How Ethical is Matt and Nat?

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Vegan accessories brand Matt and Nat began in 1995, when its founders became inspired by the MAT(T)erial and NATure they were surrounded by in stunning Montreal, Canada. Though Matt & Nat is clearly doing great on the animal welfare front, how does it rate in terms of its environmental policies and labour standards? Read More

8 of the Best Ethical Brands for Men and Women to Wear for Work

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The party is over.  A new year has begun, and for many of is it’s back to the old work routine.

Whether you are teaching 5-year-olds to read or doing business deals late into the night, you should feel empowered to do it without shelving your ethical and sartorial values. Here are 8 ethical brands for work that will keep you looking sophisticated and comfortable for when commitment calls! Read More

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How Ethical Is Marks & Spencer?

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Marks & Spencer is one of the UK’s most iconic brands that has been a high street feature for over a century. The brand caters to a diverse audience providing a plus size, maternity and petite range. Marks & Spencer have launched a report dubbed “Plan A” to affirm their commitment to global social and environmental issues. But how well do M&S really measure up ethically with their commitment to animals, the planet and their workers? Read on to find out!
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How to Pack Ethically for the Beach

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Summer has arrived down under, and that means beach weather! If you count yourself among the rapidly expanding conscious consumers or are on your way to giving your wardrobe an eco-friendly update, think of this as your go-to ethical beach kit.
From swimmers to sunglasses, we’ve got you (semi) covered- just don’t forget your sunscreen! Read More

Have Yourself a Waste-Free Christmas

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Christmas is such an exciting time. Think family parties, carols, gifts, decorations, food, Mariah Carey and Michael Buble….it’s amazing! But have you ever thought about the waste? In the UK in 2016, it was estimated that the equivalent of 2 million turkeys, and 300,000 tonnes of christmas card packaging was turfed, meanwhile 1 in 4 christmas jumpers are tossed after a single wear. It’s time to put on our santa hats and rethink our festive waste with these simple tips and tricks. Read More

The Ultimate Sustainable and Ethical Christmas Guide: More than 50 Tips to Make the Holidays Matter

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Christmas is a time of giving.

We present gifts to one another and exchange season’s greetings with our neighbours, work colleagues, and friends. We dedicate time to our loved ones, and energy towards celebrating the end of another busy year and, for many of us, the rare occurrence of everyone being home at the same time! Read More