfully chic sustainable wardrobe. Its products are made to order where you can choose from existing sizes, or enter in your own measurements for a custom order that not only minimises textile waste but celebrates all sizes.

See the rating.

Shop Dressarte Paris @ Free Spirit Brands.

Exciting innovations to come

The Living Green Universe is in the middle of a total redesign to incorporate a set of innovative new features, including a sustainability impact metaverse portal and digital fashion portals to showcase ingenuity and provide immersion into the everchanging shopping experience in fashion.

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