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18 Oct

Saving The Planet, One Wedding Dress At A Time

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Your wedding dress is the dress you’re likely to splurge the most on, yet it typically only gets one outing in its lifetime.

By now you probably know that one of the first steps to being a sustainable fashionista is buying fewer things and taking care of your items to ensure they last longer. But there’s one special kind of dress that has its own set of rules: the wedding dress. It’s the dress you’re likely to splurge the most on, yet it typically only gets one outing in its lifetime.

The good news is that startup is rewriting the rulebook for the trousseau. The marketplace offers the largest range of pre-loved bridal gowns worldwide, providing a sustainable solution for brides-to-be searching for that dream dress. The process is simple – those that have already said ‘I do’ can list their dress, and connect with other brides looking to buy.

The Stillwhite marketplace has hundreds of pre-loved designer bridal gowns, at just a fraction of the original price. (For the record, at the time of writing I am not engaged to be married but quickly became completely enchanted by the hundreds of gorgeous gowns to scroll through.)

Stillwhite was born in Sydney back in 2010 when Ingrid and Bruno – newlyweds themselves – were trying to work out what to do with their wedding dress. With no service available to sell the dress, they had no choice but to hide it away under the bed. It seemed crazy that this dress, worn for just one day, was to remain hidden and never used again. How could something so beautiful, quickly become so wasteful? Not to mention the expense…

Bruno took it upon himself to build a platform, where brides-to-be could connect with other women, like Ingrid, who were happy to hand down their gown to another blushing bride. Today, Stillwhite is bringing women together from over 100 countries around the globe. In being so accessible, Stillwhite has successfully made sustainability attainable for all brides.

And it’s having an impact. One wedding dress alone is estimated to use 9000 litres of water. And with over 20,000 dresses already sold via the Stillwhite platform, these modern-day brides have saved more than 180 million litres of water and 216,000 kilograms of carbon emissions, not to mention sellers earning over $30 million in the process!

The most exciting bit is, this is only the beginning for Stillwhite. The duo behind the platform (still happily married) have plans to make the service available for many more brides all over the world. So, if you’re interested in finding your own sustainable dream wedding dress, or you’ve had your big day and looking to sell, visit today!

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