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24 Nov

Happy Listening: 7 of the Best Podcasts on Ethical Fashion

Podcasts are an entertaining (and free!) way to stay productive whilst going about your day-to-day business. You can listen to one while you’re making breakfast, sitting on the train or walking the dog! But did you know there are a bunch of great podcasts covering ethical fashion?

You might not have the time to do your own research, but luckily we’ve compiled a list of the best podcasts that you can simply download and listen to wherever, whatever you’re doing.

1. Conscious Chatter

Kestrel Jenkins, founder of AWEAR World, has a wealth of experience in the ethical fashion industry, working for companies such as People Tree and Ecouterre. Her podcast Conscious Chatter covers fashion, style and sustainability. She interviews a wide-range of fashion industry experts from designers, entrepreneurs and advocates to farmers and factory workers. Kestrel talks style and ethics with guests such as:

  • Andrew Morgan, director of groundbreaking documentary The True Cost (S01 Episode 44);
  • Safia Minney, founder of People Tree (S01 Episode 08);
  • Elizabeth Cline, author of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion (S01 Episode 05); and
  • ((DRUM-ROLL)) Sandra Capponi, the Co-Founder & Head of Development for Good On You (S02 Episode 54).

Tune in on the Conscious Chatter website, subscribe and download for free on iTunes, or download on Overcast, our favorite free podcast app for iOS. Follow Kestrel on Twitter @kestrelee.

2. Wardrobe Crisis

Clare Press is a fashion journalist, editor-at-large for Marie Claire Australia and author of the book Wardrobe Crisis: How We Went From Sunday Best to Fast Fashion. Now this eco-influencer has hit the airwaves with her podcast also titled Wardrobe Crisis. According to Clare, “this show unzips the real issues that face the industry today, with a focus on ethics, sustainability, consumerism, activism, identity and creativity.” Having only kicked off this year, Clare has already spoken with an amazing array of experts, including:

Start listening via the Wardrobe Crisis website or subscribe via iTunes. Follow Clare on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

3. American Fashion Podcast

Run by co-hosts Charles Beckwith, Seth Friedermann, Cathy Schepis and Lisa-Maria Radano, American Fashion Podcast explores current issues in the garment industry. The team also looks at more sustainable and ethical practices in the future of fashion. Featuring a range of designers, retailers, executives, photographers and writers, the podcast holds discussions with such fashion bigwigs as:

American Fashion Podcast is perfect for anyone – from those wanting to learn more about the ethical fashion industry to those looking to start a business. Listen on the website or subscribe and download for free on iTunes! You can follow their conversation on Twitter at @AFPod.

4. Spirit of 608

Lorraine Sanders is a long-time fashion journalist whose podcast Spirit of 608 puts a spotlight on women at the forefront of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and tech. Her weekly episodes are a great resource for people looking to start or expand their own ethical fashion business. Guests discuss a range of challenges they face running businesses and how they manage to overcome them, for example:

  • Moving from flea markets to a flagship store with Marcia Clarke (Episode 84);
  • How to launch a fashion tech startup with Sarah Shapiro and Melissa Koerner (Episode 82); and
  • The business of ethical fashion blogging with Sustainably Chic’s Natalie Smith (Episode 71).

Listen on the website or subscribe, download for free on iTunes, or join the convo on Twitter @Spiritof608.

5. The Ethical Business Podcast

The Ethical Business Podcast was started by Australians Ross Townson and Melanie Palmer, both of whom have extensive experience in international development. This is where they saw saw first-hand the reality of the world’s poorest nations. Their podcast features interviews with successful business people, who provide inspiration and advice on running ethical businesses, such as:

  • Catherine van der Meulen, who was International Brand Manager for Supré before founding THiNK Business Services, a consultancy which aims to help brands adopt more ethical practices (Episode 22); and
  • Tim Scott, founder of Texas-based Mitscoots, a sock company with a “buy one, give one” approach where for every pair of socks purchased, one pair is donated to the homeless (Episode 3).

Not every episode is focused on the fashion industry, but those that do are incredibly informative. Check out the podcasts on the website or subscribe, download on iTunes or follow them on Twitter @fairmarketeers.

6. Business With Purpose

Hosted by Molly Stillman, a long-time lifestyle and fashion blogger, Business With Purpose highlights a number of businesses – from huge international brands, to community non-profits, and everything in between – who all aim to change the world for the better. For instance, Molly interviews:

  • Jessica Honegger, founder and co-CEO of ‘Noonday Collection,’ one of the largest ethical fashion and fair trade jewellery brands in the world. Noonday aims to empower people in disadvantaged communities around the world by providing employment opportunities (Episode 20); and
  • Megan Brosterman, founder and CFO of Victoria Road, an ethical fashion brand striving to break the fast fashion trend (Episode 14).

Tune in on Molly’s website, subscribe and download on iTunes, or tune into what Molly has to say on Twitter @stillbeingmolly.

7. Low Tox Life (Episode 5)

While Alexx Stuart’s podcast series Low Tox Life isn’t all about fashion, this episode featuring Hannah Parris is a must listen. Hannah is the founder of Australian ethical fashion brand Audrey Blue and co-founder of Mighty Good Undies. In this podcast she covers a range of topics, including issues in the garment industry, overcoming challenges in ethical fashion companies, and successful marketing tactics.

Listen via Alexx’s website or subscribe and download for free on iTunes. You can also follow Alex on Twitter for tips on how to live your own ‘low tox’ life, @Alexx_Stuart.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to stop playing Game of Thrones re-runs off your phone on the bus to work. Why not download one of these podcasts and learn more about the style ethics and the fashion industry? Happy listening!

P.S. Hungry for more? Check out these great ethical fashion books and documentaries.

Editor's note

This article was originally published in February 2017 and updated in November 2017. Feature image via Unsplash.

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