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04 Jan

9 of the Best Ethical Brands for Men and Women to Wear for Work

The party is over.  A new year has begun, and for many of is it’s back to the old work routine.

Whether you are teaching 5-year-olds to read or doing business deals late into the night, you should feel empowered to do it without shelving your ethical and sartorial values. Here are 9 ethical brands for work that will keep you looking sophisticated and comfortable for when commitment calls!


Rated: Great

Knitted V-Neck Top – Ships internationally

Mila.Vert offers timeless, minimal, and chic clothing, adding sophisticated details that give the garments a modern feel. The Slovenia-based brand wants to make desirable clothing, avoiding the ethical and environmental issues that the fashion industry represents. Find the garments in sizes XS-XL, or make a custom fit order free of charge!

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Rated: Great

Classic Pants – Ships internationally

Kowtow makes elegant and practical pieces appropriate for work. The New Zealand label has sustainability at their core, using organic fair trade cotton and non-toxic dyes during production. All garments are made in an SA8000 accredited factory in India. This means employees receive a living wage and other workplace benefits. Check out their documentary titled ‘From Seed To Garment’ to learn more about this pioneering brand.

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Rated: Good

Dark Blue Shirt – Ships internationally

There are plenty of casual ethical brands out there but finding sustainably made clothing that’s fit for the boardroom is a bit trickier.  Carpasus make truly tailored mens business wear, but from 100% organic fairtrade cotton. This beautiful shirt is made with white warp and rose weft yarn and natural corozo buttons – an ivory-like material derived from the nuts of certain plants.

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Citizen’s Mark

Rated: Good

Better Than Silk: The Sleeveless – Ships internationally

One of the keys to successful office styling, is to have a go-to work uniform to cut down on the hassle and stress of finding ‘something to wear’ in the morning. Those of us who have project-based work know what it’s like to feel like work is never over! So staple workwear is becoming a priceless asset.

Enter Berlin-based Citizen’s Mark, which began with a collection of beautifully cut blazers that redefine power dressing as both empowering and ethical. The Better Than Silk range is made with a sustainable fibre called Lyocell, a tree fiber they sourced from Austria and is made in a closed loop production process. It is also machine washable, 100% biodegradable and drapes just like silk.

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People Tree

Rated: Great

Keira Pjjhhencil Skirt – Ships internationally

For those who work in a more casual office, People Tree is a brand to get excited about. This UK label features a range of comfortable, office-appropriate blouses, trousers and dresses that are practical yet light and airy, made from certified organic cotton.

All People Tree garments are created by producers who adhere to Fair Trade standards. In fact, the label itself was chosen as a pilot example by the World Fair Trade Organisation when developing its Fair Trade Manufacture certification. They produce their entire range using safe dyes and organic fabrics.

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Rated: Great
man wearing light blue shirt for work by armedangels

Quinaa Shirt – Ships internationally

Fairness is a serious business with Armedangels, which designs beautiful and organic clothing. The brand uses some eco-friendly materials, like GOTS certified organic cotton in this beautiful moss-colored shirt, and limits the amount of chemicals, water and wastewater used in production. Its products are available in sizes XS-XL.

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Rated: Good

The Chino – Ships internationally

Asket makes beautiful mens outfits from socks, chinos, t-shirts, belts through to sweatshirts and beanies. Each piece is compatible with the next, making it easy to create a capsule wardrobe, or as Asket would call it, a permanent wardrobe. The brand is on a mission to slow down fashion, encouraging consumers to reduce their impact and ensuring fair labour conditions.

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Marks & Spencer

Rated: Good

Marks & Spencer is a go-to brand for smart corporate that transitions seamless into nightwear. They have a wide range of fitted pants, button-down tops, pencil skirts, bodycon dresses and print shirts. The British brand has set some strong environmental policies and is a Carbon Trust-certified brand.

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Bourgeois Boheme

Rated: Good

Zaha Heels & Miles Black – Ships internationally

Even the most considered work wardrobe can fall apart without the right shoes to compliment your style. Thankfully UK-based Bourgeois Boheme has a massive range of luxury shoes. An added bonus is that these shoes never skimp on ethics!

Founded in 2005, Bourgeois Boheme is certified 100% vegan and does not use animal products at any stage of production. It also uses innovative vegan materials, like Pinatex!

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What brands do you love wearing to work? Let us know in the comments below!

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