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What Is Fast Fashion?

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Clothes shopping used to be an occasional event – something that happened a few times a year when the seasons changed, or we outgrew what we had.  But about 20 years ago something changed. Clothes became cheaper, trend cycles sped up and shopping became a form of entertainment. Enter Fast Fashion – and the global chains that now dominate our high streets and online. But what is Fast Fashion? And how does it impact people and planet? Read More

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Our Top 5 Favourite French Ethical Brands

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France has long been known as a fashion powerhouse, with Paris home to many of the world’s most famous houses including Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent. But while many of these luxury brands have been slow to join the ethical fashion revolution, an increasing number of smaller labels are leading the way. Here are our five favourite French brands rated ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ in the Good On You app. Read More

Patagonia, Trail Running And The Campaign To Save Tasmania’s Wilderness

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Outdoor clothing label Patagonia  have long been campaigners for environmental issues.  For more than 30 years, their ‘1% For The Planet program’ has supported grassroots campaigns, raising almost $90 million to preserve the natural world.  Now Patagonia has turned its attention towards securing World Heritage protection for Tasmania’s ancient and unique Tarkine/takayna rainforest – with the help of a trail-running doctor. Read More

5 Stages of Grief: Breaking Up with an Unethical Brand

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Choosing to spend your money on ethical brands may sound simple enough – you find companies that benefit people and the planet, and shop there instead. The real challenge often lies in giving up the brands that fail to meet your values.

Going through a break-up with an unethical brand is hard, but the Good On You community is here to hold your hand through the process! Here’s what to expect when you say “sayonara” to a label you once loved.

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How To Do Music Festivals Ethically and Sustainably

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Summer is that time of year when the fun circuit of festivals are in full swing. The lineups have been released, you’re gearing up for an awesome weekend outdoors with great music and friends, but your sustainable self wants to minimise your impact on the environment in the process. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to doing festivals ethically, with tips that can carry across from the festival ground into our day to day lives.
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