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woman wearing sustainable the classic tshirt company tshirt
17 Mar
woman wearing sustainable the classic tshirt company tshirt

Prioritise the Planet with The Classic T-Shirt Company

In an era rife with realisations about the state of the world around us, it has never been more important to pay attention to what we consume. From food, to entertainment, to clothing, if you care about your impact on the planet and all of its inhabitants, then chances are you like to know the details about the products surrounding you in your day to day life. If you want to rest assured that you are leaving a light footprint on the earth, and even further, that you are doing your part by giving back, why not start with the basics? Why not start with the humble t-shirt? Enter The Classic T-shirt Company.

If you haven’t heard of The Classic T-shirt Company by now, where have you been? One of our all time faves, this sustainable and ethical brand ticks all the boxes. From manufacturing high-quality, long-lasting basics out of 100% GOTS certified cotton, to paying a living wage across its entire supply chain, it is obvious a lot of care has gone into the creation of The Classic T-Shirt Co. that doesn’t just talk the talkit walks the walk.

In light of the hot button climate change debate and notably the devastating bushfires ravaging the planet over the past year, we thought it was high time to talk about what one ethical fashion company is doing for the planet, and how purchasing its products puts the power back in your hands as a percentage of your hard-earned cash goes to protecting Earth and all of its inhabitants.

Prioritising the planet

The team at The Classic T-Shirt Company believes that it’s their responsibility to leave the world better than they found it. From the beginning of their journey, they wanted to prove that you can create great products in a way that’s fair to our people and our Earth—and they have done just that.

All of the brand’s t-shirts are made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Known for their quality and comfort, these beauties have been described as “buttery smooth”, like you “barely feel like you have anything on”, having a “great silky touch”, as well as “soft and amazing”, just to name a few… Let’s just say, the reviews speak for themselves.

For far too long, sustainable clothing has been touted as daggy and unfashionable, but The Classic T-Shirt Co. beats that stereotype into the ground with timeless designs for everyone in a range of classic neutral tones that can pair with just about any outfit.

By purchasing these premium tees, you help stand against the production of conventional cotton, one of the most chemical-intensive crops to grow that harms both local and global ecosystems. GOTS cotton products do better by the planet (not to mention the people who create and wear them). All the shirts are produced according to special standards that mean no chemical pesticides, no GMO seeds, and sustainable farming practices. Organic cotton also helps to create healthier soils, and even helps with water conservation! Read all about the positive impacts you can have in one of the brand’s informative articles (and browse some of the others while you’re there).

Giving back

It’s easy to feel a sense of eco-guilt in this day and age, especially as a conscious consumer. A lot of the time, it feels easier to just give up shopping altogether and refashion a potato sack to rock on the daily. But let’s be realistic—everyone needs clothes, and no matter what we think about capitalism and its effect on the planet, we are always going to need to buy the basics. So why not invest in a company that in turn invests in the planet and its inhabitants? Ease your conscience and feel good (while you look great) knowing that you are giving back, because The Classic T-Shirt Co. donates a portion of profits to a charity with every purchase! And the best part is that you can choose which charity you’d like the proceeds from your order to go towards. If the wellbeing of people is forefront of your mind, choose Water For People. If you want to help reverse the devastating effects of climate change, why not plant a tree with Armenia Tree Project? Or if you’re a lover of that big ocean blue and can’t bear the thought of it swimming with more trash than fish, The Ocean Cleanup is the one to support.

We’re leveraging a portion of our future success to support charities that help our community and our world. We believe that every business has the power to give, and that philanthropy and success should be intertwined. That’s true sustainability in action.

The Classic T-Shirt Company

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The Classic T-Shirt Company is a US brand that creates premium, responsibly made t-shirts with luxury and integrity. All of its products are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and it doesn't use any animal-derived materials.

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