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19 Aug

Our Favourite Books and Podcasts Right Now

Whether you’re a bookworm or prefer getting your daily dose of knowledge in audio format, we have good news: our common passions for sustainable fashion and the ecological revolutions of the industry are about to become even more accessible. It’s easier than ever to keep yourself up-to-date on everything that is going on in the movement, be it on the go throughout the week or on a cosy Sunday evening at home, but sifting through the countless options can be overwhelming. So, we’ve put together a list of our faves. You can thank us later.

While we have spoken about our favourite podcasts before, it never hurts to keep your eyes (and ears) open as inspirational journalists, entrepreneurs, and creators continue producing new content—there is simply too much going on in the fashion world! So, read on and enjoy this new and improved list which not only includes new podcasts, but also written testimonies of current developments, facts, and fascinating stories.


To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? – Lucy Siegle

With Lucy Siegle being an ethical columnist at The Guardian and a passionate journalist on environmental topics, it is no surprise that one of the most straight-forward pieces of literature comes from her pen. To Die For aims to shed light on the reality of workers in countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Uzbekistan, who are still struggling every single day under the pressure of the fast fashion industry. Based on dense and intense research and fieldwork, this book will make you want to have a deep look into your personal wardrobe—moral dilemma intended.
Want more? Enjoy some of her work for the Guardian here or follow her around on Instagram.

Made On Earth – Wolfgang Korn

How exactly does a piece of clothing end up hanging in your wardrobe? How far did it travel, whose hands were fabricating it, whose lives did it touch? This is not only a book on the inner workings of the fast fashion industry, but also on the role globalisation is playing in the industry’s mechanisms. Wolfgang Korn, a german journalist and author, uncovers some hard facts that should be known all over the world. Made On Earth is an honest piece of literature tackling important topics well worth exploring.

Wardrobe Crisis – Clare Press

Clare Press is a fashion journalist, editor-at-large for Marie Claire Australia, and author. Her book Wardrobe Crisis: How We Went From Sunday Best to Fast Fashion was named one of the best books of 2016, and is an eye-opening look at the state of the fashion industry—it should be compulsory reading for anyone who is interested in fashion. Diving deep into the history and ethics behind what we wear, Press puts her insider knowledge to good use, and we highly recommend taking a look.

Check out her other book we love, and follow Clare on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

The Conscious Closet – Elizabeth L. Cline

Journalist, fashionista, and clothing resale expert Elizabeth L. Cline’s new book The Conscious Closet: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good is a definitive guide to building an ethical, sustainable wardrobe you’ll love. This book is full of useful tools you’ll need to revolutionise your own relationship with fashion, but it’s also a call to action to transform one of the most polluting industries on earth into a force for good.

Keep up to date with her over on her blog.

This is a Good Guide – Marieke Eyskoot

To put it simply, this is a good guide for a sustainable lifestyle (as the title suggests). Author Marieke Eyskoot is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert, speaker and presenter, and her book is full of practical and positive tips that make your transition to green living fun and easy. What more could you ask for?

Follow her over on Instagram for more useful sustainability content!

Stitched Up: The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion – Tansy E. Hoskins

As a freelance journalist writing about labour rights and the fashion industry in The Guardian and Al Jazeera, Tansy Hoskins’ work has taken her to places like Bangladesh, Morocco, and the domestic Topshop warehouses. Her book explores consumerism and how phenomena such as ‘size zero‘ toxify not only the relationship with our own bodies, but with the planet as well. Moving between Karl Lagerfeld and Karl Marx, Hoskins reveals fundamental answers to some of the most urgent questions on fast fashion and capitalism. Reading this will not only educate you on the urge for sustainable and ecological decisions regarding fashion, but also on body positivity and the use of clothing to resist.
By the way, her Twitter content is just as impressive  @TansyHoskins.

Naked Fashion and Slow Fashion – Safia Minney

People Tree is one of Good On You’s ‘Great’ brands, so it comes as no surprise that one of its founders and former CEO, Safia Minney, happens to be the author of two excellent pieces of literature on the workings of sustainable fashion brands. We love that she is tackling the important topic of the consumers’ power to support sustainable fashion by making a conscious choice when purchasing new clothing. Just like our ambassador Emma Watson put it: “As consumers we have so much power to change the world just by being careful with what we buy.” What we love even more is that Minney is not only sharing her knowledge on the topic, but also concrete ideas, by giving insight into the workings and concepts of eco-friendly stores in her second book Slow Fashion.
If that is still not enough for you, follow her on Twitter @safiaminney for even more inspirational content.

Wear No Evil – Greta Eagan

Looking good while doing good? Of course it’s possible. Just like we are trying to make your shopping easier by rating as many brands as we can, Greta Eagan shows you how to navigate both fashion and ethics. The make-up artist and beauty professional underlines that personal style and sense of self is far from being incompatible with an ecological approach to fashion. Quite the contrary, Eagan argues that style and sustainability can definitely live in harmony—a statement we couldn’t agree with more. Get your hands on this empowering book and learn about more progressive and ecological answers to the age-old question: “What should I wear today?”.
If you would like to hear more from Greta Eagan, have a look at her website or her Instagram account.


Wear Your Values

Talking about morals and values, there is a brilliant podcast in case you want to dive even deeper into the topic. Wear Your Values was created by the sustainable fashion brand Echte and offers a free step-by-step handbook on how to keep a realistic overview in a world where words like ‘sustainable‘ and ‘eco-friendly‘ often suffer from greenwashing. One episode per day on your morning trip to work and you will already feel so much more prepared for the next shopping spree after just one week.
Tune in on the Echte website for free! Who can say no to that!

Business With Purpose

Treat yourself to one or more episodes of the podcast Business with Purpose on the go, and listen to many inspiring entrepreneurs talking about the ways in which they are turning their businesses and thus the industry more sustainable, eco-friendly, and fair for everyone involved. We already talked about this inspiring content and the podcast’s host Molly Stillman in our previous article, but just can’t help mentioning her again. Go and grab your headphones!
Follow the ethical fashion advocate on Instagram or Twitter for more.

Fashion: No Filter

If you happen to spend some of your time scrolling through Instagram, you might already know at least one of the creators of this podcast. @camillecharriere is not only an influencer, but alongside her colleague Monica Ainley, also a dedicated fashion journalist. The two women are hosting a great series of interviews such as:

      • Talking accountability in the fashion industry with Fashion Director and Chief Fashion Critic of the New York Times, Vanessa Friedmann
      • Tackling the ‘ultimate elephant‘ in fashion’s closet—sustainability—by discussing ideas on how to improve the industry with experts, activists, and authors in the episode ‘Eco Warriors‘.

Tune in for free on player.fm: there is literally a topic for everyone!

Fashion Revolution Podcast

A global movement consisting of designers, producers, workers, and fashion lovers from all around the world? And this movement making a podcast series? We don’t know about you, but we were all ears right away! Fashion Revolution Podcast is a movement which aims to transform the fashion industry by telling stories that vary across the whole value chain, making them accessible for almost everyone. Tune in on iTunes to learn about the production of the clothes you are wearing and which personal stories might be connected with these garments. While there are only three episodes, they are well worth a listen!


Sometimes we forget one very easy way of being ecological and fair: purchasing pre-loved clothes. While the sustainable fashion industry is steadily growing (and we are loving it), there are already so many clothes on this planet that are just longing for someone to wear them. Be it from an exquisite vintage store for a #treatyoself moment, or from the flea market around the corner, thrifting helps not only the planet, but most of the time, also your wallet! If you would like to find out more about buying and selling thrifted garments, the Pre-Loved podcast is just right for you. Each episode features another inspiring personality who supports the thrifting community in one way or the other, for instance:

      • The Founder of the non-profit-organization Remake, Ayesha Barenblat, who talks about fashion as a force for good
      • or Jenny Welbourn, creator of Wear I Live, a blog which is focused on “what we’re wearing, how we’re living, and its effect on the planet and its people”

Go and get some inspiration on how to show love for pieces that others abandoned—and on how to sell some of your own clothes that do not spark joy for you anymore.

Happy reading and listening!

Hungry for more? Go and check out our previous article on inspirational podcasts or have a look at our list of must-watch documentaries.

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